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Obama should stay on the golf course - The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

December 10, 2016

Obama should stay on the golf course

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Posted: Saturday, August 23, 2014 12:00 am

After reading the two letters by Agnes Bailey Bourgeois and Linda Reid (“Assertions about Obama are wrong” and “Democracy is gone,” The Daily News, Aug. 15), the first speaks to President Barack Obama’s golf game compared to former President George W. Bush’s.

I, for one, wish that he would play golf every day for the next two years that he has in office.

The only reason that our campaigner in chief didn’t have time to play more golf is that he was too busy raising money for the Democrats.

Last week, he held his 400th fundraiser at $35,000 per plate.

Every week, a new scandal emerges that Obama tries to dodge and blame on someone else.

It’s almost as if he’s thankful when something new pops up that he can use to control the news cycle and not own up to anything.

Yesterday — for the third time in recent memory — the president has stepped out prematurely to weigh in on an issue that he had no business being involved in.

He has instructed the Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the police shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri.

Stories that he was unarmed and there was no reason for the cop to have confronted him, we now know that Brown had just robbed a convenience store and his pictures have been released showing the strong armed robbery by Brown.

You stepped in it again, Mr. President.

Dick Hensley

Tiki Island