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Don Ciaccio

Are you kidding me? Eddie, he like you, is part of the good 'ol boy system that we must end in Galveston County. I don't need someone to pay me on the back and say "how you doing?" I need a commissioner with a set of goals that will be fair to all. O'brien is not that person. He's part of the problem and needs to be fired!

Miss Priss

Please vote for O'Brien because he shows the good judgement to back his unqualified son for JP. Fantastic decision making skills..... Not!

Don Ciaccio

Exactly right truth serum. Good 'ol boy Eddie is just back another good 'ol boy. Frankly, he's no better than his son & should be fired. Time to rid ourselves of good 'ol "how ya doing" boys and get qualified, smart folks to serve us.

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