In response to the guest column by David Michael Smith ("Mentally unstable Trump must be stopped," The Daily News, Jan. 27): I can’t believe The Daily News would publish such trash.

His comments that Trump “praised Nazis, encouraged police brutality, ended DACA, increased arrests of migrants, calling former Sheriff Arpaio anti-Hispanic, etc.,” are all either plain lies or gross exaggerations.

As for Trump’s mental health, when did John Gartner and Lance Dodes personally examine Donald Trump to determine his mental condition? Everyone knows it is not possible to determine one’s mental health without a personal examination. Trump’s personal doctor recently spent over an hour answering questions about the president’s health, both physically and cognitively, and reported him in excellent health.

Trump’s tax cuts have already generated major benefits to the majority of American workers, and black unemployment is at an all-time low.

And finally, Smith’s advocating “taking to the streets to drive Trump out of office” would be a treasonous act.

Stan Smith



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Gary Miller

I want Smith doing what he does. He and other like him are recruiting voters for Trump. A 3+% increase of Trump supporters since the election is the result of people like Smith.

PD Hyatt

All I can say about the writer is what can one expect from the progressive leftists who hate this nation.... The media is in bed with the left and all they do is spew forth their lies and more dang lies.... Someone in the last century used to say that if you tell a lie often enough the people will soon believe it and that is what the progressives and their media lapdogs are doing.... What can one expect.... Of course if we are on this web site then we are giving the hate filled media the money to continue to spread their lies....

margo holst

Thank you Daily News for David Michael Smith’s Commentary column, it is good to see his conscience prose once again on your pages. It has been missed. His analysis of Trump presidency is right on. As for the Stan Smith rebuttal it not much more than an adjective argument, every issue had a basis of fact. I have a degree in nothing but life and it is obvious that three time bankrupt Trump’s is an inconsistent narcissist hiding his taxes and Lord knows what else. He will say something and two days later deny he said it, all in media misdirection. Our short attention span population pays attention only the last sound bite. Trump soaks up media attention with his awkward self serving daily Tweets on everything from someone he doesn’t like to North Korea. He spends more time watching TV than reading vital reports needed for intelligent decisions. Scary at least.

D.M. Smith was historically accurate about Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” and playing the white race card. People are marching against their corrupt governments around the globe and the idea has already started here with the annual women’s marches. It can’t be treason if you’re working in the political realm. Bad adjective choice Stan Smith.

DJ Kava
Crystal Beach & Beaumont

Jarvis Buckley

While Margo represents a very small percent of our populace. It's still very scary.

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