Mark Henry has been a disaster as county judge, especially for the residents of Galveston.

After Hurricane Ike, Henry left the only public boat ramp in Galveston unusable until a group of fisherman finally repaired part of the pier. The rest of the pier remains unusable almost six years later.

Henry also left Washington Park completely unusable post-Ike, but he did pay to have it fenced off. The costs of repairing the park were likely near the cost of putting a fence around it so our residents or visitors could not utilize it. A private foundation finally stepped up to repair the park he chose not to repair.

Henry also refused to pave the seawall. It’s the first time that Galveston County has refused to pave this critical road. Henry has done nothing to further the economic development of Galveston County as Cheryl Johnson, our tax assessor-collector, has pointed out.

I am urging both Republicans and Democrats to join me and fire Mark Henry by voting for Michelle Hatmaker for Galveston County judge. Hatmaker will make an excellent county judge.

Don Ciaccio


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Carlos Ponce

Question: Is it the county's responsibility to pave city roads?
"In 2010, the county repaved the boulevard from 61st to 39th streets, but the city has decided to move forward with paving 39th to 6th streets, Assistant City Manager Brian Maxwell said." GDN February 28, 2014
“We don’t pave roads in any other city, and I believe this is making our policy consistent,” Henry said. GDN February 28, 2014
Just because the county did it in the past does not make it right. Galveston County funds should be used to fix county roads. City funds to fix city roads. What about the cities of Texas City, La Marque, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, Dickinson, League City, etc? They are required to fix their OWN roads.
"The Rotary Club of Galveston, in conjunction with the club’s 100th anniversary, will be making a $100,000 donation to the city of Galveston and Galveston County for use in the renovation and refurbishment of Washington Park." GDN Wednesday, May 15, 2013
"Not only public officials but others as well are forgetting the fact that with each major storm or hurricane, public fishing piers are lost and many are not rebuilt."
The Reel Report -Capt. Joe Kent GDN Monday, April 15, 2013
When Civic Clubs like the Rotary Club contribute and save the tax payers money I think that's a good thing.

Don Ciaccio

Carlosrponce. You might want to check your facts before writing a comment. Seawall Blvd. is NOT a city street. It is FM3005, a COUNTY road. That's why it HAS always been maintaned by county funds. And the boat launch is the ONLY public launch in Galveston. By refusing to make the minor repairs necessary to make it usable, Mark Henry closed the only boat ramp on Galveston Island. Clearly he has a vendetta again our city.

Carol Dean

The fact of the matter is that I have encouraged many people who make ungrounded comments to check the facts before they make unwarrented accusations. One of the worst to do this is Mick Phalen. I guess it is just like "they" say You can't fix stupid!

Carlos Ponce

FM Roads are NOT county Roads. Farm to Market Roads in Texas (FM) are owned and maintained by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The part of FM 3005 is considered "urban"in the City of Galveston and is maintained by the City of Galveston. Check YOUR facts Don233.

Carlos Ponce

Here is a letter from TxDOT explaining the turnover of state highways to local maintenance:

and the story:

Mick Phalen

carlosrponce, agreed.

2010 election changed many things for the better, but I'm still trying to figure out what these guys do with all the money north county taxpayers send south (other than a decent jail): city streets - nope; public safety- nope; fire protection - nope; water, sewers, drainage - nope; parks/libraries - nope.

And, the county owned Lobit Park, home of soccer fields and perverts , they want to give back.

Robert Young

Henry just needs to go..this change just didn't work. Move on

Mick Phalen

Carol, you and Sweet Judy are so full of love ... who or what in your lives have made you so bitter.

If it was me - - - oh well.

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