Galveston County voters have witnessed Wayne Faircloth’s unsavory campaign tactics in three elections. Two were primary elections, where, unfortunately for his party, he gained the nominations in 2012 and 2014. In both primary elections his Republican opponents were people who would have made more credible general election candidates. The opponents were people who chose to focus on issues and to give the public something to vote for rather than against.

Faircloth’s continued attack strategy in the 2012 general election brought his campaign to a resounding defeat. His vicious attack on Rep. Craig Eiland and his family were filled with untruths that were easily exposed. Eiland won that race by over 4,000 votes.

In the 2014 general election, Faircloth will face former District Judge Susan Criss. Her record of public service to her community is as well known and as impressive as Eiland’s. It will be interesting to see what type of attack Faircloth’s campaign will conjure up. It is obvious he cannot go positive, because by qualifications and experience he does not compare. Besides, clean campaigning is not his style.

Richard Kirkpatrick lives in Texas City.

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Norman Pappous

I love it... a hit piece complaining about dirty politics.... classic.....

GW Cornelius

Faircloth is a slug and is not capable of doing the job . Any body but Faircloth. More GOP claptrap from the king of Claptrap

Mick Phalen

npappous, classic is the perfect word .... first the Dems try to buy their way into office through the local tea parties, and now, the first volley of their well oiled practice of negative personal attacks.

And we're gonna have to hear it for eight more months ....

George Croix

Same old dog.
Same old bark.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Aside from all the usual, poisonous politics, I have seen Susan Criss doing her job in a courtroom, and she does it very well.

She is a good choice for any local office, and that is my view regardless of her party affiliation. Same thing as I would say about Craig Eiland. In fact, both Susan Criss and Craig Eiland are the sort of Democrats that make me unashamed to admit my family were staunch Democrats. Until 1972, of course, when I abandoned all association with American political parties. Unless the Bull Moose Party makes a comeback.

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