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The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

August 29, 2016

Letters To Editor

Friday 08/26/2016
Bad picks on the Wharves Board

As I look at the makeup of the Wharves Board of Trustees I'm surprised to see some of the members who were working to sell the Port of Galveston to the Port of Houston on the board.

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Why didn't column open up a dialogue?

In response to Susan Criss' column ("Community policing missing in today's force," The Daily News, Aug. 15) pertaining to the nation's policing tactics: I was disappointed that not one comment — pro or con — has appeared in The Daily News from the editorial staff or from subscribers.

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TRE is needed to keep FISD on top

As an over-40-year resident of Friendswood, I've been involved in many ways with our city and school district. In doing so, I've had the privileges of working with not only the staff and leaders in these two groups, but many of my fellow citizens.

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Wednesday 08/24/2016
Sam, thanks for believing in me

A guest column written by Sam Collins III ("It's wise to invest in your community," The Daily News, Aug. 17), credits an older gentleman, Ervin Williams, whose heartfelt gift made a big difference in Sam's life.

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Park Board should revisit pay station locations

While I applaud the Park Board of Trustees' decision to purchase and install two electronic pay stations that will accept cash payments for seawall parking, I am hesitant to agree with the locations decided upon ("Park Board to install parking pay stations on the seawall," The Daily News, Aug. 21).

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Seawall pay stations are inconvenient

I read in The Daily News that the Park Board of Trustees has proposed letting the public pay for seawall parking with cash at two locations, namely inside the 61st and 91st streets piers ("Park Board to install parking pay stations on the seawall," The Daily News, Aug. 21).

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Tuesday 08/23/2016
Thanks to all of the lifeguards

I was visiting Galveston with my family last week. Although I have been swimming all of my life, I underestimated how quickly you can get into trouble when swimming in the Gulf.

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Jozwiak was right on target

Kudos to Michael C. Jozwiak for his right-on-target guest column ("Time for a 'What's Really Important' committee," The Daily News, Aug. 19).

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Shane McDermott is what the Nav District needs

After 30 years, it’s time to elect someone new to the Galveston Navigation District Board. Shane McDermott, one of the next generation of Galveston leaders, has stepped forward to add a much needed new perspective to the board.

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Don't be fooled by FISD's cries for help

In response to the guest column by Trish Hanks "Some facts about FISD's tax ratification election" (The Daily News, Aug. 19): I'm no longer subjected to the ever increasing demands of Friendswood ISD. It seems that FISD believes that taxpayers exist to shower money on them. This rollback election is a no lose proposition, if voters vote "no" the district will get $4-plus million more in tax revenue. If the district wins, they will get $7-plus million more per year.

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Monday 08/22/2016
Vote 'yes' on Sept. 10

A new school year began Aug. 22, and our children headed back into the classrooms to be challenged, encouraged and engaged in higher-level thinking skills by their dedicated teachers.

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Learn to love being an IBC'er

In response to guest columnist Michael C. Jozwiak's litany of complaints: True, true and true ("Time for a 'What's Really Important' committee," The Daily News, Aug. 19).

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Wednesday 08/17/2016
Khizr Khan-Trump incident was liberal bunk

In response to the editorial "At long last, is there no sense of decency?" (The Daily News, Aug. 4): It is not surprising the national liberal media (and its local affiliates) would see the political stunt by the Democrats involving Khizr Khan as an opportunity to raise their level of anti-Trump animus. This is Democrat S.O.P.: find someone who can be presented as a victim; have them trash Republicans; and trot out their shopworn faux outrage when there is any pushback. Until Trump, this had completely cowed Republicans (remember Cindy Sheehan or the “Jersey Girls?”).

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Galveston is much more than a tourist town

Thank you, Daily News, for a refreshing description of Galveston, in your “Destinations” magazine. It followed three weeks during which I counted no less than five op-ed/letters by tourism boosters, plus other notices about the Park Board, the beach, the convention center, etc.

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What U.S. needs is a 28th Amendment

Proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: There is no reason, for those who cherish the Second Amendment, to object to the enactment of the following 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. However, the NRA might oppose it for fear that the auto insurance industry and the U.S. Department of Public Safety may include firearms in their lobbying for vehicle insurance and public safety restrictions.

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Libertarian candidates should be considered, as well

I’m deeply concerned by the lack of media attention your organization has shown the third party presidential candidate, Libertarian Gov. Gary Johnson. Johnson and his running mate, Gov. Bill Weld, are both former two-term Republican governors of Democratic states — New Mexico and Massachusetts. Both governors are credible, honest, pragmatic and have proven that they can work across party lines. This executive dream team will be on the presidential ballot in all 50 states.

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Thursday 08/11/2016
Game rooms a nuisance in our communities

I was delighted (a definite understatement) to read the editorial by Michael A. Smith ("Game room charges spin up interesting numbers," The Daily News, Aug. 9) regarding the operation of multiple "convenience stores."

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Wednesday 08/10/2016
The best is yet to come

In case you missed it, on Aug. 10, The Daily News had two important articles ("Sand Dollars" and "Galveston CVB receives 'Best in Class' designation) that gave us a good update regarding the ongoing work within our tourism industry.

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Biographer seeks King Vidor stories

I’m writing a book on King Vidor, who was born in Galveston in 1894 and lived there until 1915. He left for Los Angeles in 1915 to pursue a career in Hollywood. King directed his first major feature in 1918 and his last in 1959. He was nominated for best director five times by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and was given a lifetime/honorary Academy Award in 1979.

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Most of the lying is coming from the right

What is it with the media that they are treating Hillary’s use of a private email server in isolation of historical facts? Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and others in the government under a Republican administration were also using private email accounts.

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Friday 08/05/2016
Getting rid of Democrats is the key to school funding

Fair and honest school funding would “fund students not schools."

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Thanks for street improvements on isle

I would like to publicly thank the city council for the upcoming improvements to 65th and 69th streets. Also, thanks to the city employees, from the individuals who gave of their time to answer questions at the recent function concerning this, to the ones who will be completing the actual improvements.

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Wrong about Trump

For those of you that say Trump doesn’t know what sacrifice means, you are mistaken. Trump knows all about sacrifice. He has sacrificed the contractors on his job sites for his own gain. He has forced a lot of them out of business or into bankruptcy. He has sacrificed the working-class men and women of America by bringing in cheap foreign labor to increase his profits. He has sacrificed the dignity and integrity of nearly every race except white, Anglo-Saxon Americans, leaving us to wonder is he a bigot, a racist, or a white supremacist?

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Thank you all for a successful event

I just want to thank everyone from our $5,000 table sponsors to our $20 gift card donators for supporting our seventh annual Casino for a Cause benefitting the Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston County, where we strive to take victims from fear to future.

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Thursday 07/28/2016
Council members should have known better

Michael A. Smith's editorial “Council’s letter a more serious breach than mayor’s alleged slur” (The Daily News, July 24) hit the nail directly on the head. 

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Guest columnist was right, but ...

In response to Joseph B. Jaworski ("Vote for the right kind of change," The Daily News, July 23): Your comments toward the end of your column show some naiveté on your part as to what is actually the inner movement by the government that you do not see. Your veiled insinuation that our government or the French government are or have been sitting on their hands and not planning on prevention of these heinous attacks on society is really misplaced.

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Trustee's drowning comment was unbelievable

When talking about next year’s Beach Patrol budget, Trustee Thayer Evans' quote is unbelievable: “I’d love to save everyone, but it’s not realistic.” ("Beach patrol's 2017 budget down slightly from 2016," The Daily News, July 27)

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Tuesday 07/26/2016
Voter ID requirement is needed

The recent Fifth Circuit Court opinion regarding voter ID laws is astounding in its disregard for the facts ("Court: Voter ID law discriminates, orders fix before November," The Daily News, July 21).

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Just keep your pants on

In response to the editorial by Dave Mathews ("On some issues, there are no clear-cut answers," The Daily News, July 25): Alcohol is the most abused mind-altering drug in the nation. There are numerous such drugs available, both legal and illegal, to the public of which are mind-altering, impeding sound judgement.

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Volunteers needed for Settlement event

The African-American Historic Preservation Committee, honoring the black cowboys and our four founding fathers of the 1867 Settlement, has previously hosted its annual September celebration in the very heart of our historical district on Bell Drive. It has been well attended by many. Nevertheless, in the spirit of unification — and our quest to work toward revitalization within our community — we have expanded the gathering and changed locations for this year’s event.

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America now the 'home of cowards'

In the column "Small giant speaks of big lesson" (The Daily News, July 10) Leonard Woolsey says, "We should never lose our motivation to understand nor passively allow injustices to stand unchecked. For to do so is to simply tolerate. And we are better than that."

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There was a fix in Clinton's email scandal

Loretta Lynch claims the meeting with Bill Clinton was a chance encounter. She was on her way to Aspen, Colo., for a speaking engagement, so why did she go 600 hundred miles out her way if it wasn't a planned meeting? She told Congress that it was purely social and that they talked about grandkids and golf. She has no grandkids and doesn't play golf. So just what did they talk about just days before Hillary was to be questioned by the FBI?

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'Foster child:' What do you think?

Do you think of a child who has no family? Do you think of a child who has been abused or neglected by people who were supposed to love them and protect them? Do you think of a child who wants to see his or her siblings? Do you think of a child who does not know how to answer, “Where is your mom?”

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Saturday 07/23/2016
Casino gambling will never happen in Texas

In response to the Michael A. Smith's editorial ("Dog racing plan is just a stalling tactic," The Daily News, July 19): The state will never approve casino gambling because the pockets of legislators are always open to deposits by lobbyists from bordering states who cross over into Texas with fists full of dollars and head straight to Austin.

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Cruelty to greyhounds simply isn't true

In response to the letter by Ben Blankenship ("Please don't support greyhound racing," The Daily News, July 19) where he's asking people to not support greyhound racing siting that the breeders are cruel to the dogs. This is simply not true.

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Please say 'no' to planned parking garage on seawall

In response to the story "The Parking Spot" (The Daily News, June 28): As a BOI and a commuter to Houston who parks daily in multilevel garages, I am diametrically opposed to the placement of such a facility near The Spot. The ambiance of the neighborhood and area would be destroyed.

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Thursday 07/21/2016
Misconceptions about Muslims must stop

The violence continues and more blood has been shed; a misguided individual has once again taken the lives of innocent people. According to the true teachings of Islam, it’s important that we continue speaking out against these atrocities and offer our prayers and condolences to the families of all the innocent victims.

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Police officers saved husband's life

Lately, we are always hearing, seeing on the news or reading in the newspaper about negative police actions. I thought this was a good time to praise the actions of two Galveston police officers.

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'AR' doesn't stand for assault rifle

In response to the letter by Gaylon Ray ("Banning types of rifles won't stop crime," The Daily News, July 15): AR doesn't stand for automatic or assault; it stand for Armalite Rifle after the company that designed it. AK stands for Avtomat Kalashnikova, which was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

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Help in the fight against human trafficking

Human trafficking, the transportation of a person by use of force, fraud, or coercion, and then exploitation, is happening in Houston, Galveston and everywhere in between. Women, children and men are forced to work for little to no pay, or forced into sex work. It happens to both immigrants and citizens of our country. It happens in residential neighborhoods, in public businesses, behind closed doors.

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Thursday 07/14/2016
Anti-gun column was ill-informed

In response to the guest column by Mark W. Stevens ("AR- and AK-type weapons should be banned," The Daily News, July 13): A well written column — but from an ill-informed and progressive viewpoint.

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Thank you, thank you very much

As Elvis would say, "thank you, thank you very much" to the house here in Galveston that has the Elvis for President sign in their yard. It makes me smile every time I drive by it. Too bad Elvis has left the building or I would send in a donation for him.

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Banning types of rifles won't stop crime

Mark W. Stevens stated several facts that need clarifying ("AR- and AK-type weapons should be banned," The Daily News, July 13). There are 11 states with verbiage about weapons and cartridges in deer hunting. Half these states list shotgun only. That leaves five that don't allow the .223 to be used.

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Texas City ISD is already doing a good job

The Texas City Independent School District board of trustees, Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Lusignolo and her staff, as well as all the hardworking district employees, are to be highly commended for the hours they are spending cleaning up the poor and dilapidated conditions of the former La Marque ISD schools.

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Wednesday 07/13/2016
Why aren't we hiring from closer to home?

Obviously, entities like Galveston County, Galveston Independent School District, the health district, municipal police departments, etc., are separate and autonomous. However, for some of us average citizens looking “up,” it seems like a lot of the highest leadership positions around the county are getting filled by outside applicants. (Are y’all using the same headhunters?)

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A simple policy change to save lives and tax money

The TV pundits and their expert guests are discussing 24/7 recent killings by police of two black men and the killing by one black man of five white police officers.

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Something's missing in the racial-shooting discussion

Sifting through all the shouting, endless commentaries and heartfelt pleas coming from all sides this past week I found something lacking that puzzles me.

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We must look for ways to heal

I was compelled to address how our wounded United States of America grieves from the senseless violent deaths in this flawed system — not about black or white — but about wrong to right.

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Saturday 07/09/2016
Hillary's 'swag' is untouchable

Hillary Clinton’s FBI pass spotlights the current state of injustice. Jails are filled with common people lacking the Clintons’ swag to deflect prosecution.

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Thursday 07/07/2016
Harborside Drive still has issues

The editorial by Anthony Oppermann ("Despite delays, added costs, port's terminal expansion worthwhile," The Daily News, July 2) referencing Harborside Drive becoming the primary gateway to the city, was long overdue. Oppermann referenced improvements to accommodate thousands of cruise passengers, visitors and workers driving to the island. However, he left out the one major problem of this gateway: the railroad crossings.

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