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The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

December 4, 2016

Letters To Editor

Thursday 12/01/2016
Not happy about code enforcement

Recently, there was a nice article about city code inspectors ("It's Island Code," The Daily News, Nov. 23); however, I feel sorry for folks mentioned on the East End. They will lose.

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Thanks to Castro for one thing

Fidel Castro's death following Thanksgiving Day, served to highlight an individual who was a survivor, but not a success, and one who left a 57-year legacy of failure. His actions drastically altered the lives of everyone. He turned our beautiful island nation into an economic and social disaster.

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VFW needs help with KIA project

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 5400 is in the process of updating its Killed in Action Memorial for Galveston County; however, we have been unsuccessful in getting all necessary information to complete the project.

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Monday 11/28/2016
Thanks musketeers for keeping us informed

Thank you musketeers for shedding some light on the farm subsidy programs in America ("Less regulation and a free market really works," The Daily News, Nov. 7). Your column only scratched the surface of this kind of "rich man's welfare."

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AP story was a fake

In response to the AP story ("Unlikely apprentice: Obama coaches Trump to be world leader," The Daily News, Nov. 19): With all the wailing about “fake news” in the liberal press, I assumed the AP claim that Obama was somehow giving Donald Trump lessons in “how to be a world leader” would be a prime example. No such luck, the AP appears to actually believe such piffle. 

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Arguments as flimsy as plastic bags

Thanks Jill Macomber, for your letter on plastic bags versus reusable bags ("It's easy to avoid plastic bags," The Daily News, Nov. 26). Your thoughts are mine exactly. The same thing happened when stores stopped using paper bags. Things change, and for the better. A lot of people shop at Sam's. They don't give bags.

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Friday 11/25/2016
It's easy to avoid plastic bags

I was excited when I read about Galveston's proposed plastic bag ban, but, having followed recent letters to the editor, apparently everyone isn't pleased. Certainly they have a right to speak out, but there is some faulty reasoning.

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Plastic bags aren't the only problem

Plastic bags all over Galveston is not just a Galveston issue. Traveling on the state and national highways of America, trash, paper, garbage thrown on the shoulders, then mowed over now a confetti of more trash.

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Tuesday 11/22/2016
Keep up the good work Daily News

I find it amusing that the customers are calling the paper out for endorsing Clinton suggesting it is out of step with the community. Apparently, they want to hear only news that meets their preconceived opinions; that is what Fox News is for.

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City council should rethink plastic bag ban

The Galveston City Council should think again before it bans plastic bags. While it is trying to legislate our behavior, thousands of bags will still cross the causeway and end up on our beaches. I don't think it's the locals leaving them on the beach.

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Writer's ignorance is amazing

Yet another letter writer whose amnesia and ignorance are amazing. Charles Killebrew argued against an article that stated that real, meaning positive, change would likely be elusive in the Trump years ("Trump will bring the change we need," The Daily News, Nov. 18). Based on what we know about Trumps advisers and proposed members of his administration, we can expect drastic changes. But, anybody except wealthy, healthy, straight, white, non-Jewish Americans can also expect their misery index to go way up.

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GOP — just get over it already

In response to Charles Killebrew's letter ("Trump will bring the change we need," The Daily News, Nov. 18): Yes, everyone needs to accept Trump as our "inept" president. But what Republicans need to realize is that for eight years Democrats had to hear "He is not my President." Questions about his birth certificate. Saying the world will end because of him. Making himself dictator and forcing us to be Muslim. Also hearing jokes, nasty racial things, not only about him, but Michelle too.

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Plastic bag ban is needed for change

Thanks for the editorial about a possible plastic bag ban ("Ban or no ban, talking about plastic is a good thing," The Daily News, Nov. 17). Your last paragraph poses the question would a campaign to reduce, reuse and recycle accomplish the same as an outright ban on plastic bags.

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Monday 11/21/2016
Mayor's garden idea is a good one

Mayor Yarbrough’s idea for moving the Oleander Garden to the site on Broadway of the old Dairy Queen is wonderful ("Could a garden grow over old Dairy Queen building on Broadway?" The Daily News, Sept. 22). It would even help make up for the Family Dollar store permitted on Broadway after Galveston supposedly commenced a beautify Broadway project.

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Thursday 11/17/2016
Commission was trying to preserve Mueller's design

Eric Wagner's house on Ball Street was built in 1890. The design is attributed to noted Galveston architect Alfred Mueller (1888 Galveston City Hall, 1895 Galveston Orphan's Home, 1896 Rosenberg Home for Aged Women and 1896 Telephone Building). Unfortunately, his promising career was cut short when he died young in 1896.

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Every wrong begins with the media

It really reared its ugly head and showed its ugly face during the election. I'm talking about the media.

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Trump will bring the change we need

In response to Neil Baron's column ("Trump backers likely to find real change elusive," The Daily News, Nov. 14): The major change will be lower corporate taxes that will stimulate the economy and promote job creation. Americans don't have to worry about someone coming for our guns for the next four years. The Keystone Pipeline will be completed and the lawsuit with Canada will be averted and many jobs created.

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Sure looks like a conflict of interest

In response to the story "Doan argues with ethics review board chair" (The Daily News, Nov. 15): I would like to say that it is wrong in so many ways that a person that is going to be be investigated by an ethics compliance officer gave a list to choose from; seems like a conflict of interest.

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Wednesday 11/16/2016
Daily News editorial board is clueless

The election is over and Trump won despite all the predictions he could never, ever win. Sixty percent of Galveston County voters voted for Trump. One-hundred percent of the editorial staff of The Daily News supported Hillary Clinton. Thusly, The Daily News shows it’s out of sync with and blind to what the people of Galveston County wanted. It's been that way for years.

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Daily News out of step with voters

After careful perusal of the Galveston County voter results, The Daily News should come to the realization that your county votes for more conservative or Republican candidates almost 2 to 1.

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Word of the day: plutocracy

Some thoughts about the words used in the editorial by Leonard Woolsey ("Election 2016 shattered the status quo," The Daily News, Nov. 13) about the election being a “watershed moment.” Your daughter used the word “oligarchy,” a government in which power is held by a few. Russia experienced decades of oligarchs abusing her resources; Putin takes credit for breaking up the power of these oligarchs, although it’s highly likely that Putin’s own power is now centered in a new batch of oligarchs to whom he’s beholden.

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Tuesday 11/15/2016
Stop the protesting

I am a Democrat — but first I am an American. We lost the election. Trump will be the next president. I believe in the Constitution and the peaceful transition of power and I believe that we can make our voices heard without violence that serves only to divide us.

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Plastic bag ban is a horrible idea

Forcing the use of reusable bags is a disaster waiting to happen ("Galveston council to discuss plastic bag ban," The Daily News, Nov. 12). Reusable bags have been shown in numerous studies to carry high levels of dangerous bacteria. They can pose serious health hazards and will place an unfair and unnecessary financial burden on low-income, senior and disabled citizens.

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We need more groups to help our youth

With all the struggles that face kids today from peer pressure to family life, the question always comes to why did they do what they did and there are no signs showing the issues to make anyone aware of any trouble.

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Celebrate Recycling Day by not littering

In preparation for Recycling Day, which was Tuesday, I went to Dickinson Library to place some painted rocks honoring the day. I was dismayed to find beer cans littering the Founders’ Statue foundation (which I will recycle) and over 100 cigarette butts on the ground. My outrage grew, especially since there is a cigarette butt receptacle at the front door of the library.

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Thursday 11/10/2016
Leave your two cents out of it

I have to wonder about political endorsements we saw by totally unqualified figures in the sports and entertainment worlds. Did it start with the breakfast cereal Wheaties — "Breakfast of Champions?" SpongeBob Squarepants and Tony the Tiger are using the same technique.

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Can you hear us now?

The Sioux did not mutilate Custer’s body after his final battle as was their custom for fallen enemies, with one important exception. His ears were pierced with sewing awls to allow him to hear in the afterlife.

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Better buckle up

Lead on MacTrump, history repeating itself. That is what the world awoke to on Wednesday morning. President-Elect Donald Trump will soon have the basket America is in passed to him and instead of us continuing down the garden path as usual, we shall be thrust into Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

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Republicans, it's time to set things right

Thank you Jesus! We have been given a second chance, people. The is a real awakening and a true blessing with Trump winning on Tuesday night.

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Wednesday 11/09/2016
Help us help others

The Front Door Social and Charity Club is sponsoring its annual Christmas Toy and Food Drive Fundraiser from 9 p.m. Dec. 2 to 1 a.m. Dec. 3 at the Front Door Club, 6106 FM 1765, in Texas City.

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When's the ramp opening?

A boat ramp not used is a useless boat ramp. Sure would be nice if that shiny brand new boat ramp on 61st Street was to be opened. It looks like it's ready to go to me.

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Trump's capitalistic experiment has begun

“Capitalists” are apolitical by nature. They do not give a tinker’s damn about government or people, except to the extent either is of anticipated benefit to their own enrichment. This is true in the economies of the West and East, the United States, Russia, China and nearly every other country involved in world markets.

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We need your help this holiday season

Samaritan’s Purse gift-filled shoeboxes are tangible expressions of God’s love for children around the world suffering from poverty, natural disaster, war, disease and famine. These children, many of whom have never received a gift before, learn they are loved and not forgotten. Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 135 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 150 countries and territories.

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Friday 11/04/2016
We're down to the wire

Down to the wire: Game 7, bottom of the ninth, the whole stadium is on its feet; not to cheer on their team, but to get in line for tickets to Canada. Like the World Series, this election will be historic.

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County party backs all GOP candidates

I was disappointed to read Lloyd Criss' letter ("Local GOP ashamed of Trump," The Daily News, Nov. 2) in which he attacks the Galveston County Republican Party for not including Donald Trump in our mailer encouraging voters to support the Republican Party ticket in this election.

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Vote Criss, for the kids' sake

The national election has everyone’s attention. I am hoping that you will make a decision about the candidates you vote for based on their record about their concern for children.

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Mihovil would make community a better

I have known Robert Mihovil for a very long time (since Kindergarten at Sacred Heart School).

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Vote Mihovil for commissioner

Now is the time for change in the management of the Navigation District in Galveston. We have an opportunity to look forward instead of maintaining the status quo. Let's move business and recreation opportunities forward.

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Speak up for yourself concerning your health

I am writing to encourage people to speak up and advocate for themselves and loved ones in their medical care. After heart surgery, my regular doctor left me on a low dose of a much needed statin. I have genetic hyperlipidemia. I asked for a higher dose, but after no response I dropped it thinking all was OK now.

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U.S. is on path to self-destruction

In response to the letter by Kent Moss ("Feds make a mockery of our laws," The Daily News, Nov. 4): The central government doesn't make a mockery of our laws or the Constitution. That is because there is no Constitution to mock. The Constitution died when at least two illegal amendments (the 14th and 16th) were added to the Constitution. The 16th allows the central government to steal all your income if they want to. The 14th allows them to make the Constitution mean anything they want it to mean. Thus we are now a nation based on whim not law.

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Progressives fear progress, not global warming

Earth has experienced six major climate changes in the last 2,000 years. Each lasting hundreds of years. Three were global cooling, three were global warming. During the medieval warm period the Arctic Ocean was ice free 300 summers in a row and life thrived everywhere.

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Thursday 11/03/2016
Feds make a mockery of our laws

As an American citizen for nearly 70 years, I have become extremely disturbed about the continued lack of respect for our U.S. laws by federal government leadership. They took an oath swearing to uphold our U.S. Constitution and laws. From recent events it is now evident there is a double standard for obeying the law.

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Of the two, Trump is the best choice

This campaign has been the most vitriolic in my 66 years. My conclusions:

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Clinton would sell out the country

What are we facing now in this election? Am I voting for the party or what is best for our great nation?

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Wednesday 11/02/2016
Chili supper is on the horizon

For four decades, the Rotary Club of Galveston has sponsored its annual chili supper. The event was created to not only raise money to be returned to the Galveston community — but to serve up a great bowl of chili with all the "trimmings” while offering a fun evening of friendship and fellowship for all who attend.

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Cinderella Rabbit lived a full life

I wanted to let everyone know Blue and I lost Cinderella Rabbit in surgery. At 3 months old he rode on a pull firetruck and then a wagon around Galveston enhancing every event for 3 ½ years. We frequented the Children’s Museum, Railroad Museum, Moody Gardens, Festival of Lights, Art Walk, Saengerfest Park and most festivals.

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Criss has my vote this time around

I wrote a guest column about how the University of Texas and Texas Legislature changed the rules for retirees to get their medical benefits ("Former UT System employees being cheated," The Daily News, June 10). In it, I invited responses from my legislators, Larry Taylor and Wayne Fairchild as well as Lloyd Criss. I received a very supportive note from Criss — but not a word from my “representatives.”

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Tuesday 11/01/2016
Vote for sensible League City leadership

The decision to throw out the complaint against Mayor Pat Hallisey in League City is further evidence of the disingenuous, suspicious and unfounded motives of those who initiated the compliant ("Board: Mayor has no ethics violation," The Daily News, Nov. 1).

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Local GOP ashamed of Trump

After viewing the full page Republican candidate’s endorsement advertisement in the Oct. 30 newspaper, I have two questions:

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Local chapter of DAR offers thanks

Again this year, members of the Daughters of the American Revolution chapter would like to extend thanks to all who participated in allowing our group to put up observances of the signing of the Constitution in schools, churches, libraries and on marquees.

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