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The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

January 18, 2017

Letters To Editor

Tuesday 01/17/2017
Ball High's radio program an excellent teaching tool

Ball High School's Media Arts and Digital Technology Program launched its new 24-hour online radio station, K-TOR on Jan. 13. Michael Smith's positive endorsement and overview of this new project was well deserved ("Ball High School's new radio station is a worthy effort," The Daily News, Jan. 13). But even more important for the community to appreciate, is the incredible partnership and working relationship that has been established with Nat Stockard of MyBayArea Radio, The Daily News and Mike Dudas, GISD/BHS's Media Arts Coach.

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Courville needs to get a grip on herself

Edna Courville's arrogance and incoherent ramblings provide further evidence of the leadership void that led to the demise of La Marque ISD ("Editorial writer needs to stick to the facts," The Daily News, Jan. 10). Unfortunately, the truth may be too big a pill for her to swallow.

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Renaming school was done in secret

In response to Matt deGrood's article ("Trustees OK plan to rename school," The Daily News, Jan. 13): I would like the Texas City Independent School District board to know how upset many people and alumni of Northside School are about this secretive vote that took place to rename our school.

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Saturday 01/14/2017
Send Rep. Weber a clear health-care message

Despite tremendous improvements in the 20th century, the United States is far from being the healthiest nation.

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Ditto to reader's take on Lt. Gov. Patrick

In response to the letter ("Patrick should seek professional help," The Daily News, Jan. 10): What Kathleen Sukiennik says.

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Department's watering policy is all wet

I am curious about the city of Texas City's policy about the fire department's watering practice. They water their grass every night. They water when it's raining, they water when it's flooding, they water when we are in a drought and the citizens are not allowed to water their lawns.

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Get your facts straight citizen voting

Someone keeps writing in and stating that non-citizens are allowed to vote in California and New York. Please check your facts. I did. The fact is, that New York City has considered allowing legal residents to vote in city elections.

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Friday 01/13/2017
Thank God Obama is leaving

Eight years ago, I said that, judging from the friends of Obama, he is not a true American. His minister and Ayers are among them. His minister said G.D. America, and Ayers had tried to blow up the Pentagon.

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Memories of Sea-Arama are bittersweet

In response to the story on Tim Gould’s book about Sea-Arama (“Bittersweet memories of Sea-Arama,” The Daily News, Nov. 11): I remember when it first opened and my daughter, Cheryl Beshears, worked there that summer on the weekends.

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We deserve better from the newspaper

I am not sure who Gary Miller quoted in his letter to the editor ("Red, blue and purple tell the story," The Daily News, Jan. 10), but no reputable news source reports that non-citizens were a factor in the November popular vote. I am concerned that The Daily News endorses fake news when it publishes letters to the editor which quote unsubstantiated drivel as fact.

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Tuesday 01/10/2017
Columnist dead wrong about Israel

In response to the column by Georgie Anne Geyer ("New truths needed in U.S., Israel 'alliance,'" The Daily News, Dec. 29): She is dead wrong about Israel and she should be admonished.

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Cox is responsible for county legal fees

In response to "Cox: Commissioners court violating temporary injunction" (The Daily News, Dec. 20) by Marissa Barnett, it stated, "The case has cost county taxpayers more than $1 million for Henry's representation. Cox is paying for his own legal fees, which he estimated were less than $20,000."

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Electoral College foes silent on Senate

It has been aired on the news that many supporters of Hillary Clinton are advocating abolishing the Electoral College because it does not represent the popular vote. Every state in this country, regardless of its size or population, has two U.S. senators. To be consistent, those who want to abolish the Electoral College should also advocate abolishing the U.S. Senate. But I have not heard anyone calling for that.

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Monday 01/09/2017
Sick of all the restroom talk

Given the large number of assaults by the LGBTQ community in public restrooms — I am glad that our Attorney General is finally doing something about this epidemic ("Lt. Gov. reveals transgender bathroom bill," The Daily News, Jan. 6).

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Bathroom bill is very confusing

I think I need help understanding the bathroom law that has been proposed ("Lt. Gov. reveals transgender bathroom bill," The Daily News, Jan. 6).

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Red, blue and purple tell the story

How many elections like 2010, 2014 and 2016 until the Democrat party is extinct? With Republican governor and legislature states are called Red. Blue if Democrat. Purple if split. After 2016, there are 34 red states with Republican governor and legislature. Only five Blue states and 11 purple states. Seven purple states leaning toward red can be prime targets of the Tea Party in 2018.

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Patrick should seek professional help

In response to "Lt. Gov. reveals transgender bathroom bill" (The Daily News, Jan. 6): I don't understand why Dan Patrick considers the "Bathroom Bill" one of his priorities. Women know how to deal with deviants in the restroom, and elsewhere, so his "protection" is not necessary.

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Friday 01/06/2017
Trump has no mandate

In response to the column by the Three Musketeers ("A president is elected, what happens next?" The Daily News, Jan. 2): Your "President" lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million. Tell me what kind of referendum does that send?

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Electoral College didn't work as intended

In response to "A president is elected, what happens next?" (The Daily News, Jan. 2): The three contend that Trump’s election was a “… message clearly sent by the voters.” There was indeed a message clearly sent by the voters, by a margin of approximately 2 million votes. That message was “No” to Trump.

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Government should be for all the people

Protection, empowerment, freedom from injustice and participation as an American baby boomer, I've lived under two different systems of government: Post World War II government; government of, by and for the people requires a government with the moral purpose to equally protect and empower all the people such that 1. People's individual freedoms are maximized; and 2. Economic, social, racial and environmental injustices are minimized, and active participation of a majority of the people to maintain such a government.

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Sunday 01/01/2017
DEA is playing Russian Roulette

In response to the article by the AP ("DEA chemists race to identify new drugs," The Daily News, Dec. 22): It said "The proliferation of rapidly evolving synthetic opioids — are fueling the deadliest addiction crisis the United States has ever seen." These drugs are indeed the deadliest, but what is fueling this crisis is the action taken by the Drug Enforcement Administration. They are forcing pain patients to turn to these deadly drugs because that is the only way they can get relief. They are in so much pain they are willing to gamble with their life to get the relief they need.

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Respect the language — please

In response to the story by Bernice Torregrossa ("Tamales a staple in Texas year-round," The Daily News, Dec. 21): People, please! This island has a cultural population that is very varied, and several languages are and have been spoken here. The Daily News, for goodness sakes, it is "one tamal" and "two tamales." Try to respect this language.

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Thursday 12/29/2016
City of Texas City needs to get it together

Choice or priority? That's the question that I know a lot of residents ask themselves every day in this town. You call to report a concern and all you hear is, we will look into it.

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Editorial was full of hypocrisy

In 2010, I, as a Galveston Independent School District trustee, warned the community about the district's financial inability to provide student resources comparable to other Galveston County school districts when considering the rebuilding of 90 percent of the county's public housing on an island with 10 percent of the county's population.

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Get your words straight Baron

In response to "A stocking full of coal for Texas kids," The Daily News, Dec. 26): If Neil Baron disapproves so much of the proceedings of the Texas Legislature, why does he have them meeting "biannually" instead of biennially?

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Tuesday 12/27/2016
Concern about fake news a little late

In response to the editorial by Leonard Woolsey ("Fake news is a wake-up call," The Daily News, Dec. 16): So The Daily News is jumping onto the national liberal media’s latest meme: “fake news.” Odd this given that we have been inundated with falsehoods from these folks for years: “A New York report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda.” (New York Times, August 23, 1933) 

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Grand isn't to blame for missing intermissions

As a patron, subscriber and volunteer at The Grand 1894 Opera House, I need to address the letter by Patricia Holleman ("Intermissions are needed at The Grand," The Daily News, Dec. 24), which incorrectly attributed the lack of show intermissions to The Grand staff.

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Where are your 'facts' Baron?

In response to the column by Neil Baron ("A stocking full of coal for Texas kids," The Daily News, Dec. 26): I am sure the Federal Communications Commission, National Security Agency, FBI, Homeland Security and a host of other governmental agencies would be interested in the authors source of "the skilled Russian hackers" evidence showing their role in the presidential election.

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Saturday 12/24/2016
Kudos to a job well done

Kudos to whoever is responsible for the lighted window display in the Galveston Historical Foundation building at the corner of 23rd and Broadway streets. It changes regularly and is always eye-catching and well done. Merry Christmas.

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Judge Henry has a lot of explaining to do

In response to the story "Cox: Commissioners court violating temporary injunction" (The Daily News, Dec. 20) by Marissa Barnett, it stated, "The case has cost county taxpayers more than $1 million for Henry's representation. Cox is paying for his own legal fees, which he estimated were less than $20,000."

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Hats off to the Galveston County Gulf Coast Black Nurses Association

Hats off to the Galveston County Gulf Coast Black Nurses Association for the many years they have presented a four-year scholarship to deserving nursing students.

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Friday 12/23/2016
Celebrating 75 years of chatter about seawall parking

As 2016 ends, I note the absence of a "Celebratory Committee." This is the 75th year of discussing parking on Seawall Boulevard, according to The Daily News.

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Game room problem needs more than commentary

Yet another editorial about the tired old subject of the "casino gambling problem" in Galveston ("County plays wait, wait, hurry with game room rules," The Daily News, Dec. 18). Countless words and ideas and opinions about this subject: who should monitor, who should have jurisdiction, blah, blah, blah.

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Intermissions needed at The Grand

I attended the Jerry Jeff Walker performance at the Grand and was once again horrified how the lack of an intermission has so screwed up the performances. Because there was no intermission, late comers were interrupting the performance for long after it had begun.

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Tuesday 12/20/2016
DEA pain pill enforcement killing people

In an editorial ("Fake news is a wake-up call," The Daily News, Dec. 16) Leonard Woolsey says: "People's lives depend on access to a stream of credible information from which to make informed decisions about their government, elected officials and everyday life." I agree; but why don't you feel the same way about the deaths and the needless pain caused by the action of the Drug Enforcement Administration? Because of the "Big Brother" action of the DEA many doctors won't write the medication a pain patient needs and many pharmacies won't fill them if they do write what is needed.

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Grateful to live in inclusive Galveston

As a BOI and Galveston resident by choice, I am so grateful to be living in a community in which the mayor and city officials clearly promote a community of inclusiveness and love. Friday’s outreach effort at the Islamic Center, on the part of our city fills me with hope and gratitude that we in Galveston can be a clear voice for humanity ("Island Strong," The Daily News, Dec. 17).

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Committee anticipating an exciting New Year

The African American Historic Preservation Committee has made many changes this year. After five years, we have fine-tuned our mission to preserving, documenting and promoting African American history and culture in our Galveston County community. The committee represents the 1867 Settlement Historical District in Texas City, which is made possible by Galveston County Historical Commission.

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Consider a shelter 'mutt' this holiday season

I ran into a young boy on my mail route a couple of days ago who was saying he wanted a dog for Christmas. I told him maybe Santa Claus will provide him with one. I hope parents who are thinking of such a gift will consider adopting either a dog or cat from one of the local shelters than buying one from a pet store or a breeder. There's nothing wrong with a "mutt" from a shelter.

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Friday 12/16/2016
Considering a pet? Consider a shelter rescue

If you are thinking about a pet for Christmas, consider adopting one from a shelter. Many wonderful puppies and kittens, as well as adult and senior dogs and cats need loving homes.

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Tax preparation help available in February

From Feb. 1 through April 15, volunteers from AARP Tax-Aide will be available to assist with income tax preparation and tax questions. This service is free and on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Education is cheaper than ignorance

I was gratified to read Rod Dunklee's guest column ("Lt. Governor's proposal is Obamacare for Texas schools," The Daily News, Dec. 15). I knew immediately he and I were on opposite ends of the political spectrum because of his negative comments on Obamacare.

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Tuesday 12/13/2016
Little by little, kindness will prevail

Four years ago the littlest Christmas tree was almost ready to be thrown away in the garden center of my local store. It was all drooped over and it was potted — 18-inches tall. I bought the little tree and planted it in my front yard. Little by little it began to grow tall and green. Today it stands over 6 feet tall.

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Galveston staying true to its roots

From its beginning, Galveston has always been a very diverse city that did not worry about the cultural difference of its citizens. The common threads of being a barrier island, a busy port, and the uncertainty of mother nature, bound us together with an attitude of independence and tolerance, and this has kept us somewhat immune from the ills of the rest of the world.

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No place in the USA for Neo-Nazis

The United States of America thrives on diversity. A synthesis of the world's plentiful and varied races, religions and cultures, America is a home to all, such that, "no one group can call itself more 'American' than another."

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Sunday 12/11/2016
Letters to the Editor

The human race

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Saturday 12/10/2016
Trump supporters have issues with the facts

As is, sadly, becoming the norm, Trump supporters continue to have issues with facts. Gary Miller, in his letter ("Trump will right many progressives wrongs," The Daily News, Dec. 8) stated that California and New York allow non-citizens to vote. This is untrue. Non-citizens are not allowed to vote in federal elections.

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The human race is self-centered

Suicide isn't new. Throughout the bible there are cases of suicide and there are people in the Bible who averted suicide for reasons beneficial to us today.

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The Galveston I love won't stand for hate

Thank you for the response to the hate leveled against Asad Khan ("Muslim restaurateur uneasy after finding bacon on his shop," The Daily News, Dec. 3). I applaud the title defining these actions succinctly: hate crimes. We must use language that accurately names hateful threats like these.

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Issues with Galveston's towing ordinance

Galveston police recently towed my vehicle, parked on Postoffice Street in downtown Galveston. After talking to several in the police department and city hall, I learned that any vehicle parked in the same place on Galveston streets is considered abandoned after 48 hours. By ordinance it can be (and should be) towed.

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Friday 12/09/2016
Column on education was on point

Great column Jack Cross ("School funding system is unfair and broken," The Daily News, Nov. 30); without a foundation of discipline and respect, education becomes a flawed and fruitless endeavor.

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