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The Galveston County Daily News: Letters To Editor

September 28, 2016

Letters To Editor

Tuesday 09/27/2016
Help us celebrate these deserving professionals

Central service professionals are being celebrated for their important role and commitment to patient safety during the annual International Central Service Week, Oct. 11-17. The International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management has served more than 21,000 central service professionals in the United States and abroad by providing educational and professional development opportunities for these professionals.

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Oppermann is out of his league

In response to Anthony Oppermann's editorial ("Baylor fans should vent at Baylor, not MOB," The Daily News, Sept. 22): If Oppermann's sophomoric comments lack logic and reflect a certain jock-mentality, then "so be it." His opinions are best kept in the back of the sports section; otherwise, he is much out of his league.

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County isn't helping with mosquitoes

What gets me peeved is how the county asked everyone to empty any containers with stagnant water to control the mosquito population when the retention ponds they ask all business owners to install probably contain enough mosquito larvae to give everyone in the county Zika virus.

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Thursday 09/22/2016
'No homework' in elementary worked well for me

I must agree with Nicole Obert's letter ("Editorial didn't produce any facts supporting homework," The Daily News, Sept. 21). When I was in elementary school we did not have homework. That came to us when we entered middle school.

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Applications being accepted for preservation conference

The Daily News in June ran a story about my efforts to help raise money to increase Diversity Scholars attendance from 35 to 50, at the National Trust for Historic Preservation conference in Houston ("Preservationist hopes to increase National Trust diversity, presence," The Daily News, June 7).

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Who does Baron think he's fooling?

It is beyond amusing to see leftists, including slip-and-fall lawyer Neil Baron, proclaim the sanctity of court decisions in the era of Obama who has shown absolute distain for same ("Despite court losses, Texas continues voting shenanigans," The Daily News, Sept. 12). Especially since the president has packed the courts with activist judges who base their judicial conclusions on the Democrat party agenda. 

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Let's hope Benghazi doesn't keep Clinton out of White House

Churchill's Benghazi, involving 250,000 casualties, did not stop his rise to commander-in-chief. Hopefully, Clinton’s Benghazi, involving 11 casualties, will also not stop her rise to commander-in-chief.

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Tuesday 09/20/2016
Liberals oppose voter ID to abet voter fraud

How does anyone live in the United States today without some form of identification? If you don't have identification you cannot conduct much business.

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Better family planning services would cut diaper demand

In response to Don Reavis' reaction to diaper need awareness week ("If parents can't afford diapers, shame on them," The Daily News, Sept. 12): Perhaps the need for diapers would be reduced if couples had greater access to Planned Parenthood services where they could receive condoms and information about other birth control methods.

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Editorial didn't produce any facts supporting homework

Anthony Oppermann’s editorial implores parents to fight for homework, suggesting it is essential to achievement, but research fails to support this ("Elementary school homework bans not necessarily a benefit to students, The Daily News, Sept. 15).

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Wednesday 09/14/2016
Yacht Basin fees are ridiculous

Really... $1,500 a year to launch your boat at the Yacht Basin? Why don't they just say we don't want you on our property anymore so we are gonna price you out, and even if you can afford it you probably won't pay it because it's a ridiculous amount to begin with.

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Does Russia trump America for Trump?

This election year, Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, has chosen to openly embrace and praise Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin. Trump has declared Putin to be a stronger leader than President Barack Obama. I guess America is considered by Trump to be weak militarily as well. Putin, after all, is a Russian dictator.

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Diaper bank is a hand up — not a hand out

In response to the letter by Don Reavis ("If parents can't afford diapers, shame on them," The Daily News, Sept. 12): My daughter is a working mom. She takes her children to childcare so she can work to support her family. Like many moms she has to provide a month’s worth of diapers to the childcare provider at the first of each month plus wipes, snacks. She also has to purchase diapers and supplies for use when her child is at home.

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When's the last time you went down diaper aisle?

"Modest price" for diapers? Apparently, Don Reavis hasn't been down that aisle lately ("If parents can't afford diapers, shame on them," The Daily News, Sept. 12).

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Monday 09/12/2016
Be careful of throwing stones

In response to Don Reavis ("If parents can't afford diapers, shame on them," The Daily News, Sept. 12): How do you know what a parent might be going through to need a little help with diapers? What if they got sick and missed a few days from work and just needed one pack? You don't know the background on what each case has and why they needed the help.

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Friday 09/09/2016
We need an East End boat ramp

As a private enterprise, Galveston Yacht Basin has every right to charge what they want ("Yacht Basin to change long-standing boat ramp fees," The Daily News, Sept. 8).

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Isle will fee, tax itself out of tourism industry

In response to the front page article regarding lower profits for many beachfront businesses ("Cruel Summer," The Daily News, Sept. 5): I think that I may have part of the answer as to why this is so. There is paid parking on the seawall and you have to pay to go just about everywhere on the beach. We have friends who live in other areas of Texas and they choose to drive a little longer and spend time and money in the Port Aransas or Corpus Christi area. In most areas down there, you can drive right up to the water and you do not have to pay a fee to go to the public beaches.

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We all should be grateful to be Americans

Recently I had the honor to help carry a World War II Marine veteran, Wallace Zeringue, to his final resting place. He was in the first wave at Iwo Jima, continued through the Pacific until becoming part of the occupational force in Japan. He later became part of the first combat forces in Korea. A true American hero.

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To Kaepernick: Love it or leave it

I don't understand why the NFL will not let the Dallas Cowboys wear a black patch or badge on their helmets to honor the five police officers that were killed in Dallas, but Colin Kaepernick, can get away with not standing up to honor our flag and our country — and do it on TV.

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It's time Muslims stand up for themselves

Ali Khalili suggests that the United States should assist the global Muslim community even more than we already do ("Trump's path leads toward disaster," The Daily News, Sept. 8).

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Thursday 09/08/2016
Woolsey's column hit the nail on the head

I always enjoy Leonard Woolsey's Sunday columns; but his most recent one ("Credibility of the presidency at risk in this election," The Daily News, Sept. 4) hit the nail on the head with a "big" hammer. I am sure there are many citizens around the country that feel the same, but are at a loss on what to do.

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Trump has my vote

I believe in Donald Trump; he has my vote. I believe he will change America for the better.

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Tea Party fad has just about run its course

In response to the article "Last Tea Party members are leaving the city council" (The Daily News, Aug. 31): I remember I wrote a letter in this very newspaper a few years ago stating that the "Tea Party" was a fad and would eventually be exposed for what it is. Older white people, generally a bit more affluent then others, who tried to unseat the Obama administration under the guise of a movement for the people, if the people were able to follow lockstep with their ideals.

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Democrats fear the voter ID law

Is voter ID worth fighting about? For Democrats it’s survival.

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It's time to focus on LMISD's future

About the Rev. James E. Daniels' column ("Newspaper focused on bad news about La Marque ISD," The Daily News, Aug. 30): I would have hoped that by now, we would be focusing on moving forward rather than staying in the past.

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Wednesday 09/07/2016
Reverend's LMISD column cherry-picked the facts

If James Daniels were our only source of information, we all would blame The Daily News for the demise of La Marque ISD ("Newspaper focused on bad news about La Marque ISD," The Daily News, Aug. 30).

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Kaepernick should be ashamed

Colin Kaepernick, although you are a multi-millionaire quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, I would like to say what a pitiful example of an American citizen you are. Your refusal to stand during the National Anthem is an insult and embarrassment to all U.S. citizens whether they are black or not.

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It was an honor to call Gary Greene my friend

I'm fortunate to have known Gary Greene and was saddened to learn of his passing and that I was unable to attend his funeral. To his family, I would like to share some “Island Time” I had with Gary.

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Wednesday 08/31/2016
Taxpayers, did you know about this?

Dear Galveston County property owners, do you know of the following, mandated by the State Legislature: "Section 5.103 (e) of the Tax Code requires the comptroller to provide the public a reasonable opportunity to offer comments and suggestions concerning the appraisal review board" and that the survey form and instructions for completion the form “… shall be provided to each property owner at or before each hearing on a protest conducted by an ARB…?” I didn't.

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Thanks for reminding us that seniors contribute too

Three cheers for Susan Criss for her charming column about R.A. Apffel, a senior still working and contributing his considerable talents to the community ("R.A. Apffell is a gem in Galveston County," The Daily News, Aug. 29).

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Learn valuable life skills in the Boy Scouts

I am writing to express my opinion about the Boy Scouts of America. The scouting community is great to join, especially for your youth. As a current Boy Scout who has earned the Star rank and is working on the Life rank, I would like to say scouting is a great opportunity to make new friends and serve the community.

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Tuesday 08/30/2016
Officers, thanks for all you do

In recent weeks, the world has witnessed several horrific attacks where innocent civilian and law enforcement officers have been murdered by senseless acts of others. Law enforcement officers have been ambushed and killed for no reason other than wearing their uniform.

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Thanks to all who helped after fall

I fell from a ladder at a client’s home on Tiki Island Aug. 9. I lost consciousness and my client contacted the Tiki Island Fire Department. Firefighters stayed by my side until EMS arrived to transport me to the UTMB emergency room.

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Shrimp boil was great, but wine next year

Grace Carr and I attended the Texas City-La Marque Chamber of Commerce's annual shrimp boil and it was so much fun. The food was outstanding and plentiful. The jambalaya was wonderful and the shrimp were big.

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Letter on FISD finances was not correct

In response to the letter by Carol Dean ("Don't be fooled by FISD's cries for help," The Daily News Aug. 23), Dean said the following: “This rollback election is a no lose proposition, if voters vote “no” the district will get $4-plus million more in tax revenue. If the district wins, they will get $7-plus million more per year.”

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School districts should help in healthy eating

With the new school year starting, parents’ to-do lists are now filled with shopping for school clothes, school supplies and school food. That’s right — school food.

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Why has the state cut food stamp benefits?

There have been many reports about the cut-backs in funding for food stamps, currently known as the SNAP program. This has been portrayed as affecting mainly able-bodied adults without dependents. However, I recently talked to a woman in Galveston County whose state-administered food stamp benefits have been suddenly cut by over $100 a month.

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Friday 08/26/2016
Bad picks on the Wharves Board

As I look at the makeup of the Wharves Board of Trustees I'm surprised to see some of the members who were working to sell the Port of Galveston to the Port of Houston on the board.

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Why didn't column open up a dialogue?

In response to Susan Criss' column ("Community policing missing in today's force," The Daily News, Aug. 15) pertaining to the nation's policing tactics: I was disappointed that not one comment — pro or con — has appeared in The Daily News from the editorial staff or from subscribers.

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TRE is needed to keep FISD on top

As an over-40-year resident of Friendswood, I've been involved in many ways with our city and school district. In doing so, I've had the privileges of working with not only the staff and leaders in these two groups, but many of my fellow citizens.

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Wednesday 08/24/2016
Sam, thanks for believing in me

A guest column written by Sam Collins III ("It's wise to invest in your community," The Daily News, Aug. 17), credits an older gentleman, Ervin Williams, whose heartfelt gift made a big difference in Sam's life.

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Park Board should revisit pay station locations

While I applaud the Park Board of Trustees' decision to purchase and install two electronic pay stations that will accept cash payments for seawall parking, I am hesitant to agree with the locations decided upon ("Park Board to install parking pay stations on the seawall," The Daily News, Aug. 21).

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Seawall pay stations are inconvenient

I read in The Daily News that the Park Board of Trustees has proposed letting the public pay for seawall parking with cash at two locations, namely inside the 61st and 91st streets piers ("Park Board to install parking pay stations on the seawall," The Daily News, Aug. 21).

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Tuesday 08/23/2016
Thanks to all of the lifeguards

I was visiting Galveston with my family last week. Although I have been swimming all of my life, I underestimated how quickly you can get into trouble when swimming in the Gulf.

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Jozwiak was right on target

Kudos to Michael C. Jozwiak for his right-on-target guest column ("Time for a 'What's Really Important' committee," The Daily News, Aug. 19).

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Shane McDermott is what the Nav District needs

After 30 years, it’s time to elect someone new to the Galveston Navigation District Board. Shane McDermott, one of the next generation of Galveston leaders, has stepped forward to add a much needed new perspective to the board.

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Don't be fooled by FISD's cries for help

In response to the guest column by Trish Hanks "Some facts about FISD's tax ratification election" (The Daily News, Aug. 19): I'm no longer subjected to the ever increasing demands of Friendswood ISD. It seems that FISD believes that taxpayers exist to shower money on them. This rollback election is a no lose proposition, if voters vote "no" the district will get $4-plus million more in tax revenue. If the district wins, they will get $7-plus million more per year.

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Monday 08/22/2016
Vote 'yes' on Sept. 10

A new school year began Aug. 22, and our children headed back into the classrooms to be challenged, encouraged and engaged in higher-level thinking skills by their dedicated teachers.

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Learn to love being an IBC'er

In response to guest columnist Michael C. Jozwiak's litany of complaints: True, true and true ("Time for a 'What's Really Important' committee," The Daily News, Aug. 19).

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Wednesday 08/17/2016
Khizr Khan-Trump incident was liberal bunk

In response to the editorial "At long last, is there no sense of decency?" (The Daily News, Aug. 4): It is not surprising the national liberal media (and its local affiliates) would see the political stunt by the Democrats involving Khizr Khan as an opportunity to raise their level of anti-Trump animus. This is Democrat S.O.P.: find someone who can be presented as a victim; have them trash Republicans; and trot out their shopworn faux outrage when there is any pushback. Until Trump, this had completely cowed Republicans (remember Cindy Sheehan or the “Jersey Girls?”).

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