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Chris Gimenez

How about if we dismiss your emotional propaganda Ms. Jones? You attribute many things to obamacare that have not happened, cannot happen, and will not happen. You use the word "ensure" as if because the president signed this abomination into law then so shall it be.

Only liberals can say with a straight face that health insurance in the U.S. is for a privileged few when 85% of the population had health insurance before obamacare was forced down our throats. The uninsured can be without coverage for any number of reasons and many times it's a temporary and/voluntary lack of coverage.

What cannot be dismissed is that the implementation of obamacare has caused hundreds of thousands of employees to be reduced to part-time hours by their employers. How are employees supposed to pay for your president's vaunted health plan when they're making less money. You say they'll have this wonderful coverage but you don't mention the true costs and deductibles. Lot's of pixie dust and unicorn talk but little in way of factual information.

The rollout on Tuesday was a disaster. Despite being "law" for almost three years your president's administration was completely overwhelmed by those trying to log on. Despite claims of millions of people logging on to the sites, the reality is that in most states there were LESS THAN 1% of those who actually signed up.

Perhaps they found out it wasn't actually free and so there goes the initiative to apply. The fact is that obamacare was a partisan law put in place to control a voting populace that is generally in favor of entitlements. My prediction is that over the coming year we'll see just exactly what a disaster it will be and what it will do to our healthcare in this country and it will all be blamed on George Bush.

Chris Gimenez

And let me add Ms. Jones that almost every lawmaker who supported and voted for obamacare has absolutely no clue what is actually in this 10,000 page plus bill.


And now some facts about what it's taking to get people to sign up.


And now for some facts about actual interest and enrollment.


You'll notice that we have to get the truth from a foreign website because it won't be told to us by the lamestream media.


Paul Hyatt

Another thing that Ms Jones is not saying is that so many people have lost hours because of this travesty called ObamaCare.... Now more people are working less hours and have lost benefits because of ObamaCare.... Ms. Jones and the rest of the democrats do not tell us who is going to pay for this monster called ObamaCare and who is going to be screaming the loudest when the rationing of medical care starts like it always does with socialised medicine which is what ObamaCare is.... ObamaCare will destroy what was once the best place to come for medical care and that was the USA....

Lars Faltskog

Fact Check for bvresident:

Texas has almost 30% of its population uninsured. Our state is the highest percentage uninsured:


Also, with the ACA there will be more employment opportunities in the health care field, which goes along with the increased need for health care - as newly insured are added to the database. Et cetera, et cetera....it's "win win".

Chris Gimenez

Yes, Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured. A large part (30% of the 30%) are non-citizens. Second to Texas is Louisiana and the California. You know California, that's the state that is the closest thing (as of now) this country has to a socialist society. And yet they rank right there at the top with Texas in the percentage of uninsured. If anyone thinks the 20 million illegal aliens in this country are going to sign up for obamacare they're out of their gourds.

As for you supposition that obamacare will bring more employment opportunities that shows your utter ignorance of business. The government is reducing what it pays to the medical professionals for medicare and Medicaid and physicians are dropping out of those areas in increasing numbers.

But then again, you're never really interested in the facts behind the facts are you?

Lars Faltskog

bvoresident didn't get all his morning coffee. I know more business points than you know how many bones your chihuaha has buried.

Here's a simple concept: The healthcare business is more than a small handful of doctors who will "drop out" due to wanting to make some sort of a grasping straw statement about how the country is "going to hell in a handbasket".

We all know it's the super inflated type who will use ACA as an excuse to leave the profession, when the truth is they are burned out, ready to retire, et cetera.

Aside from the poor sports who will pick up their marbles, the Health Care industry consists of [hello!?!?!?] - nurses, nurse assistants, office staff, custodial staff, insurance workers, etc. Not to mention the building of new facilities. That's more than a supposition.

Eric Kemp

All soon to be regulated by the federal government. And what a smooth operation it is for everything that the federal government manages. Have fun poor people, because rich folks aren't going to deal with that. So then we'll create an even further sepration of classes. thanks democrats.

Chris Gimenez

Yes servitude1, your showing me how much business sense you have. If there aren't physicians then you don't need hospitals, nurses, etc. But you obviously don't get that. BTW, did you get your business experience from being employed with some government agency?

Kevin Lang

bvresident, your point on "The government is reducing what it pays to the medical professionals for medicare and Medicaid and physicians are dropping out of those areas in increasing numbers." is what? I'm curious as to whether the government should be trying to reduce costs for goods and services that it purchases.

Chris Gimenez

Kevin, you must have gone to the same business school as your little buddy servitude1. The government is not reducing the cost of anything. They don't provide the service. What they are doing is reducing what they pay for the service that someone else provides. That's not reducing a cost because they aren't putting the service out for bids.

The government doesn't provide a service or manufacture a product. And because they are simply reducing what they will reimburse for a service that someone else provides, those service providers are deciding to no longer deal with the headache associated with providing those services. As a result, those customers, ie; the taxpayers who have pre-paid for those services, are being subjected to a smaller pool of service providers. That results in less face time with the physician, possibly longer wait times, possibly more difficulty getting to their locations (I know, you people only care about that if it's your voters who need to vote 3 or 4 times every election), and quite possibly lesser care.

Lars Faltskog

BOvresident -
"you people"?? If you're a business manager with great experience and knowledge, you want to say "you people"? The correct term is "you sales associates". Even the business moguls on "Shark Tank" know that.

What I see is still the free enterprise system still as a choice. If you are in a company health plan, you can still go out on your own and find the doctor of your choice. If you do that, then you simply pay out of pocket. It's basically in your mind as to whether you're getting "more" or "better" service by forking out on your own.

Rich folks can still get "the best medical care $ can buy". Problem is, there's not too many rich folks. As the title says, we need affordable care. The voters who voted 3 to 4 times mandated that last November.

- - - WENDY DAVIS for GOVERNOR - - - - - TEXAS in the BLUE - -

Kevin Lang

So, let me see if I got this straight. I manage to get WalMart to sell me a box of Cheerios that is marked at $2.50 per for a price of $1.50 per, and you're saying that doesn't reduce my cost per box of Cheerios? What business school do I go to for that education?

Yes, price changes in any market can destabilize things for a period of time. Letting consumers or suppliers control prices unilaterally is destabilizing. Changing the number of consumers or producers is destabilizing. Is any of that among the greatest thing on earth? Maybe not. However, this is not something unique to the medical market, and there's no reason that medicine shouldn't be subject to the same market forces as anything else.

Chris Gimenez

As usual Kevin, you're trying to compare apples to oranges and tell me they both taste the same. If you get Walmart to take less for their goods it's because they choose to do so. And if they won't you have a multitude of choices. The government is not asking Medicaid and medicare physicians to take less-they're demanding they take less but still provide the care to those to whom the government OWES the care. The government is not a market force. Completely different but nice try.

And servitude1, Wendy Davis is nothing but a left-wing whack job who believes unborn children should be killed because of the inconvenience of carrying a baby to full term and putting the child up for adoption.. I have no doubt you believe that's acceptable. Lucky for Texas she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being elected as Governor.

Kevin Lang

bvresident, are you saying that the government shouldn't publish reimbursement schedules? Are you saying that the government shouldn't put them out in advance? Are you saying that the government shouldn't note that in the contracts it signs with the doctors? Are you saying that the government shouldn't operate these programs similar to how private insurers operate with the doctors?

The government doesn't compel them to provide the service at that price. It tells them that if they treat one of the government's clients, that's the price. Probably a bit more like the Priceline marketplace. Or, to tweak my Walmart example, you can consider my $1.50 price as my bid. If Walmart wants to move a few extra boxes, I'll take them off their hands. If the doctor has a few extra slots on his schedule, he knows where he can go to fill them.

Chris Gimenez

You wear me out Lang. First, you present an argument you can't support and then you steal mine and frame it as yours. Your point, which is actually my point, is that the government is driving physicians away from treating medicare and Medicaid patients-the ones to whom the government owes the services to because they already have our money.

You're trying to act as if this is just the marketplace-you know, the capitalism you can't stand-working to be more efficient. The fact is that your president is creating a dwindling pool of providers without passing those "cost savings" on to us. So in effect, we are getting less for more. Got it?

Kevin Lang

bvresident, from now on, I'll just post "good morning", "good afternoon", or "good evening". I'll get the same responses from you, anyway. I keep thinking that maybe one day you'll try to ditch this hangup you have of trying to guess someone's political persuasion and then just throw out a diatribe intended for that audience.

If you're looking for someone to laud the political intellect of the conservative cause, you've got the wrong guy. If you're looking for someone to blast the inane stupidity of liberals, you have the wrong guy. There are flaws on both sides. There isn't a politician in DC that isn't a diva--Ted Cruz included. Not a one of them is looking for the best answer, they just want everyone to vote for their flawed options.

I share your concern for the patients stuck in the middle of the "fee for service" battles. I do not share your concern for the doctors, because they are willing participants in the mess.

It would be interesting to hear how YOU would fix the problem of doctors leaving Medicare due to disagreements of the "Fee for Service" schedules, and how to ensure that Medicare patients have an adequate number and quality of doctors to visit. You're pretty good at slamming other people's arguments (not on specifics, but just out of hand, but hey, nothing wrong with that. That's what you politicians do.) I wonder if you're willing to put your head on the line with what YOU would do and how you'd do it. I'll look at it point by point. I wonder if you can provide that without using a string of "Not by" remarks.

Chris Gimenez

Lang, I'm sorry you're getting frustrated from being hammered with the facts. Unlike you and your little buddy servitude I almost always provide links, articles, etc. to back up my position while you two rarely if ever do. I'm not sure how you can so easily dismiss that but I'm getting used to that kind of smokescreen from the left.

As for your political persuasion, that's evident. You think you are straddling the fence with your comments but you really should re-read them. It's obvious you are a lefty.

Kevin Lang

I'd be glad if I got hammered with facts. I keep hearing noises from opinions, mostly directed at a party platform that I've never stated support for. I'm still waiting for more facts, such as the ones about how Congress is exempt from Obamacare, or that Republicans had nothing to do with any of the healthcare debate. At this point, I think it's pretty clear that your opinion is fact and my opinion is that of the DNC. Perhaps you and Priebus should start try and and draw up al the parallels between my position and the DNC's. It might make for better comedy than what we typically find these days.

Let's see, you claim that liberals are free-spenders. I advocate for not spending money for anything we don't need, and for things we need, to spend no more than is absolutely necessary, and to make sure that what you get is what you agreed to buy. How "lefty" is that?

I advocate that criminals should serve their time, and their sentence should reflect the severity of the crime. I don't believe that people should get parole merely because some board wants to test recidivism theories. Quite "left", there, too, I guess?

I believe that people should work for everything they can. Job, location, and career changes should not be off the table merely because you like your house, you neighborhood, and your town. Unemployment, welfare, public housing, etc. are not first options, and they should not be lifestyles. For those that are in a bind, I'm OK with the programs providing a bridge to allow for the transition to the next working and living stage. Permanent positions in welfare should be reserved for those whose conditions absolutely warrant it.

I believe that if there's a just cause for a war, we should have the best folks. weapons, equipment, tactics, and strategy to fight and to win as quickly and painlessly as possible. I'm not for going to war on a whim, and I'm not for just going in with the nukes blazing on day one, but I don't think that any of our leaders believe we should, either. Another one of those far left ideals, too, I guess.

I'm not anti-abortion in the militant way you are, but I don't think it should be used as anyone's preferred method of birth control, but, for the most part, I doubt many do look at it that way. I would prefer that we think and act BEFORE sex in ways that lead to no abortion. In other words, personal responsibility, not government edicts that are ineffective and frequently unenforceable. I guess that qualifies as being a leftist, too.

Come to think of it, looking at all of those positions, maybe you're right. NOT.

You think that by tearing apart the DNC positions that you're hitting me. I don't know how effective you are with the DNC positions, but as far as hitting me, well, I hope you're aim is better with a gun than it is with position attacks, because I haven't even felt the breeze past my ear lobe.

Norman Pappous

"Health care should be a fundamental human right"

but it's not.

The single thing that needs to be addressed for affordable health care is cost control.

The ACA does not control costs.

End of story.

America needs to have affordable health care for everyone - on that I agree with Ms. Jones. Health care is vital to a strong economy. My preference would have been to address the cost side of the equation - not simply sign a government check with taxpayer money for an easy out.

Leonce Thierry

There seem to be three components related to ideal healthcare delivery: 1) High Quality Care, 2) Low Costs, and 3) Universal Access. The problem with a capitalist-based approach is that you mostly can achieve two of the three when it comes to health care delivery. You can have high quality and universal access, but at a very high cost. You can have low costs and universal access, but the quality of care will not be optimal. You can have high quality care with low costs, but not everyone will have access.

The Harris County Health Care District comes somewhat close to ideal. Folks who are shot or involved in a car wreck have access to high quality Level One Trauma Care at Ben Taub General Hospital. The problem is that many times, Ben Taub may be on drive-by status where not everyone can have access.

The ACA has more to do with providing universal access in the form of a government-mandated insurance program. That may provide greater access, or even high quality care. It is yet to be determined if costs come down as a result.

Healthcare is neither a right or a privilege. It should be treated as a managed resource. If everyone has a “right” to health care, there would be far more hospital beds than exist now.

Hank Thierry

Eric Kemp

Your made up "right" should not come at the expense of my wallet.

Kevin Lang

Poor people are already getting health care courtesy of our wallets. That principle is unchanged. Now, whether that means that more or fewer dollars bleed out, I don't have a clue. I guess we'd have to consider it a "wait and see". Not the most comforting thought, but I don't think there's a single reform they could have implemented that wouldn't result in a few "wait and sees".

Chris Gimenez

Here's just a sample of what obamacare is going to be like.


I wonder if taxpayers will have to make whole those on obamacare who's private information is hacked and used to defraud them.

Kevin Lang

You're trusting a liberal news source?

Chris Gimenez

Only when they tell the truth.

Kevin Lang

I thought that was never....

Chris Gimenez

A real life obamacare case study. Not exactly what the community organizer promised but hey, this isn't his first time to lie to the country.


Wait, here's another one for Ms. Jones. I sense the pixie dust and unicorns of the pre-obamacare hyping and lying is about to hit the wall of reality. Badda bing, badda BOOM!


So what happens when the people who are supposed to run to obamacare actually stay away from it?

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 4:52 pm on Thu, Oct 3, 2013:

Well, bvo - Wendy Davis is from Fort Worth, a rather conservative area. If the electorate up there awarded her with a position, then she's come up the ranks in conservative Texas and has made it in the national spotlight.

She has the personality and following to be quite a contender.

Question: BvOresident - If you had a daughter who came up to you and said she was pregnant , and she didn't want the baby, what would you do? Would you kick her out of the house and curtly/unlovingly tell her she's doing this out of convenience? Would you tell her, "You're just like Wendy Davis. You're becoming a left-wing whack job. Get out of here!"

Chris Gimenez

You mean she told me she didn't want the baby or she wanted to kill the baby? Two different scenarios. But of course you left-wing zealosts can't really frame a question specifically because then it becomes all too clear what you're referring to.

Gary Miller


Wendy Davis was elected by a ultra liberal area of Dallas. Her base is the innercity HUD slums. Planned parenthood is among her biggest and most reliable supporters.
Harris county is as conservative as Dallas but S.J. Lee gets elected.
HUD slum districts in every City in Texas were gerrymandered into Democrat districts.

Lars Faltskog

! IHOG -
Davis' district is a melting pot in Tarrant (Fort Worth, not Dallas) county with an Anglo population of 47%. The district is ever-growing in minority population, and much of the area consists of single-family homes with residents who care deeply about their community.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 7:17 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:

Well, really, what's the difference? "Don't want the baby", "kill the baby". Let's say, in her state of angst she said both? OK, so do you want to answer my question?

What would you tell your daughter and what would you do if she didn't want her baby and said she would abort/kill it? Would you disown her?

It's easy to "judge" until it hits home. Many families (not just democratic/liberal, minority and poor) have had to face this situation.

Chris Gimenez

No Lang, your little buddy servitude brought wendy "abortion momma" davis into the conversation and I simply noted that her claim to fame is her fervent desire to kill unborn babies. If the shoe fits.

Chris Gimenez

Lang, don't get consternated because my reply to you got placed under servitude's nonsense. It was an error on my part.

servitude, I don't have any problem answering your cheesy questions. Unlike you, I don't run and hide from my beliefs. If I had a daughter who was pregnant and she was a minor there'd be no abortion. If she was an adult I'd obviously be unable to stop her but she'd certainly know that she was going against God's will and that it was killing another human being. I'd want her to see the sonogram's of the arms and legs and features of that baby so she'd be very clear that what she's contemplating doing is legalized murder.

Kevin Lang

Consternation doesn't come easy for me. I merely noted that abortion always comes in. My comment wasn't directed at any individual. It was directed at the subject of conversation. Just out there as a "for what it's worth" comment.

Kevin Lang

It's interesting (well, really, it's not) that every one of these political discussions always somehow pulls abortion in. Not everything in life is about abortion.

Gary Miller

IF the ACA is so good why are the people that created it or supported it demanding exceptions from it?
If it's good for us why isn't it good for them?

Chris Gimenez

Speaking of low information voters, these are the "uber-intelligent" liberal voting base that keeps looking for the free stuff. servitude1 fits right in with this group.


Lars Faltskog

Well, BOvresident, I did quite well in GOV 101 for "non majors". That video link you gave doesn't reallly tell the whole picture.

They sent the crews out to San Diego, I'd bet the farm on it, to hundreds of locations. Let's say 150. Surely, out of seeking 150 individuals, they were sure to find a handful of them (regardless of party affiation - if they have one) who have little to no knowledge about the political system.

Those few handfuls made excellent YouTube video-type blurbs to make a production such as this, just like the one you shared with us.


Sverige1 asked Bvresident this:
Response to bvresident posted at 7:17 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:
Well, really, what's the difference? "Don't want the baby", "kill the baby". Let's say, in her state of angst she said both? OK, so do you want to answer my question?
Let Old JBG answer that for you:
I'd tell my daughter fine, you don't have to take care of the child,....but YOU *&$ well are not going to KILL it because YOU don't want it!
Also sir, just because YOU might not want somebody DON'T give you the right to KILL somebody! HUH? You following me? God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:5,
"Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations."
Now,...because GOD knew Jeremiah before his father even knew his mother,.....and gave him a calling for his LIFE BEFORE he came out of his mother WOMB,.....HE would also know MY DAUGHTER"S unborn child in that manner too!
Another thing as you can see, God places as much value on a life unborn as he does one walking around! So,...would my daughter be right to have the baby and six years later say I don't want this child and promptly kill him/her with a single gunshot to the head? OHHHH TALK BACK TO ME IF YOU CAN? You can argue Man's laws all you want,..because they are convenient to hide behind, but man's law is not GOD's law! Hell, their are a few principles animal live by which outclass they way some humans live!
Just so you know, because you did not ask, if I had a son who ran upon me with something like that, I'd BUSS him in the mustache,...pick him up and BUSS him in the mustache again!!! Now there you got it!
My last question,......ARE YOU GOING TO WORK WITH ME ON THIS, OR ARE YOU GOING TO STONEWALL ME,...yet another time?

Chris Gimenez

I guess obamacare isn't quite as popular as the president and his minions would have us believe.


But then again, with three years and hundreds of millions of dollars later if this is the best they can do it probably stands to reason that this socialist program is doomed to fail.


Or that even after carefully and explicity lying to the public about how cheap their health insurance would be (you know, less than the cost of your cell phone bill each month), we're actually finding out the ugly truth.


I wonder if Ms. Jones would care to comment on all this seeing as she had nothing but glowing accolades about what obamacare was going to do.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Jbgood posted at 12:39 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:

Well, some daughters are unpredictable. In any of our cases: As we sit with her and tell her there's no way we will "allow" her to kill her unborn child... That kind of talk very well could be a wall you've just put up. With that wall, she will choose to communicate to you no longer. And, chances are quite good that she will go out on her own and find a way to terminate the child.

Also, you may very well have a daughter that wouldn't "warm up" to your faith-based mode of conversation. Botttom line is a situation where a young woman is wrestling with the "here and now" of what to do with a child she can't take care of.

I would venture to say that JBG, BOresident and I have the means to help out our daughter. Many other daughters aren't so lucky. Daddy and mommy aren't there to physically and financially help the soon-to-arrive baby.

So, we have a quandry like this in hundreds of thousands of households. BTW - I just red in Townhall magazine that ACA could potentially help 5.5 million women gain coverage for abortion by 2015.

I wonder, JBG, the reason folks make the choices they make to get into this situation - unwanted pregnancy(ies). Some theories illustrate that girls/teens often have the notion that they aren't worth anything unless someone (a baby) "needs" them. Result - they get pregnant to gain acceptance and sense of accomplishment. No matter how they got here, there's thousands of unwanted babies needing diaper changes. They're in for a life of suffering. THAT'S why there's the choice to terminate. It's a harsh reality, and evidently the word of God isn't enough to solve the problem.

Lars Faltskog

Response to kevjlang posted at 10:44 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:
Response to bvresident posted at 12:34 pm on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:

"Good afternoon", said the left-wing liberal whack job. The conservative asked, "Why do you say that?" The left-wing liberal whack job replied, "The government away the "good morning", so all we have left are afternoon and evening. But, before all is said and done, all we'll have left is "GOOD NIGHT"!!! ROTFL

In any regard, I too cannot understand why the likes of BOvresident like to brand folks "liberal" with a wide stroke. There have been times I have called out the judgment of certain entities with a "conservative" stance: 1. UTMB - when they built that state-of-the-art birthing center. Too lavish. 2. The times when someone proposes that GISD (or any other Galv. county district) build a new sports stadium. Again, too lavis. 3. When schools want to hand out iPADS or "tablets" to the students. Again, too lavish, and the students will lose them or pretend to lose them, and sell them for profit. 4. Times when we hear stories about accidental death, murder, public intoxication, et cetera. I'm one of the 1st to point out society's ignorance and decay.

Your friend sverige1/Lars is more conservative than you think.


Listen My friend,..first let me say that you are not working with me. What you are doing is equal to going to a door at night with a shotgun and shooting in pitch dark hoping to hit a target.
Your rebuttal is full of "IFs"...and "MIGHTS.....saying "your daughter might decide to do "THIS" and "THAT!" You asked bvresident the following:
Response to bvresident posted at 7:17 am on Fri, Oct 4, 2013:
Well, really, what's the difference? "Don't want the baby", "kill the baby". Let's say, in her state of angst she said both? OK, so do you want to answer my question?
First of all there is a lot of difference in not wanting a child and "killing" one! Next thing is just, because an individual thinks his problems are to tall, to wide, or so great GOD cannot solve them, does not mean what they believe, or think is the truth.
Another thing, as an Independent Voter, You just convinced me to go over to the Republican side with all this ACA supporting your line of thinking on such an issue. I try to stay in the middle, but I find that my real values,...from debating former GDN posters like Bud Adams and WESTENDCRUSADER,...are more to the right of center, than I ever thought!
Let me make myself even clearer,....a child of mine is running a grave risk coming to me,...talking about killing one of my family members,...SON or Daughter! They better have a good DENTIST, on call! I would NEVER raise a child to grow-up wearing my clothes,...eating my food,....sleeping under my roof, to one day come tell me,..."Oh BTW, I'm going to abort your grandchild!" They can be 15 or 50,...They will need a DENTIST! Am I clear on this?
I saw one good point you made in your whole rebuttal,..and that was if an individual does not know anything about God's Word,....it is a far-gone conclusion that that INDIVIDUAL KNOWS LESS THAN JACK ABOUT GOD OR JESUS CHRIST! That then would be nothing but a low-down crying shame!
I wish you would consider working with me. It would help my ego! Yes I have an ego,....but it just a lil' one. [wink]

Chris Gimenez

JB, you know the saying about wrestling with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. You cannot have a factual debate with servitude1. He is an angry, bitter, hate-filled liberal who believes it's better to lie than admit to having a position he can't support.

Sara Cox

Kaiser Health care has put out a "how much is Obamacare coverage going to cost you?" calculator. I have done mine and am eager to compare it to what the marketplace has available.

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