In Clear Creek ISD, we believe diversity of opinions is a strength. We work every day to ensure each child and adult feels empowered to express his or her own thoughts, ideas and opinions, and we do this in a safe and nurturing environment. The board of trustees values the opinions of our stakeholders, and seeks out ways to use that feedback in our decision making. It is democracy at its best.

It was most disheartening to read Jean Casanave publicly ridicule leaders of this great community just because they have a differing opinion than hers. In her letter to the editor (“Vote ‘no’ May 6 on CCISD bond,” The Daily News, April 17) she questioned Carl Gustafson’s political allegiance just because he took the time to learn the facts about the 2017 Clear Creek Independent School District bond proposal and tour the major projects. Similar opportunities have been afforded to Casanave and other members of the anti-bond PAC to no avail.

Casanave went on to chastise two honorable mayors because they value public education and its positive impact on their communities. She criticized the student-centered leadership of one of the top superintendents in Texas and the well-earned integrity of the district, all over the fact that the superintendent has an appreciation for neighborhood schools and the fact that the district runs its elections no differently than many cities and counties.

In this bond election, there are 10 standard early voting locations that are open April 24 through May 2, except April 30. There are 12 additional locations that will be open for two consecutive days each. This is not illegal as Casanave attempts to imply, but rather well within state election laws. The school board puts much thought and consideration into how the district handles elections, and chooses to use a process that is most cost effective for the district while also meeting the needs of our constituents. We believe this process provides a greater opportunity for those “for” or “against” this bond to vote. Visit for a location near you.

All of the bond facts are readily available on the district website, Trustees and administrators have been leading well over 80 meetings to go over the bond package, and answering every question that has been posed. The fact that someone does not like an answer that is provided, or does not want to listen to the answers provided, is not a valid basis for questioning the integrity of the district and the school board in their decision making. District leadership has carried the district to the highest levels of student performance, financial responsibility and community accountability — while always looking for new opportunities to improve and sustain excellence.

Jean Casanave, you have the right to your opinion — but attacking the integrity and actions of others does not make your opinion right. Don’t publicly berate well-respected leaders in our community just because they don’t share your viewpoint. Even our children prefer to use “kindness” and “respect,” which are two of our CCISD core values.

Laura DuPont is president of the board of trustees of Clear Creek Independent School District.


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Diane Turski

Well said!

Chuck DiFalco

The only mistake I've made in this debate is missing Jean Casanave's April 16 letter in GCDN. So two can play this game: Does Ms. Casanave really think that quality education can be implemented in portable buildings? Do people in the district know that interest, because of "callable" bond covenants, affording the opportunity of refinancing and/or partial retirement, might or might not be paid?

Jean Casanave

My letter is listed April 17th. I had to call the paper to get it in (apparently someone forgot to upload that day). So, as you can see, there is a series if questions all based on an article by Matt Degrood on April 12th. Degrood interviewed community leaders and my questions are from direct quotes. How that turns into disrespect, I am not sure. I have done my homework and drilled down into the content of this bond, the costs that are not disclosed, the amount of debt and how the prior bond $ was spent. I also looked at other districts and the growth patterns and remain of the opinion that this bond is not reasonable. If people used the same method to approve this bond as they did to shop for homes or cars, they may see things differently.

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