The city of Galveston, through the benefit of Hurricane Ike money, is undergoing the greatest renovation of my lifetime. Streets are getting fixed, sidewalks created, potholes being repaired properly, and city vehicles are clean and presentable.

It is clear that this city’s administration has a priority on maintenance. I hear from visitors who have been coming from out of town for years that “Galveston has never looked better.”

I would like these improvements to continue.

I believe these are the types of improvements that create a positive image for islanders and visitors that other groups can use to promote our city, whether it is the chamber or Convention & Visitors Bureau.

The appearance of the city is an important factor in recruiting new businesses, residents and conventions to our island. I think this administration has shown they value maintenance and improvements and will do what they promise. Here are some other facts to consider:

• The city is woefully behind the curve on infrastructure. This is no secret to anyone. There is now a comprehensive plan in place to advance our city. All of these street and drainage projects encompass residential neighborhoods that have been left out for far too long.

• The cost of the bonds pales in comparison to the cost of waiting, especially when factoring in construction inflation. The cost will always go up. This is an investment in our city’s future and well worth the investment.

• All projects are clearly outlined and will be complete or underway within five years. The locations being serviced are residential and support our neighborhoods, this is not a pet project of special interest groups.

• With no bonds, the same streets would not be completed until 2037 and most would have completely failed. Think about all the maintenance you will save on car alignment.

This is the smart thing to do fiscally, engineering-wise and politically. Please vote for continued improvements for our city in the May 6 election.

Mike Dean lives in Galveston.


(4) comments

Jarvis Buckley

Mike great article. Hope everyone in Galveston reads it. Vote yes.👍

Don Ciaccio

Thank you Mike. You are absolutely right. This conservative Relublican is voting YES ON May 6. For decades, special interests have held the city back and it's time for Galvestonians to come together and vote YES to move our city forward.

Kitty Allen

Thanks for a thoughtful and well-reasoned column! I couldn't agree with you more.

Cate Black

Well said, Mike. This is an investment for the actual residents who live here, and well worth it.

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