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Well lets see here. Parents who use to put a STROP on their kids butts in years past, will now get fined and/or sent to jail now in many cases for doing so. I witness a judge point his hammer at a female parent and threaten her with jail time for spanking her daughter! Lets see again,....the juvenile justice system I was exposed to in no less than HOUSTON Texas, a few years ago,...you had to beg for permission to arrest a juvenile, from those who accepted charges when police called for one. Many of us thought juveniles were getting away with far to much then,... and still do! Many of those repeat offenders who kept getting slapped on the wrists instead of getting effective,..deterrent punishment, are now in the BIG HOUSE with Big George!
Maybe we are talking about two different juveniles systems in Texas,...or maybe I'm just mixed up and don't what I'm talking about. After all, I'm just an Ole blue jean wearing Plow Boy from the hot hill country of West Texas. What do I know anyway.
Forget I said anything.

Gary Miller

Strange as it may seem you and Severige1 are both correct.

Lars Faltskog

On the contrary, JBG -
You make a lot of sense. Children have been given the disservice through bad parenting, lenient school punishment for consequences and a justice system with no rhyme or reason. The result is that many youngsters turn out to be disrespectful and not knowing simple right from wrong. Parent, instead of supporting the school's punishment system scream out, "You're not doing that to my child!" A perfect example of bad parenting was when the media exalted the video of the little toddler calling his mom by her FIRST NAME, arguing with her about why he should be given a treat.

So much of the public thought that was so cute when, instead, it illustrated the way people have lost sight that children are to follow adults' directions (attend school without skipping, come home at reasonable time, help the elderly) and so forth. Back in more saner times, if a child did wrong, he/she was not rewarded but scared silly from threats of a whuppin'. Moms and dads supported the schools and justice system and assumed responsibility. There were not "welcome home" parties for juvenile delinquents or young adults who made it back home from being incarcerated. Nowadays, everything is a celebration - after beating out the system when trying to prove that "my child can do no wrong".

Gary Miller

For the first time in a long time I agree with you.
In old days parents enforced school rules and raised good citizens. Not always but far more than now.
I think you would find public school employment expanded as school influence declined. Courts usurped the duties of teachers and parents.
Private schools are more successful educating because they still do it the old way.
A partnership of parents and teachers.
Public schools forced parents out of the mix.

Gary Miller

An example of public schools oversteping their authority is the kids who were suspended for playing cops and robbers with toy guns in a public park ( not school property ). A local judge upheld the school conduct. The school and Judge dismissed the parents permission for the play.

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