As a graduate of Dickinson ISD and a lifelong resident of Dickinson, I urge you to vote for the Dickinson school district bond referendum.

Investing in education makes good sense for our children and for our community.

Dickinson ISD is a fast-growing school district. In fact, according to the Texas Education Agency, DISD is the fastest growing district in Galveston County.

You only have to drive around to see how many subdivisions are popping up and with that comes the many children to be educated.

We can only thank those who voted for bonds to build schools for us and our two sons when we attended Dickinson schools, now my oldest son is giving back — he is a teacher for the district.

It is now time for us to step up once again and provide more room for our kids, our grandkids, nieces, nephews and our many neighbors who deserve safe and secure school buildings conducive to learning that are not overcrowded.

The numbers do not lie. The district’s middle schools and elementary schools are overcrowded. By 2016-17, the earliest new schools can be built if this bond passes, we will have more than 260 middle school students and more than 400 elementary students than our schools can accommodate.

All of these children need our support in providing suitable educational space for them to learn and grow. The time has come again to make more room for our kids.

It is also a fact that good schools have a positive impact on property values and economic growth of a community. Think back to the beginning of the original Bay Colony subdivision. A few houses were built, then the area started to falter; new owners purchased the subdivision and had the forethought to provide land for an elementary school.

They erected a sign that read “Future home of Bay Colony Elementary School,” and houses began to sell almost overnight. Now, the west side of the district is thriving with rising home values, new businesses and more jobs.

As a member of the Facility Task Force for more than 10 years, I have seen the positive impact new school buildings have to a community. Just drive around Dickinson ISD and look at all the new homes, restaurants, medical facilities and stores being built. Take a minute to watch the kids learning in the classroom or participating in extracurricular events in the new facilities that you have provided because of previous bonds.

I want to thank you for supporting the previous DISD bonds. We can make a difference for our students as they prepare for life skills after school. Please vote for the DISD bond.

For information visit,

James Menotti of Dickinson is the treasurer for the pro-bond group Make More Room For Our Kids and a member of the DISD Facility Task Force.


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