In response to the letter by Walter Manuel (“Nakisha Paul is not who TCISD needs,” The Daily News, March 23): Thanks to the voice from Abilene, “Team Paul” is more motivated than ever. Yes, we are all over our right to vote for the individual of our choice, who we know will represent the students that still attend school in the buildings of La Marque ISD and she will strongly advocate for and represent, with pride, and due diligence, every student that attends Texas City ISD.

You do not have to remind us of anything you thought you ever knew about what happened to your former school district. I was there and suffered through every horrible, demeaning and torturous moment. So thank you for trying to tell the story of which you know nothing about. How much can you know? You are too busy hating to recognize truth for what it is.

My truth is this: David Rac served on the school board when Ecomet Burley was superintendent of LMISD. When Burley arrived to serve in his capacity, he found more than approximately $7 million dollars in the fund balance. When he left the district, as Rac served, the district was left with $47,000, enough for five days of operating expense. As if that was not enough, Rac was hired on the board of managers in December 2015, as he served at the pleasure of Michael Williams, the retired commissioner of education for the state of Texas.

Now you think that we need David Rac to represent us? Are you kidding — or just need to laugh out loud?

As to Mable Pratt, your other choice for our representative, let me tell you this truth: Pratt served on the La Marque ISD board of trustees when Paul Arnold was superintendent, and even served as the secretary of the board. Please know that Pratt was also hired on as a member of the board of managers, which had one goal: to close La Marque ISD down. In the process of performing that duty, from my perspective, she assisted in altering the ability of many qualified teachers and administrators to maintain their employment as educators. Some of these educators were near retirement. That was very hurtful and destructive for many members of the community in which she lives. Many lives were totally disrupted.

Finally, Walter Manuel, when we get our ballots, we will look for and vote for Nakisha Paul, District 3, and Lois Jones, District 2. We are not confused.

Edna Courville lives in Texas City.


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Doyle Beard

not the least convincing when one knows the facts.

Walter Manuel

Your absolutely tight Doyle, the truth will one day set Edna and her Eagle's Nest free.

Again, Edna would choose to tell a LIE in order to confuse those who don't know better.

I helped to get Edna Courville and her other friends on the OUSTED LMISD board kicked off by exposing their every move.

Edna was more interested in making sure to keep her friends on the clock just so that they could retire with a padded retirement check, rather than focusing on the educational needs of OUR students who were failing academically for years according to TEA and failed financially as well while under both Nakisha Paul and Edna Courville's watch.

Oh Edna, you really need to research your facts before you lie to your weak sheeples once again,,,, I'm not in Abilene like you suggestt, I currently live down here.

Now everyone REALLY knows that Lois King is associated with the Eagle's Nest and to vote for her in my opinion would be to vote for yet another rubber stamp for James Daniels.

If people vote with their feet for either Nakisha Paul or Lois King, then they get exactly what they got coming.

Looks like some things in life never change,,,, same old tired games being played by the same tired folks!

You and Nakisha Paul got kicked to the curb Edna with my help, so now you need to own.

Vote Rac/Pratt for experience that we ALL know has already be proven, not some lie being spred by an OUSTED LMISD board member,

Give me a break, all anyone can really do is LOL with this worthless opinion of another OUSTED LMISD board member who helped to close LMISD for good.

Hey last thing Edna, how's that trying to pass your state bar working out for you???

Probably as well as the job that your friends did who were working in the classrooms at LMISD and weren't hired by TCISD.

The things that make you go hmmmmm.....[whistling]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! Your absolutely "right" Doyle....close enough!

Walter Manuel

"Now everyone REALLY knows that Lois "Jones" is associated with the Eagle's Nest and to vote for her in my opinion would be to vote for yet another rubber stamp for James Daniels".

Lois King... Lois Jones, the results will still be the same.[whistling]

George Croix

Well, give them credit for consistency.
Consistently unfixable.....

Jose' Boix

While to debate the obvious path and end results of the La Marque ISD is counterproductive, I take exception to two statements made by Ms. Edna Courville (“Paul supporters are not confused,” GCDN Tuesday, March 28) regarding Ms. Mable Pratt and Mr. David Rac.

1. “… Rac was hired on the board of managers in December 2015,..”
2. “… Pratt was also hired on as a member of the board of managers,…”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of the word “hire:” payment for labor or personal services : wages.

Let’s be crystal clear that the members of the La Marque ISD Board of Managers were appointed to serve. We were not hired!

I considered myself honored and blessed to have been asked to serve with these two fine and respected individuals.

Walter Manuel

Mr. Boix,,,,you, David Rac and Mable Pratt went through the stringent selective process conducted by the Texas Education Agency which more than qualified y'all and the others to clean up the mess caused by Edna Courville, Nakisha Paul and the rest of their wrecking crew.

Y'all did a stellar job with this transition and yes we all know that none of y'all were "hired" like Edna wants her sheeples to believe.

These are the same lies like the $47,000 in the bank which was certainly NOT case and only confirms why Edna and Nakisha should have never been elected to the LMISD board in the first place.

Just chalk it up to this is where you separate the goats from the sheep. [yawn][yawn]

Jose' Boix

Mr. Manuel; I thank you!

Jack Cross

Another correction to the article: The Board of Mgr did not shut down LMISD, they had nothing to do with that.The state shut down LMISD after numerous warnings.
The Board of Mgr was a temporary board who were a mixed selection of good respected people. I thank them for their service through a difficult situation.

George Croix

Personally, I have always disliked being lied to....

Jose' Boix

Jack Cross is correct; Ms. Courville's additional statement "...the board of managers, which had one goal: to close La Marque ISD down." is incorrect. By copy of a letter dated December 22, 2015, Michael Williams, Commissioner of Education, ordered "the closure and annexation of the La Marque Independent School District." Further, the goal of the "selected to serve" Board of Managers was to assist with the closure process and annexation.
Perhaps these statements are reflective of the many reasons that caused the demise of the LMISD.

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