Last year at the Ball High School Class of 1963 reunion, I presented an idea to a group of ladies — to restore the city of Galveston Municipal Cemetery on 59th Street and Avenue T1/2, next to the Jewish cemetery on 61st Street.

The cemetery was badly damaged by Hurricane Ike in 2008 and is in need of repair. Although the city owns more than one cemetery, the Municipal Cemetery seems to have incurred more damage than the others.

It has grave sites dating back to the 1920s, and headstones for veterans who served in World Wars I and II.

A large granite stone memorializes the unknown victims of The 1900 Storm.

Although it is the responsibility of the family members to maintain grave sites, most of the grave sites have been neglected.

Many of the stones are crooked, cracked and caved in.

Some even serve as nesting places for wild animals and bees.

I met with the Galveston Parks and Recreation Department and discussed our project.

Department workers were excited about the restoration and established a city of Galveston Municipal Cemetery Restoration Project account for us to accept donations.

The project would include leveling the headstones, filling in the box grave sites that have caved in and creating grave mounds to cover the box grave sites where the cement perimeters have disintegrated.

A curb would be built on the Avenue T1/2 side of the cemetery, and oleanders would be planted along the curb.

A new monument headstone would be placed in front of The 1900 Storm granite stone.

I encourage anyone that has family buried in the Municipal Cemetery to contact Pookie Arena Dixon at pookie to get involved.

All improvements will be paid for by donations.

Whether you were born on the island or are an islander by choice, we would like you to participate in this worthy project.

Help preserve the history of our city, remember our past island residents and give back to your hometown.

You will receive a thank you from the city for your tax-deductible donation.

Make checks payable to the city of Galveston and mail to: Galveston Parks and Recreation Department, Attention: Karla Rhoads; city of Galveston Municipal Cemetery Restoration Project; 2222 28th Street, Galveston, TX 77550.

Pookie Arena Dixon lives in Euless.

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