Correcting a couple of things that were said a few weeks ago, Ms. Cherry Kuder writes: “The French Colony Apartments are located on Houston Avenue and still exist. The Las Brisas Apartments, behind the strip shopping center, burnt down. Vernon’s Pizza Palace moved to Webster. The Corner Pocket Pool Hall sold out to Spiffy’s Restaurant and served quite good food.”

I appreciate the corrections to history. I believe the recollections of the many makes for an accurate account of the history of our town.


This caught my interest and I thought it might catch yours as well. “Mr. Morris Penn was born in Lithuania, where the Jewish population built a vibrant cultural and religious life before World War II. When Germany overran Lithuania in the summer of 1941, he and his family were captured but later fled into hiding. His mother and sister were betrayed and murdered in 1942. He and his brother survived in hiding and eventually made it to Houston in 1949.

“When the Nazis overran Grodno in the summer of 1941, Kremer, then 36, was sent to Treblinka, one of the most notorious Nazi death camps. Her husband and son were immediately sent to the gas chambers, but Kremer and her daughter, Linda, were pulled aside and survived.

“In December 1951, Morris married Linda Kremer, whom he had met in displaced persons camp in Austria.”

The above information is from the Holocaust Museum website and is reprinted to give you a background of their lives before they came to our area.  

Mr. and Ms. Penn owned the local clothing store and were very good-hearted, well-respected individuals. Now some history is revealed by curiosity and asking a few questions.

On the Facebook page “You grew up in League City, Texas if you remember,” Noé Sanchez stated: “I used to wash the display windows at Penn’s Department Store. Sadly, Mr. & Mrs. Pen showed me the number tattoos on their arms they got when they were young in a concentration camp. He would tell me horror stories about the treatment, but I can’t remember how they got out.”

Annita Smith McGinnes wrote: “Yes, Mrs. Penn showed me hers once. I was reading Anne Frank at the time and had it with me and she noticed it and started talking to me. I was crying with her by the time she finished telling me about her experience.”

The Penns were a pillar of our community and a name you should know because of their generosity to our community and the fairness and honesty in which they conducted their lives as well as their business. They only wished to improve the quality of life in our town.

It appears that winter is over and spring has sprung because spring break started with an early release on Friday. All the children will be out running around so please keep that in mind and have a safe and fun spring break.

One last thought: Did you remember to spring forward?

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