As much as I enjoy “alternative truths,” in my humorous stories, I will avoid outright lies here.

President Trump promised to fix everything. The wall being one; a stupid idea used to get elected.

1. Remember the wall where the Soviet Union divided Germany; and President Reagan said “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall?” And later what happened to the Soviet Union that no longer exists.

2. On Aug. 30, 2015, in this paper, my story “A Trump wall between USA and Mexico” indicated the cost of the wall at about $72 billion and made the point that it would not work. How do you guard a 2,000 mile wall from tunnels? What keeps one from going around the end with a row boat or flying over it with a cheap ultralight airplane?

3. And what purpose does it serve? The most serious terrorist attacks we suffered were from homegrown radicals and in the worst case they came by airplane into New York City. I am for building a wall around New York City.

As far as keeping out undocumented workers; we don’t really want that and are certainly unwilling to pay that price. If we did, we could stop them today with our existing laws. It is illegal to hire an undocumented worker. They won’t come if there are no jobs. The businesses’ excuse that they cannot identify them is just not valid; they know what they are doing and who they are hiring ($8 per hour and can’t speak English?).

The reason we don’t want to stop them is because they provide needed labor for food crop harvesting and construction work for which we are unwilling to pay double or triple the price using our own United States Labor.

Are they hurting us by:

1. Not paying income taxes? At $8 per hour there is no income tax; if they don’t pay Social Security tax that’s because their employer is violating the law and not even paying the company’s share.

2. Voting for Democrats? They can’t legally vote. Those that do are criminals not just undocumented workers.

3. Getting free health care? Everyone working for $8 per hour cannot afford insurance so they (them and us) get free care in the emergency rooms.

Ever consider the difference between you and an undocumented worker? Neither of you chose your place of birth or parents. You were lucky they were not.

Actually the undocumented workers I know (from housing construction) are hardworking desperate individuals trying to support their families back in Mexico. Not so different from the great Cajuns that cross the Louisiana border every day to work in Texas and the Americans that cross into Canada daily to build American cars.

President Trump you’re already elected; forget the wall that no one needs or wants and be happy that we have Mexico as a peaceful neighbor, a source of low-cost labor and authentic Tex-Mex food. And finally, don’t mess with China unless you want to close down Wal-Mart.

Harvey Cappel lives in Texas City.


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Carlos Ponce

I want the wall, Harvey. As to your reasons -
1. The wall Reagan referred to was built to keep people IN. The wall Trump wants is designed to curb unlawful entry into this country. But it will have a "door" to allow people in LEGALLY.
2. Cost? Don't worry about it. Part of the "wall" was built during the Bush administration then Obama stopped construction. The funds still sits there unused. As for the rest of the "wall" one way or another Mexico WILL pay for it. Various ways to do it. Row boat? We have a COAST GUARD. Fly over it? We have radar to detect and Border Patrol to DETAIN when it lands. The Border Patrol can now do its job. Morale among its men and women is high because their hands have been untied. they can finally do the job they were hired to do.
3. Terrorism comes in many forms. Circumventing the illegal importation of drugs into this country has been paramount in Trump's selling pitch for the wall. These drugs are killing Americans. And the number of illegal entries from the Middle East has increased. "The INS last estimated that 150,000, or about 10 percent, of Middle Eastern immigrants are illegal aliens."
"As far as keeping out undocumented workers; we don’t really want that and are certainly unwilling to pay that price." Your opinion. With a worker pool of illegals willing to work for low wages, wages for these jobs are kept low. And there is a Guest Worker Program already in place. If they apply legally those jobs will be filled and their presence will have legal status.
"The reason we don’t want to stop them is because they provide needed labor for food crop harvesting and construction work for which we are unwilling to pay double or triple the price using our own United States Labor." If they can make a robot to build cars they can make one to harvest crops if the number of workers drops. And they can work 24/7. And who will maintain them? Americans working at a higher wage. Asides from the initial start up costs, Americans will hardly notice the difference in price of commodities.
Read "Farms Fund Robots to Replace Migrant Fruit Pickers"
Have you noticed that high school students are engaged in robotic construction and competition? Wonder why?
"Voting for Democrats? They can’t legally vote. Those that do are criminals not just undocumented workers." Then arrest and deport them. Will that split up families like the Libs claim? Not if those family members go with them voluntarily. Remember Gladys Knight: "I'd rather live in his world Than live without him in mine".

Don Ciaccio

Sorry Harvey, I want the Wall. Can't start construction soon enough. It might not stop every illegal entry, but it's gonna slow the flow to a trickle at best. Bring it on!!!

PD Hyatt

Sorry Harvey so far you are being out voted on this wall. A nation without borders soon ceases to be a nation.... Look at the mess Europe has gotten itself into by allowing so many undocumented people into their nations.... Crime has gone through the roof even if the stupid media refuses to report it.... I know that there are many liberal progressive demon-crats who want all of these undocumented people to come into this nation, the problem is that from what I am seeing they are not assimilating into our nation.... Many still want to fly the flags of their nation and refuse to learn the language of this nation.... I say come here legally as we have enough criminals of our own and we do not need criminals from other nations.... All who come here illegally are criminals as they broke our laws the moment that they stepped foot onto our soil....

Kimberley Jones Yancy

Carlos, slight correction: the Wall in Berlin was meant to keep people OUT. East Germany had been given to the Russians and West Germany to the US, France and Britain. Persons from East Germany were leaving in droves for a better life in West Germany where democracy was KING. As a result the Russians built a wall to curb and stop the migration from East Germany to West Germany. The wall was not designed to keep them in, it was designed to stop migration. #History101 Was it effective, yes, it did curb the defectors, did it stop it, No. It only made Russia look like a bad, big, bully for 30 years. If America builds a wall, it won't last, but walls have been known to curb immigration numbers according to the statistics.

Doyle Beard

Wall was built to curb immigration which was to keep people in East Germany. Curbing the immigration was keeping people in. So seems its all one in the same.

Don Ciaccio

Touché Doyle. Kimberly isn't making any sense.

Pete Nanos

liberals will spin this to compare the Berlin Wall to the border wall. How about comparing it to the Great Wall of China? How about comparing it to the wall around the Vatican? Just google the border fence put up in 2006 in California and read the positive responses from law enforcement agencies at the time. Build the wall, even democrats voted for Trump on that very issue.

Carlos Ponce

Sorry, your logic is faulty. Go back to History 101 and ask for your money back:"Erected in the dead of night on August 13, 1961, the Berlin Wall (known as Berliner Mauer in German) was a physical division between West Berlin and East Germany in order to keep East Germans from feeling to the West."
" It was built to prevent people from escaping from the eastern half of Berlin."
From Kimberley Jones Yancy: " As a result the Russians built a wall to curb and stop the migration from East Germany to West Germany."
"The wall was not designed to keep them in, it was designed to stop migration." It was built to stop emigration, not immigration. Stopping migration kept them in East Germany.

Don Ciaccio

Kimberly, you contradict your own statements. The wall was built to keep the East Germans IN the communist side of Germany. The Germans on the west side didn't build it to keep anyone out. Russia did it to keep the citizens locked in behind a wall. There were few successful escapes. Far and few between. You would be shot dead for attempting to escape.

Doyle Beard

Harvey trying to compare the Wall in East/west Germany to a border wall in America is apples and oranges. Another one trying to skew the facts. Calling the wall stupid and saying no one wanted it is utterley rediculous. Millions want the wall or dont you ever get out of your shell. Poor journalism Harvey. Sorry but that is my opinion.

Jim Forsythe

Cuts in nonmilitary programs are being  proposed at the same time cutting $1.3 billion in the US Coast Guard budget .This cut is to help pay for the wall. I may be mistaken , but isn't the Coast Guard part of the  military
Is this funding the wall, thru increasing the military spending . If he wants to fund the wall , put it in the budget as such. .
"The proposal to increase military spending by $54 billion and cut nonmilitary programs by the same amount was unveiled by White House officials as they prepared the president’s plans for next year’s federal budget."
Some of the cuts.
The proposal from the Office of Management and Budget, which is circulating on Capitol Hill and within the administration, outlines a $1.3 billion overall cut to the Coast Guard’s budget, equivalent to 14 percent of the agency’s funding last year. The draft would cut funding for Maritime Security Response Teams and scuttled a contract for a new cutter for the Coast Guard fleet.
The Coast Guard’s budget would see a significant 14% cut while the TSA and FEMA would see their budgets slashed by about 11% each, according to the draft. The cuts would eliminate certain post-9/11 anti-terrorism programs at airports along with federal preparation and relief programs for hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters.

What will be the finial cost? It is estimated to be $21 Billion , but has a government project ever come  in under budget? What will the maintenance cost?
The congressional  Budget Office estimated annual maintenance costs of Secure Fence-style fencing will be roughly 15 percent of construction costs. At that rate, the cost of upkeep means we’ll basically be rebuilding the wall every seven years. 
Other  ways to decrease the larger number of people that are not legally is a option.
40% of the problem is not from crossing the boarder, but over staying of visas is the rest of the problem.

Don Ciaccio

Jim, if the money is TAKEN from one budget and used in another budget, the original bugbet would have nothing to do with where the money went. Finance 101? The money is going into a new account, nothing to do with the Coast Guard.

Jim Forsythe

If the  military budget is $54 billion and you take away from the Coast Guard budget $1.3 Billion to pay for the wall is it not reducing the total military budget number, than taking savings of $1.3 and applying it to the wall just a accounting trick, trying to hide the total cost of the wall . Part of what the swamp people of DC do ,is hide what they do not want to reveal. I want the budget to reflect were the money is being spent.
Estimates suggest there are enough uncertainties to drive the cost up to $15 billion, and possibly as much as $25 billion, according to a report from Bernstein Research, which tracks materials costs
If the President is going to be proud of the BEAUTIFU wall , be prod of the cost and not try to hide it.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked Thursday whether Mexico will pay for President Trump’s planned wall along the United States’ southern border — a promise Trump repeated countless times during his 2016 presidential campaign.
“Uh, no,” McConnell replied during a Politico Playbook breakfast in Washington, D.C., on Thursday morning

Don Ciaccio

Cutting off all aid to Mexico is certainly a payment option.

Jack Cross

I favor the wall and it would be a deterrent to drugs, but also agree that Harvey makes some good points. First, the wall will not stop illegal immigration. There is tourist, Ji visa for summer workers, boat and tunnels like Harvey said. The first order should be would be to make illegal mean illegal. You first have to work out what you are going to do with the people already here. That is somewhat difficult but it can be solved. The people who want to stay here needs to register with the government and go from there getting rid of the gang members and criminals. The rest will have to be put on the path to citizenship. Have a starting point, everyone who does not register or any new arrivals need to go.
Employers who need workers off to American citizens first, all undocumented workers have to have guest worker’s cards and the employer and workers follow all work place laws including taxes.
Business who do not follow the guidelines are subject to fines. Look at fishing licenses, that is not that many game wardens but most people buy fishing silences because of a stiff fine if caught.
Immigration is not that difficult to solve, it is not solved because no one really wanted it stopped. Democrats want a voter pool and republican want cheap labor.

Jim Forsythe

Jack, I would be more aggressive than what you are talking about. Rework the visa program, and find all the over stays and remove them. Make reporting by them  more intense and make the people in this program understand overstays will not be tolerated and can be subject to . large fines and or prison time
Make all jobs use E-verify  or be subject to large fines and or prison time . E verify all banks money movement
Apply this , and most of our problems will be less.

Steve Fouga

I'm for waiting to see how well President Trump's order to enforce existing laws works. So far the effect has been powerful and immediate. Maybe it'll work so well that there will be no need for a very expensive wall.

Let's wait and see.

George Croix

Don't speak for me, Mr. Cappel.
I want that wall for the same reason I want doors on my house and gates on my fence. Of COURSE someone can kick in a door or climb a fence, but most won't, and it would be silly to do away with doors and gates in the pretense that 'they don't work'.....
That, and I'd like my wallet to empty out to the taxman for the benefit of citizens and LEGAL residents, not lawbreakers. When I have to pay more for goods and services then at least I'd be paying more for more money to stay in this country instead of shipped south to the basket case countries encouraging and aiding the invasion of ours.
Note, too, that 'undocumented workers' ARE matter how much the left tries to pretend that changing the words changes the situation.
About that Berlin's hard to take seriously any anybody....
The Berlin wall was a RETAINER, not an exclusionary device, and the people trying to breach it were SHOT, not given food, shelter, medical care, and even free rides to hook up with family members...they certainly were not given driver's licenses and access to 'entitlements'.......
People in this country won't do the work being taken by illegals?
Grandma would have said that 'when they get hungry enough, they'll work'....
I'll say it, too, for all except those physically unable to do so....
The Wall will work best when teemed with a No Free Rides Policy on this side, too....

David Alquest

Mr. Cappel,
Thank you for your viewpoints. Many of us quietly agree with your realistic, honest and humane comments, but you won't find much support in this forum with the same far right Republican extremist. These same names are so predictable with their smug and pushy comments, and a reasonable discussion or contrary viewpoint would be wasted on them. Others see that Americans exploit poverty-stricken Mexicans and Central Americans for cheap labor, digging ditches or roofing houses, and then dehumanize them, frighten them, and marginalize them. How could we not see that? The situation is complex, and I congratulate you for presenting reason.

George Croix

Provides a contrast to self-righteousness....imho.....

George Croix

My apologies for this comment to Mr. Alquest.
After a cold Diet Coke I decided I'd rather not be in the same category.....

Steve Fouga

All this talk about a wall reminds me of an old joke (apologies if you've heard it) ---

A Coloradan, a Texan, and an Oklahoman found a magic lamp, rubbed it, and when the genie emerged, he offered to grant one wish to each of the gentlemen.

The Coloradan immediately said, "Send all the Texans back to Texas. We're tired of them coming to our state, trashing the ski resorts and acting like jerks."

Instantly every Texan was transported back to the Lone Star State, including our Texan, who quickly said, "Perfect! We're where we want to be, and furthermore, we don't need anyone else. My wish is that you build a great wall all the way around Texas, so nobody can get in."

Instantly a great wall sprung up along all the borders and along the Gulf of Mexico. The genie turned to the Oklahoman, who said, "Tell me more about this wall." The genie said, "It's 150 feet tall and 50 feet thick." Nothing can get in or out." The Okie didn't hesitate: "Fill it with water."


Hopefully some of you are young enough not to have already heard it. [smile]

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