Donna Swenson

We decry the violence in our cities, yet we persecute the very people who can and do try to keep us safe, our police officers. They are being executed in the streets of America. They are truly that thin blue line who keeps us free and safe in our neighborhoods.

We are a nation of law. Laws protect us; they do not harm us. I am not politically correct and I will not be silent. Our own president contributed to this distrust of law enforcement by placing blame on the police officer before the investigations were complete. We saw the horrible injustices that befell the six police officers in Baltimore. We saw what happened to an innocent police officer in Ferguson. There are many stories like this. We are seeing looting, burning and destruction of property, supposedly in the name of justice. It’s a lie. Black Lives Matter is not a group of people supporting justice or human rights. Their purpose is to cause discontent and chaos in the streets of America. Listen to their rhetoric and watch their actions.

Words such as racist, bigot, xenophobic, homophobic and misogynist, are thrown around flippantly just to cause insult or harm. These words mean something; they are very real. They must be used with care; if not, they will lose their validity. Because I criticize BLM, I will be accused of being a racist. I have a long history that proves otherwise. I have friends, co-workers and neighbors from all walks of life. We look different, we sound different, we may pray to a different God, but we all smile, laugh, hurt and cry. I look at the different people around me and I see myself.

Again just this past weekend, police officers were brutally murdered. We must have their backs, show them our support and do not accept anarchy in our streets. We all have a right to disagree and protest. That right ceases to exist when we harm others, destroy property or interfere with other people’s lives. Parents, teach your children to have respect for law enforcement; teach your children that a police officer is their friend.

Donna Swenson lives in Jamaica Beach.

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E.J Petree

Ms. Swenson did a great job in summarizing what is happening in our country all in the name of justice. People who riot and harm others and property are not interested in justice. They want revenge.

I might add, that in addition to teaching your children that the police officer is your friend, parents should also teach their children to obey police officers. For that matter, parents need to teach their children to obey all persons of authority. That would include teachers. and would solve a lot of problems in our schools.

America, stand up and speak out for what is right. Don't let the liberal bullies prevent you from defending our police officers and values of our country.

George Croix

A big AMEN to Ms. Swenson's article.

"Because I criticize BLM, I will be accused of being a racist."

Yeah, I get that too....but, I don't care, as it's a lie, and that is a really, really low down bunch overall....imho....on it's own lack of merit.....

Ma'am, just consider the source of such drivel, and that it's from 'internet heroes' and never...never...face to face......unless one of a crowd of rioters and looters....
Don't sweat being called names by the ones who really are what they call others.
Anybody sorry and low enough to advocate for the deaths of Police Officers is not anybody to care about whatever else stupid stuff they say.

Randy Chapman

Although it's been proven again and again that many police agencies have rogue officers that shouldn't be officers, BLUE LIVES MATTER.

Poretto and his underlings were/are a textbook case. They stained Galveston, and it will take at least a generation to recover, and then only with work by current officers to overcome the reputation.

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