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Ray Taft

Galveston County has suffered enough. County Judge Henry has done little to benefit the people of Galveston County before, during and after Harvey. Henry is the reason why the county lacks flood control and why so many families need help after Harvey.

We need the leadership to make our county great. Henry has shown himself not to be that person. Galveston County needs a new county judge. Let’s give Cox a chance.

Bobby Wylie

The real truth continues to surface day by day about our Judge. He should drop out of race and do us all a favor in Galveston county.

Ron Shelby

How can you partially re-assess property (only 20,000 parcels)? I'd think that would be a hornet's nest of litigation by those that didn't make the cut.

Doyle Beard

Ron you are absolutely correct. Taxing is a process an although sometimes we don't like it.

Ray Taft

Johnson is spot on about the reappraisal, which is the only thing the Henry people ever try to counter.

Henry can cut taxes to claim he is doing something, but he will not cut the good citizens of Galveston County a break on increasing property values.

Carol Dean

Ron, maybe it's a good thing you don't live in Galveston County anymore and have to worry about it.

Carol Dean

Mr. Johnson has only shared a small amount of Henry's "lies and flubs". I'm still trying to figure out his "method of madness" for getting his wife to borrow money from his campaign account and transfer it to his personal business (Beer Brewing) account. The irony is that she herself posted that she did not want to do it. Was Henry afraid to do hi own "dirty work"? Check out his list of other failed businesses in other states.

Doyle Beard

I got 2 things I am truing to figure out. One is how Judge Cox personally paid his legal fees and why Mr Johnson cant come up with a plan to improve the horrible service at the League City north county bldg. tax office?

Carol Dean

Henry about what goes on at the Calder Rd. Annex. Better yet, ask Ken Clark, that's where his office is located; not that he is ever there. Good Luck!


Mark Henry has NEVER done his own dirty work! From firing many good tenured employees when he first arrived to the County ...to hiring a man to fire me! Only to let him go shortly thereafter! It’s a damn shame that The public doesn’t really know him. PLEASE VOTE FOR COX!

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