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PD Hyatt

ROFLOL.... Yes Texas can be a very friendly state, but it can also be meaner than the hubs of you know where, especially if you have moved here and been here for around 50 years or so.... Even then you are not part of the born and bred group as you are still an outsider and always will be.... Well, I saw what Mr. Faircloth was made of when he stuck his nose into the LMISD affair and tried to get the state to stop what should have been done years ago, before the LMISD board broke the school district.... In my opinion Faircloth showed that he was not for good school systems as all he was for was currying votes and could have really cared less for the students that were not receiving a good education....

Doyle Beard

In my opinion it seemed like he was trying to give a community a chance of rescuing their schools. It did not work out as we all know. But if all politicians have to be perfect then who would we vote for? Seems like everybody has a special interest and if they don't get their way like the snowflakes and etc. we all know what happens.

Carol Dean

Here we go again...Tetley is a big "supporter" of Shawn Christopher Phillips so you can expect her to be opposed to honest candidates. Middleton is an "outsider" to Galveston County as much as "Fakecloth" is an "outsider" to Chambers County.

Doyle Beard

When one lives within the district its totally different if one moves into the district just to run for office. Like Hillary moving to New York. called carpet baggers no matter how you try to skew it.Dont try to put me in with SCP as I don't know that guy just know what I believe.

Carol Dean

Middleton has always lived "in the district". In fact some people resent the fact that he and his family live in the very house that he was raised in and his father before him. Seems to me that I remember it was Fakecloth who moved into District 23 shortly before running.

Ray Taft

Faircloth doesn’t respond to his constituents, so living in Galveston County doesn’t count for much. Apparently, he doesn’t respond to his constituents in Chambers County either, or Middleton won’t be running against him.

Listening and getting thing done for people counts more than where you happen to live and that’s what Middleton brings. Middleton is endorsed by Governor Abbott because Faircloth isn’t getting the job done.

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