The observance of Black History Month came to an end, I found it strange that our African-American heroes and heroines were to my knowledge, not mentioned. I feel that Professor Pickney S. Simms deserves our acknowledgment. Professor Simms was the first black principal who became the Superintendent of the La Marque Colored Schools. Among other things, he was instrumental in naming Lincoln High School. Even before Professor Simms was named principal or superintendent, there were dedicated men and women that willingly chose to educate our African-American community children.

African-American land owners donated land on which places of education were built. Superintendent Simms was a man of high moral character. My mother, who was one of his students, would say that Professor Simms was not a man to whom one could lie. He did not tolerate lies. I wonder what he would say if he could hear the flamboyant falsehoods that our president espouses. Professor Sims would advocate that everyone should subscribe to community newspapers. The media is a friend, not an enemy.

Those hard working men who sacrificed their time to organize and lead Boy Scout Troops and Little League Teams were also mentionable heroes. Because of the high quality educators of Woodland, Lincoln High School became an educational robust high school. When the La Marque Independent School District was founded, Lincoln High School played a pivotal role in its accomplishments. In the days of segregation, the graduates of Lincoln High School were able to make major contributions on the state and national levels.

Other African-American local notables include a long list of medical and educational doctorates, lawyers, professional athletes, military servers and retirees, county commissioners; men and women, constables, justices of the peace, and first respondents of every category, school superintendent, and district school board trustees. Everyone served, and still serve with much dignity, respect, professionalism and intestinal fortitude in the face of adversarial discord from naysayers, daily.

The former board president of the La Marque ISD has filed to run for the Texas City ISD school board. Already, the negativity has begun. To set the record straight, Nakisha Paul owns a bachelor’s degree of health care administration, a Master of Business Administration, and she is a Master Trustee, which is the highest designation from Texas Association of School Boards for any school board member. Also, the former vice president of the La Marque board of trustees owns a Bachelor of Arts/Sociology, a Master of Social Work, and a Juris Doctor from Thurgood Marshall School of Law. Another former La Marque school board president, Annie Burton, also owns four degrees, post high school.

All of the women named above are African-Americans who took advantage of opportunities, pre- and post-segregation. One man that stands out at this time is Chief Robert Burby, the first African-American police chief for the city of Texas City. Chief Burby, with the partnership of Mayor Matt Doyle, forged a relationship between the West End community and the Texas City Police Department.

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagle's Nest Organization and lives in Texas City.


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Randy Chapman

"Already, the negativity has begun". Just to be clear Mr. Daniels, the former La Marque school board was the organization that destroyed the school district. To have them try return just adds insult to injury. So, I suppose your statement might have some truth in it. But, the negativity revolves around the former board members.

George Croix

That's a real impressive list of degrees and accomplishments which should make anyone caring to wonder why the heck it didn't do one little bit of good to save the LMISD, and in fact in conjunction with holdovers from some imagined glory days of years past managed to use said talent to get the district dissolved.....
It's not the certificates on the wall that matter, it's the productivity on the job.....unless the job was to shutdown the LMISD, then the credits amount to educated failure.
Doing the same thing over again will not produce a different outcome.....don't need degrees and certifications to figure that out....

Keith Gray

you are a..... Cowboy fan??? Wow...

Gary Scoggin

That, actually, explains a lot.

George Croix

PLEASE note that I Am NOT a Cowboys fan, and that Mr. Gray's post attached to mine is not going to make me one, either....[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Keith Gray

Sorry George my bad... to me the Cowboys died in 1988 when Tom Landry was fired...

Walter Manuel

Very well said Mr. Croix..... Obviously all the education certificates on the wall behind Ms. Paul's desk, did NOT prepare her for such a task such as running LMISD?

And to mention Annie Burton??? PUHLEZZE!

Annie Burton was the main player in helping to organize such a trifling, self serving school board that ultimately shit down LMISD.

It's obvious that the writer would rather promote the lies that fits his own personal agenda, rather than to tell the emperor that he isn't wearing any clothes?

LMISD would still be open today if it had not been for the likes of James Daniels, Nakisha Paul, Annie Burton, the ex-school district superintendent all of which by the way happen to be African Americans who FAILED as so-called leaders and it certainly wasn't because of the color of their skin, but rather such a lack of talent.

I guess James Daniels tries to preach the Bible in the same manner that he tries to tell the story of those who INTENTIONALLY and willingly shut down LMISD?? [yawn]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! Spell check obviously did not catch the "sh++" word in my post, but rather it should have read "shut". [smile]

Gary Scoggin

You were right the first time.

George Croix

Shame on you, Gary, for promoting reality.....[beam][beam][beam][beam]

Paula Flinn

Good one, George & Gary! LOL

Walter Manuel


Jose' Boix

More the reason to get out to vote for the TCISD Board candidates who will work for the effective unification of the District and beyond that for what is best for our students. Depending on where you live "Rac and Pratt" are the two candidates for Districts 3 & 2 who I had the privilege to work with as members of the LMISD Board of Managers. Just remember that 1 vote will make the difference.

Walter Manuel

This is very true Mr. Boix!

We saw that happen with one of the LM city council races 2 years ago. We need Deannie Barrett for District "B" LM city council. [thumbup]

Walter Manuel

I have received many phone calls today and everyone seems to agree on the same thing with regards to the writer of this column. James Daniels will always promote the African American community no matter how bad of a job that they did just because they are African American. Period. There's plenty of Caucasian members of our community who assisted these same African Americans in our community to become who they are today, but you'll never him give credit to them like he does his friends/supporters. I guess that's the best that anyone can expect coming from an old union man who probably represented and supported inadequate union members based simply on the color of their skin rather than their true ability to actually get the job done.

No one should vote or support Nakisha Paul for the TCISD if they indeed support helping the children of what's left of our school district, Nakisha Paul did enough irrepairable damage to LMISD that she shouldn't be allowed to finish off what remains!

Voters should support Mr. David Rac who IS NOT associated with the Eagle's Nest and who cares more about educating children and NOT keeping the meddling Eagle's Nest and their supporters stirring the pot when the pot does not need to be stirred. [whistling]

George Croix

Not only that, but when you talk to David you KNOW he's sharp.....
Really smart folks don't have to tell you or wave papers in your's evident......

Robert Buckner

I am hoping this next election will be my final chance to vote in this armpit community. Swine will fly before I support or vote for a member of the currently disposed LMISD board of trustees. Adios folks, I've had enough

Kelly Naschke

Why is it always a black and white thing with Daniels? Looking at issues in nothing but racist perspectives pretty much let's everyone know that the true racist is Daniels himself.

Walter Manuel

Exactly Kelly! It seems that everyone can see this except Daniels himself.

There's plenty of other nationalities who contribute so much to the community and yet the only people that you ever hear Daniels giving credit to is the African American community which leads one to believe that Daniels lives in the past and can't accept anything outside of his own wittle, bitty world.

It really gets old hearing Daniels say that the "naysayers" are the one's to blame when it's obvious that he doesn't even look at himself in his own mirror?

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