The Democrats are terrified that Texas voters may be happy.

Happy that Texas achieved the second highest high school graduation rate in the nation; the highest graduation rate among African-Americans; and second highest graduation rate for Hispanics.

Happy that Texas makes up less than 9 percent of our population but accounts for 38 percent of all new jobs created since 2001. Happy knowing that Texas leads the nation in high-tech exports and energy exploration. Happy that 95 percent of all the jobs in Texas pay more than minimum wage.

Happy that Texas is the No. 1 destination for companies moving their base of operations.

Rather than asking Texas Republicans how to replicate Texas’ success, Democrats would rather take control of Texas and have it become more like President Barack Obama’s America where food stamp enrollment is at an all-time high; where long-term unemployment is at an all-time high; where keeping your doctor means losing your doctor; where fewer Americans own their own homes than when the president was elected; where the IRS can flagrantly break laws and target political enemies; where a president can fraudulently blame an Internet video for a terrorist attack; where captured terrorists have better access to health care than America’s veterans; where you can propose a budget sequester then claim you had nothing to do with it; where you can set a red line against chemical weapons then ignore it; and lastly … where you can double the federal debt yet smugly decree that you have cut the federal deficit.

Some think it wise for the Democrats to focus on helping a president that is polling nationally as the worst president of my lifetime. Some think it wise for the Democrats to focus their attentions on the humanitarian issues on our southern border or the Middle East conflicts that have the potential to grow into a regional sectarian war.

And while I am on the topic of the Middle East, less than three years ago President Obama proclaimed his Iraq policy a success. Now we see terrorist groups waging war across borders and this president, once again, is doubling down on his failed policy while blaming everyone else for its failure.

The Democrats would rather ignore all these questions about their governing — they would rather be in election mode.

In the coming months we will hear about a war on women from Democrats whose leader has overseen the largest increase in food stamp eligibility in history.

Now that’s a war on women.

In the coming months we will hear that critics of the president use language that is code for racist policies. This from Democrats whose leader has actively helped Wall Street avoid prison for its role in the 2008 financial meltdown, yet oversees historically high youth and minority unemployment. Now that’s a war on minorities!

Let’s face it, you have to be a world-class sycophant to live in Texas and wish it to become more like Washington.

Texans should vote Republican and stand against failure.

And by the way, the word “failure” — that’s the code word for “Democrat.”

Norman Pappous is a Galveston city councilman and a delegate to the 2014 Republican State Convention.

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Carlos Ponce

Texas [beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]

Blue States [sad][unsure][crying][scared][sneaky][censored]

God Bless Texas!

Dwight Burns

Norman Poppus, like all Americans, has a right to his own opinion but not to his own facts.

In my 66 years, I've never seen such a political divide as we, as a Nation, have embarked upon. An uncompromising governance has not and is not in the best interest of the people it serves. If government only works for Republicans and not Democrats or Independents then that government does not work.

Mr. Poppous, who was elected to represent the Citizens of Galveston should know
this and represent all the people regardless of their political beliefs. But by his own admission in this article, he believes that a code word for Democrats is "failure". This is sad coming from an elected official. In fact, his comment sounds like a sound bit straight from the Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck play book.

Voters should remember this article come next election.

Claudia Burnam

A very arrogrant president and Harry Reid who won't let anything come before the senate! So, just who isdoing the obstructing?

Curtiss Brown

Right, just like the immigration bill in the House. It went right to the floor. Oh wait no, it was passed a year ago by the Senate and hasn't been considered in the House. Must be a lot of arrogance going around.

"very arrogrant (sic)" Kinda like 'uppity' right? That's what I hear.

Chris Gimenez

Dumb47, can you tell us which facts he had wrong? I didn't think so.

Claudia Burnam

Where did you get "facts" from? I didn't mention any facts!

Claudia Burnam

Sorry BV. I misread the post. Thought it was Dumb that replyed.

Dwight Burns

In response to bvresident and CJWiley...First, Drumb and Dumb are not one in same....

Rewriting History for ones on sake doesn't make it so. BS is still bs at the end of the day.

Carlos Ponce

"The colors of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky,
Are also on the faces of people going by.
I see friends shaking hands, sayin', "How do you do?"
They're really sayin', "I love you."
And I think to myself What a wonderful world."

Barry's World:
"I can't twist the truth, it knows no regulation
Handful of Senators don't pass legislation
Ah, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction?"

Curtiss Brown

Energy resources and a history of a world built around them accounts for all the pleasant economic things we enjoy as Texans. To ignore this is to take credit for the rain and sunshine.

Carlos Ponce

"I've got Sunshine on a cloudy day
And when it's cold outside, I've got the Month of May."

God HAS Blessed Texas with bountiful resources! Thank the Lord for this Wondrous Bounty and for our Political Leaders for making wise use of them. Thank you again Isleshire for pointing this out! God Bless Texas!

Leonce Thierry

Ellen Morrison

Sorry, Norm, you're letting me down. This is a little too reactionary.

Leonce Thierry

Mr. Pappous - My own curiosity made me seek a primary source for graduation rates. Since, I went fact checking, it is only fair to post the most recent primary source from the US Department of Education. Table 2 of this document on pages 9-10 clearly shows the public high school 4-year adjusted cohort graduation rates by race and ethnicity. African American high school students in Texas attending public high schools have a graduation rate of 84 percent against a national graduation rate for African American high school students of 69 percent. The 84 percent graduation rate among African American high school students in Texas is, indeed, the highest among any other state in the United States.

From this same table, the national graduation rate for Hispanic students is 73 percent. Again, Texas has a graduation rate for Hispanic students attending four-year public high schools of 84 percent. This ranks second only to Vermont, which has a graduation rate of 86 percent for Hispanic students.

PD Hyatt

Awesome article Mr. Pappous and much truth to what you wrote.

Curtiss Brown

Less than scholarly.

Yesterday's Qryptoquote applies

"Lazy people tend not to take chances, but express themselves by tearing down other's work" -- Ann Rule

Carlos Ponce

Yes, all the good work done by the United States Military in Iraq, torn down by President BO. Thank you Isleshire for pointing this out!

Steve Fouga

Norm, there was no need for your article. There is no danger of Texas voting Democrat. Surely the polling numbers show that.

...And by the way, the word “failure” — that’s the code word for “Democrat"...

Now, why did you have to stoop to unfounded rhetoric like this? Democrat presidents have enjoyed some very productive terms, and Democrat majorities some fine congresses. The roughly 50% of the population that you just condemned as a failure contains millions of fine people. This is beneath you. You should have stuck to the undeniable facts, which are interesting and impressive.

You're an excellent representative of your district. I'm not sure why you feel it's necessary to espouse such an unfriendly attitude. The facts are enough.

Susan Fennewald

The worst president in my lifetime was easily George W Bush. Obama hasn't been great but then he had the misfortune to inherit the mess George W left behind and to have to deal with Republicans who aren't willing to put partisanship aside for the good of the country.

(BTW- Norm and I agree on many local issues, so its a disappointment when he goes on a Republican rant.)

Carlos Ponce

smfennew , You think George W Bush was the worst President? He did make some mistakes. In my lifetime James Earl Carter was the worst until Barack Hussein Obama came into power. Already GW Bush's approval rating is higher than President Obama's despite constant reinforcement from the media. Strange that the NBC Poll reported this nadir in Obama's ratings and yet NBC News skipped it on their nightly news.

Susan Fennewald

Another thing - certainly Texas creates some jobs - but mostly they steal them from other states. They entice companies to move to Texas by promising them things (tax breaks, etc). That's not "creating" jobs -that's moving jobs.

Texas is a bit like a third world country - environmental protection minimal, worker protection minimal, amenities minimal.

Chris Gimenez

smfennew, I think you prove the old adage, "Ignorance is bliss." How does Texas "steal" from other states? Your sole example of tax breaks is done universally throughout the country but obviously you're ignorant of how incentives are granted to companies based on the number of employees and type of business they can bring.

Right now the highest-taxed stated in the country, New York, is offering new businesses a ten-year period of no state taxes if they move there. Of course, their socialist tax structure has run off so much business they now have to backpedal.

I'll go ahead and address your stupidity from your next comment in this post. Hussein didn't have the misfortune to inherit anything. He consciously ran for the office, he consciously lied about virtually everything he promised, he consciously chose to exclude acting like anything other than a petulant child, and he has consciously decided to unilaterally destroy as much of this country as possible.

George Bush passed more integrity in a daily function than Hussein has ever had.

Dwight Burns

In response to bvresident. It is very important when writing or commenting
to alway separate fact from fiction. I see that you must have missed that English Class.

As far as your comment: "George Bush passed more intergrity in a daily function than President Barack Obama", I hope you're referring to G.H.W. Bush...but then there was "The Iran Contra...Guns for Drugs; The S & L Scandal.

Tell you what..take a look again at "The selling of the Iraq War" on G.W. Bush's watch.that's just for starters....

Integrity, just who the heck do you think you're kidding?

Carlos Ponce

smfennew says "certainly Texas creates some jobs - but mostly they steal them from other states". Inquiry: If those states don't have jobs to offer, how can you steal jobs from them? Inquiring minds want to know.

Susan Fennewald

Just because you have a high approval rating (or a low one) doesn't mean you're a good president.

Lisa Blair

Wow, that's the most offensive thing I've read in a while. I'm glad your not my council rep, Norm. I wonder how many of yours are Democrats? You think they might be offended by you calling them "failures"?

Chris Gimenez

If that's the most offensive thing you've read in a while then you should put the funny papers down and read some real news about how your boy president is acting like a dictator.

Norman Pappous

Legitimate criticism by those who criticized David Michael Smith's offensive column are justified. To everyone else - spare me your one-sided outrage.

Raif Smith

HOW ARROGANT!!!!!! And he teaches or taught at our college!

He writes a one sided column, but wants to be spare opposite views. What a twit!


Mr. Pappous made some great points to be sure, and I will also say that Drum47 pointed out some things this country desperately needs. They won't happen, because the mental disposition, moral turpitude, and character of those in leadership positions in this country have "EVOLVED" to the point, where we do not even list bipartisanship as a priority in Washington DC anymore. The feelings up there are, "I GOT TO WIN!" "IT IS MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY!" It was not always this way, and we all know this.
I must say politicians are a sub-group chosen out of a "POLUTED POOL" called the human society of this country! Taking the politicians out of this pool will do absolutely nothing concerning changing their character, integrity, or moral fiber!
What we are witnessing from a bird's eye vantage point is systemic, and has grown to be an innate characteristic of epic proportions manifesting among present day American politicians for the most part. We have lost our way, watered down those things, characteristics, and virtues which made this country one of the greatest in the history of the world.
We have politicians who say one thing while campaigning and asking for constituents to trust them, and after they are elected "THEY EVOLVE" and do what they know many of the constituents who voted for them, would stand against!
The moral fiber and conscience of this country,....NOT RUSSIA, "AMERICA" is at an all time low! There is nothing people will not do today, in the way of crime against his/her neighbor! Years ago, citizens would go on vacation, and just pull the front door close without locking it. They use to sleep out on the porch, in the cool breeze, without worrying about getting shot, or clubbed in the head, robbed, then burglarized! They generally could trust their kids with most anyone, but not ANYMORE!
I have said so many times before that sometimes ago pedophiles use to troll around the perimeters, playgrounds and curtilages of our schools for perfect opportunities to coerce school kids into their confidence,...but today many time the pedophiles are sitting inside the schools with the kids, and not only that but in front of the classes of the children they desire to get at, teaching them. See, progress in the negative? Are we're sinking or not? All of this is going on, and much of the CHURCH, of the Lord Jesus Christ, is sitting somewhere hiding out in the Houses of God, playing Church, and doing nor saying absolutely NOTHING! In Chapter three of the ( Book of Revelation 3:16 ), Jesus chastised one of several different types of so called Churches who represents much of what the church is doing in this country today.
One of them who seemed to have wanted to just "go along to get along" with the WORLD, ... He told them in so many words, "YOU MAKE ME SICK!" "You are neither hot not cold, and I wish you were one or the other!" "I just want to VOMIT you out of my mouth!"
Anytime the devil wants to try something new in this country, he will PERSECUTE the church into keeping their MOUTHES close, and sitting on their hands, thereby taking GOD out of the equation of resistance, them he moves forward in reeking HAVOC, CHAOS and DEVASTATION, just as he is doing today in this country!
Lastly, I must remind some and inform others that a house, city, village, or a country, DIVIDED, shall not stand! ( The good thing about these words is if they are lying to us, then the whole book can be look at as being a lie, and THAT is not even close to be the accurate. These words are the living truth! Let him who have ears to hear- then let him hear, and understand.
( Not my words ).


Corrections****** Last paragraph should read:

Lastly, I must remind some and inform others that a house, city, village, or a country, DIVIDED, shall not stand! ( The good thing about these words is if they are lying to us, then the whole book can be look at as being a lie, and THAT is not even close to BEING accurate. These words are the living truth! Let him who have ears to hear- then let him hear, and understand.
( Not my words ).

Kevin Lang

I'm curious about how well Texas High-School graduates do AFTER High School. What are they graduating to? Where are they going for college and work, and how well are they succeeding after that. I agree that graduating high school is a feat to be recognized, but are they graduating having met nominal academic standards, or have we dumbed down the standards to achieve the numbers? I don't know the answers, and a brief check of web resources didn't get me on track with any statistics along those lines, but I'm going to do some checking.

I remember some years back where the "motto" of Democrats was that Republican=Crook. Is that the kind of rhetoric we want to support?

If you want to look for "failure", it's that our politicians refuse to do what successful Americans do every day--Solve problems despite or because they happen to work alongside people with vastly differing opinions, frequently by putting their opinions aside for the betterment of something bigger than themselves. Within that scenario, I'd have to say that "politician" may be the code word for failure.

More often than not, the success of an idea is based far less on the idea itself, but more on how convicted the executors of the idea are. For example, "Defense wins Super Bowls". Supporting case, the 1972 Super Bowl: 24-3 Dallas over Miami. On the other hand, the 2004 Super Bowl, 32-29 New England over Carolina.

We can argue about whether the New Deal was the best idea to get us out of the Great Depression, but at least during the 30's, people bought into it, and our federal government took on far less debt as a proportion of GDP than the "bailouts" of Bush and Obama, and the economy recovered at a greater rate. My guess is that if people thought it was more important to prove the plan a failure rather than trying to go through with it, FDR might have been thought of as one of the worst presidents we've ever had. Maybe FDR was better gifted as a salesman than as a policy strategist. However, one thing we can say about the current bunch in DC is that there's little indication that no one seems to really be able to pull the combination of policy and sales together to really fire people up. So, in that regard, they're all failures. Right now, about half of us rebuke everything coming from one side, while the other half of us rebuke everything coming from the other. Maybe the solution is to physically split the country in half and let the two sides run their half of the country and then let's see which one does better. Or, maybe each side peels off a bit off the top of their enlarged egos and we find something to work on together.

Steve Fouga

"Legitimate criticism by those who criticized David Michael Smith's offensive column are justified. To everyone else - spare me your one-sided outrage."

Hahahahaha! You're killin' me, Norm! Can you possibly be saying my criticism isn't legitimate? You may not agree with it, but it's as valid as anyone else's.

And by the way, my criticism isn't outrage. Observing these forums, I see the outrage and righteous indignation coming mainly from Republicans -- the party in control! This doesn't make any sense to me. Why can't you show the grace to lead with dignity and maturity rather than writing hot-headed, childish diatribes designed to garner kudos from like-minded blowhards rather than to persuade independents and thoughtful Democrats.

Your column served no useful purpose, and therefore it's disappointing.

Chris Gimenez

"....righteous indignation coming mainly from Republicans -- the party in control!" You people get more bizarre with each passing day. Just how is it that you believe Republicans are in control? Your boy president is violating the Constitution every day with his executive actions, he has covered up for every scandal-IRS, VA, Fast & Furious, obamacare, and on and on. Harry Reid refuses to even vote on anything the House Republicans bring forth because he knows he'll look like the schmuck that he is if he does.

Jake, you're losing it buddy.

Steve Fouga

Cool down, bv. Republicans control Texas and you know it. Texas could hardly be more Republican.

I can understand you're fearful of yet another Democrat president. But casting more votes for a Republican in Texas won't matter. Texas is already Republican. You're yelling and nobody cares.

Norman Pappous

"Hahahahaha! You're killin' me, Norm! Can you possibly be saying my criticism isn't legitimate? You may not agree with it, but it's as valid as anyone else's."

Actually it isn't as valid as anyone else's. To critique one political column and not the other puts you in the partisan camp as much as me. Those that critique each side equally are the ones with valid, non-partisan, criticism.

Steve Fouga

What do you mean, "not the other"? This newspaper publishes dozens, hundreds of political columns. Would you have me critique every one? What's so significant about the other one you're referring to? I didn't even read it; I don't even know which one you're talking about.

Instead, I critiqued the only one before my eyes at the time I read it -- yours.

And dude, it's not your politics I'm criticizing, it's your self-righteous, fear-mongering attitude. There's no danger of Texas going Democrat, and you know it.

Your facts are compelling. Your rhetoric is a spiteful, unfriendly, arrogant crock of crap.

GW Cornelius

Some missing facts would give Norm a failing grade. Texas schools are ranked 47th one above Mississippi. I believe it was George Bush that said " Mission Accomplished". Seems that GOP can not stand on its own record so it does it best to degrade those who can. I believe it was George Bush that lead us into and unneeded war in Iraq, not Obama. Seems that when you check the facts you can see that the GOP has failed this country and itself. The GOP is falling apart and it is trying to take the country with it. Not sure what the code word for the GOP would be but I believe the term "full of it as Christmas Turkey would apply to the GOP and Norm.

Carlos Ponce

"Texas schools are ranked 47th" -according to WHOM????
Again for the nth time "Mission Accomplished" did not refer to the end of the War in Iraq. It referred to the mission of the USS Abraham Lincoln which just finished the LONGEST carrier deployment since the Vietnam War. It was requested by the carrier crew and the Bush administration honored them by giving them the banner. In his speech aboard the carrier Bush said "Our mission continues, The War on Terror continues."
Those in power said the war was need to take out a despot Saddam Hussein. You say it wasn't needed. GOP is falling apart??? That's why people are fleeing blue states and going to red states like Texas. Come November you will see if the GOP is falling apart. One caveat: The Democrats will do ANYTHING to hold on to power. Beware the "October Surprise" they will use to unify their base.

Kevin Lang

Fleeing? I think that if you check a little more carefully, the reasons most are leaving is not due to politics but economics. Politics might give you some emotional gratification, but economics is what keeps a nice roof over your head. I'll guarantee you, if I ever have to choose between my family's economic security and having a voting majority of a particular party, the only party involved in my decision will be what I'm serving at my House Warming Party.

Carlos Ponce

And you're saying that the economic climate has little or nothing to do with the political climate? Wrong kevjlang, very wrong. If the "Blue States" would adopt Texas' politics, they would not be in such sad shape. Look at the Red states with lower unemployment rates-no state income tax. Look at California with a heavy liberal entitlement structure and yet heavily in debt and heavy in taxes. POLITICS! Look at the country of Mexico, shaped like a horn of plenty, more oil than the United States, mineral wealthy and yet very poor. Why? POLITICS, my friend, POLITICS. Corrupt Crony Capitalism coupled with Communistic government controlled resources and industry. You cannot uncouple politics and economics.

Steve Fouga

I say Texas's economic advantage is 130,000,000 acres under cultivation, 35% of the nation's oil production, 25% of its gas production, and 4 major ports. Not the fact that it's a Red state.

Carlos Ponce

Jake, you can claim anything you want. We don't let environmentalists overrule common sense when it comes to proper use of the resources God has provided like California and those other Blue States.

Steve Fouga

Well, that's a whole 'nother discussion. I admire the energy industry, even though I chose a different route. My Dad (RIP) raised his family on natural gas, and my mom is still enjoying the benefits from his job. My sister is making a bundle off the Eagle Ford.

But if we're not careful we'll be singing another tune when this state's energy policy allows our water supply to be depleted until we can't afford a drink. It's not just about the environment, Carlos, it's about planning for our future. IMO we're not doing a great job.

But like I said, that's a different topic.

Carlos Ponce

Jake, remember that "drought" debate we had in May and early June. Jake Buckner wrote "We're definitely headed toward a more xeric landscape here at the Buckner household. Each spring I fight weeds and each summer I fight drought." Monday May 5, 2014 10:20 am. I hope you got some rain this week. God provides. I hope you didn't lose faith.
"Raindrops keep fallin' on my head But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red, Cryin's not for me. 'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin' Because I'm free Nothin's worryin' me."

Steve Fouga

Thanks for asking Carlos, yes we did get rain! My papayas are positively THRIVING! Now we're only a few inches behind for this year. Sure hope the rain managed to fill those aquifers up like it did my gutters.

I enjoy the song quotes. I love music myself, so keep 'em coming!

Kevin Lang

Interestingly, politics in California is quite a bit similar to what it was in the mid-80's and well into the 90's when California's economy was booming. I seem to recall that Texas had lots of people fleeing in the mid-80's after the energy bust. Texas hasn't turned THAT much more conservative in the last 25-30 years, and California hasn't turned THAT much more liberal. However, what has changed is the two state's fiscal abilities to play games with budget stability over the next 10 years by promising long-term tax breaks to relocating businesses.

Personally, I think that giving tax breaks to relocating companies is bad policy. If the state can afford a smaller take in corporate taxes, the state should cut the tax rate for all companies, and let the new companies take advantage of that. No one gave me a tax break for relocating here. If our business climate were THAT much more superior than other states, I would think that companies would be busting the doors down to move here WITHOUT tax breaks. After all, if they're moving here from California, they're already getting breaks on taxes and labor rates. Essentially, these deals are taking MY tax dollars, and giving them to business to set up shop in SOMEONE ELSE'S community. Sure sounds a lot like using my tax dollars to provide welfare benefits to someone in a different community. But, I guess, corporate welfare is good. I guess having the government pick winners is OK, too.

You give politics far too much credit for economics, especially long-term economics. Public policy is certainly a factor in economic growth and stability, but the marketplace and the people running and working in the companies are, by far, the bigger factors in long-term stability. The horse-drawn carriage industry didn't die because there weren't enough governors that would give them tax breaks. And, if global oil prices were to drop to $50/barrel, our governor wouldn't be able to write checks big enough to keep a lot of the fields in operation.

Carlos Ponce

"I seem to recall that Texas had lots of people fleeing in the mid-80's after the energy bust. " Sorry kevjlang, the facts contradict your memory. It shows steady growth from 1980 to 1990.
1980 14,225,512
1981 14,746,318
1982 15,331,408
1983 15,751,674
1984 16,007,088
1985 16,272,722
1986 16,561,103
1987 16,621,767
1988 16,667,040
1989 16,806,729
1990 16,986,510
Keep up with the news. Due to the instability of the Middle East we are about to see an increase in oil prices. If Obama would just approve that pipeline it could mean more jobs and stabler prices at the pumps.

Carlos Ponce

And by the way, outside the major cities, California isn't "THAT much more liberal", I agree. But in the big cities it is.

Kevin Lang

San Francisco is just as liberal today as it was in the 80's. And, San Francisco's contribution to California's economy is quite strong. In fact, the SF Bay Area while considerably more liberal than Southern California, has recovered far better from the recession than Southern California--the conservative stronghold of the state.

I didn't say anything about net population. I assume you aren't going to claim that the oil bust and the S&L debacle didn't cost Texas jobs and population. The relatively flat line from 1986 through 1988 fully indicates that. 1989 and 1990 were still well below the pace prior to 1986. Of course, many of the people that moved into Texas in the 80's were attracted by depressed home prices. I imagine that you'll claim that Texas's growth during that period was despite two Democratic governors and a Democratic state legislature. Certainly more conservative than mainline Democrats, but it would be a stretch to call them as conservative as the present-day Republicans leading the state today.

I moved to Texas in 1991. As I recall, Texas's economy was stable, despite a stagnating national economy. Not just led, but politically controlled by Democrats. Doesn't sound like Democrat = Failure was true then. I tend to believe that it was more that for years, politicians in Texas took a more moderate approach towards government meddling in the economy. I think that political extremism is a bigger negative factor than any specific party label. Make businesses responsible for their own success, as well as their impact on their communities. If we want to claim that "Businesses are People, too", then we should hold them to the same standards as we want people to meet.

Carlos Ponce

California is so wonderful. That's why 2,000,000 former Californians now call Texas home over the last decade.
And you have to remember that Texas Democrats in the 1980s and 1990s were more Conservative than their National Counterparts.

Kevin Lang

Where are your statistics that they left because they had a great job they were in no danger of losing, owned a home they were having no trouble paying for, but just because they didn't like the politics?

I never likened Texas Democrats to California or New York or Massachusetts Democrats. Today's Texas Democrats aren't much different than the Texas Democrats of the 80's and 90's. Yet, despite the fact that Texas was pretty successful with Texas Democrats being the predominate leaders through most of the 80's and 90's, somehow this article wants to equate Democrats with "Failure".

For the record, in 2010, approximately 23,600 people left California for Texas. During the same year, about 17,400 left Texas for California.

Yes, California has lost quite a few jobs over the past decade. But, most of the people coming here are doing so for economic reasons. Maybe their employers are doing so, at least partially, for political reasons, but the people, they're going where the jobs are. They'd go to Wyoming, North Dakota, Illinois, or Maryland if it meant being able to feed themselves and their families. Maybe once here they'll grow to appreciate the politics, but more than likely, they'll be like more than half of the rest of the population--don't really care about politics.

Kevin Lang

Note: The 2010 migration numbers I cited are for Tax filing. Changes in Tax homes. I don't know how many people total are associated with those returns, but I'd assume that the ration would be about the same each way.

From 2000 to 2010 the numbers are: 250,200 tax filings went from California to Texas. 173,700 went from Texas to California. A net gain of 76,500 for Texas. According to the source, we're looking at about $4.5 billion of AGI shifting from CA to TX.

We are looking at significant numbers. However, "fleeing" and "exodus" seem to be a bit strong. Heck, California is still quite a ways away from reaching negative population growth, and that's without the help of the illegal immigrant population.

Carlos Ponce

"Today's Texas Democrats aren't much different than the Texas Democrats of the 80's and 90's." While the "rack and file" Texas Democrat is not, their leadership is. The Pro Life, Pro Gun, pro border control Democrats will be hushed to conform to the National Party. But watch Wendy Davis disguise herself as a moderate Democrat. It won't work.
"California is still quite a ways away from reaching negative population growth." That's why they favor illegal immigration - just to keep their numbers up. Did you hear about the riot in Los Angeles when Mexico won a soccer game? The rest of us didn't care.
"Where are your statistics that they left because they had a great job they were in no danger of losing, owned a home they were having no trouble paying for, but just because they didn't like the politics?" Anecdotal accounts. Read the articles. One is provided by a former California politician.

Kevin Lang

carlosrponce, if you had to choose between being employed in San Francisco or unemployed in Galveston County, which would you choose? My guess is you'd rather grin and bear it politically, while collecting a paycheck over grinning and bearing it at the unemployment line while still having a great chance at voting for the election winners. My guess is that you'd be more than willing to try to invoke a political conscience upon your liberal representatives, even if much of what you state goes over their heads. Kind of like what you probably did when Jim Yarbrough and Kurt Sistrunk were among the county leaders.

California is no more in favor of Illegal Immigration as Montana or Texas is. However, their idea of what constitutes a rational approach probably includes a bit more of an element of "path to citizenship" than Texas's does. California's agriculture industry has had an overwhelmingly strong reliance on migrant labor even way back into the 60's, and perhaps even earlier. The farmers and ranchers there stand to lose a lot if we were to round up, deport, and move to the back of the line, a large chunk of their labor force. Most are probably willing to work towards the desired goal, but would like a reasonable transition period.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find many US Citizens that would claim to be for a completely unregulated national border.

Curtiss Brown

I think that the President of the United States can pick and choose what is in the background when he steps up to the microphone. Don't you?

Carlos Ponce

Isleshire, the "Mission Accomplished " Sign was requested by the men and women of the USS Abraham Lincoln and the Bush administration honored them by having the banner created. Listen to Bush's speech.The banner honors the men and women of the USS Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand President Obama had them coverup all religious symbols at Georgetown University -a Catholic University- when he gave a speech in 2012.

Kevin Lang

I think people make too big of a deal over that "Mission Accomplished" banner. I think that many people also put too much emphasis on hindsight, rather than learning lessons and figuring out how not to repeat past mistakes. A set of orders were accomplished. Perhaps "Mission" was too broad of a word to use, but in the grand scheme of things, so what? The reality is that we took on a task that the Iraqi people had been unwilling and/or unable to accomplish--getting Saddam out of power. His government was stifling the prospects of his people all because he knew he could not manage the progress and the political changes that would be required. Now that Saddam is gone, it doesn't appear that there is anyone with the will or the power to manage any semblance of a post-Saddam Iraq.

Norman Pappous


Ron Shelby

"What?" Norman. Get off my Facebook account. Got to work for FOX. I'm serious!

Ron Shelby

I should have written this all together. Writing a column does not imply complete knowledge of what's going on politically. Its only a demonstration of why one should Never take at face value what one teaches in a classroom. For all students. Always question, research, and look up references your teacher uses. Question. If you come up with the same conclusion then great. If you don't, express yourself. Make sure that anyone who is expressing an opinion knows the topic. Otherwise, ignore them and move on. I've seen too much of this as I work on my PhD in Public Policy, and really hate to see those with no background (depth wise) make "off the hip" statements.

Chris Gimenez

"... and really hate to see those with no background (depth wise) make "off the hip" statements." You make a good point so don't you have some papers to grade?

Robert Buckner

I think both parties suck and so do a lot of TEA party candidates. [beam]

Carlos Ponce

You must like the lyrics to "Mrs Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel:
"Going to the candidates debate
Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose
Ev'ry way you look at it, you lose"

So that does mean you don't vote? You can't vote for "None of the above" in Texas.

Steve Fouga

As some have pointed out on these boards, I'm politically uninformed. Please help me, Robert, by naming a few influential TEA Party Democrats. Senators and Congressmen only, please.

Richard Worth

This is fairly obvious. Someone appears to have political aspirations that extend beyond the city limits of Galveston.

Jarvis Buckley

Big Jim you've got the good ole boys, Houston lawyers , folks in Galveston with streets named after them. C.O.C. ,but N.P. has the brain power.

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