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Don Schlessinger

Thank you Mr. Mafrige and GCCT for being a watchdog over our tax Dollars. After reading this article I will be casting a vote in favor of the 2 cent tax increase.

George Croix

How is this different from a previous story?
It says smart use of refinancing has resulted in an ability to lower tax rates by 3 cents.
That's good work, and should be applauded.
Then it says that voters should approve a 2 cent tax rate that will go to raises and upkeep, and says those voters will still be saving 1 cent rate out of the 3.
True, but most people would say that all things equal, 3 things in hand is really more than 1 thing in hand. The reason then is not to just save the touted 1 cent for taxpayers, but to keep some money to use for worthy things.
Why not just say, straight up, we could give you 3 cents back, but want to keep 2 cents of that to pay for genuine needs?

Paula Flinn

Teacher raises or Administration raises, also? Inquiring minds want to know.

1 cent lower per $100, or 3 cents lower per $100... let's see...which would I prefer? Duhhhh!

GISD Communications

All info is available at www.gisd.org/election2014. Feel free to post any additional questions you may have there.
-GISD Communications

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