What private individual has the authority to act as the judge and jury of Bowe Bergdahl and his parents?

Who knows all the details of the capture and tenure of this young man in the hands of the Taliban? Who would not attempt to move heaven and earth to secure the safety and freedom of their child?

The Opinion page is a forum for people to present their ideas and views. However, it is the responsibility of the contributor to be truthful and factual. Unfortunately, much of what is used as the basis for opinions is flawed. A little research on war, prisoners and exchanges yields a wealth of information.

An evil result of war is the capture of soldiers by the opposing forces. It is so unbelievably evil that even world governments could not tolerate an unregulated system of holding prisoners. After centuries of war in Europe, the nations convened in The Hague in 1899 and again in 1907 to institute the Laws and Customs of War.

Chapter Two of the second pact established that prisoners of a government must be treated humanely.

In 1929, the Western nations established the Geneva Convention. After World War II, the wording of Article Four established the title of P.O.W., or Prisoner of War. This term was expanded to all captured personnel including military, civilian and irregulars or guerrilla forces.

The United States is a signatory to these pacts. None of these documents dating back for more than 100 years allows, condones or qualifies any actions against a prisoner such as “enhanced interrogation.”

There is an American tradition of negotiating for prisoners. During the American Civil War, neither side could secure and care for large numbers of prisoners. Negotiations established a system of releasing a prisoner if he promised not to fight. He was pardoned and allowed to return to battle when a prisoner of the other side was freed.

In 1865, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant freed 3,000 prisoners each week until the prisons were empty.

The Taliban prisoners have been in our custody since 2001. Are we planning to keep them in captivity forever? Are we willing to risk the life and limbs of future captured Americans to a new paradigm of the Laws and Customs of War?

President Barack Obama’s legacy is already written. He is the Commander in Chief in office when Osama bin Laden was found and eliminated.

The successful Affordable Health Care Act bears President Obama’s signature. In six years, the American economy has now recovered to 2008 levels.

Our soldiers are out of Iraq. By 2015, our military will complete their mission in Afghanistan.

LGBT citizens are getting equal rights. Green energy is a growing segment of the economy.

Additionally, no other president has had to bear the burden of attending and comforting so many grieving families mourning victims of rampant gun violence.

One question begs an answer: What has been gained by trying to make President Obama fail?

Guest column

Anna Wygrys lives in Santa Fe.

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Carlos Ponce

The return of Bowe Bergdahl was good. The trade of five Gitmo detainees in return was bad. Bergdahl can now have an Article 32 hearing to see what happened. My advice is he better JAG up. As for the five released detainees-that's like releasing those held during the Nuremberg trials to go and create more havoc. Bad move. Osama bin Laden would not have been found except for the intelligence found at Gitmo during the Bush administration. I credit the United States Military for his capture. It is Barack Obama's constant "spiking the football" on this matter that has angered the militants and further endangered our troops. The ACA is miserable flop driving healthcare costs up. The American Economy is a little better due to the policies of the red state governors, not this president. More Americans have been killed in Afghanistan (Obama's "Good War") under Obama 1701 than under Bush 630 due to the Rules of Engagement of this administration. No one is trying to make Obama fail - he's doing it all by himself.

Evelyn Clark

Carlosrponce, you know better than that. Bush was to busy looking for WMD and Missiom accomplish, and OIL. Its been been said how many vacation President Obama has taken, he could never catch up with the trips or [play as many GOLF
game that Bush took. I love the ACA , you might not neede3d but I know people that do. [beam [beam]

Carlos Ponce

mytoby I've already explained about WMD and "Mission Accomplished". President Bush's so called "Vacation Trips" were Working vacations to get away from Washington DC. He and his staff and visiting dignitaries (including Vladimir Putin) would go to the Crawford Ranch and WORK, not play. And who wouldn't prefer Texas to Washington DC?
FACT: President George W. Bush stopped playing golf out of respect for the families of Americans killed in the war in Iraq.
My health bills are UP, so much for the ACA and the promises.For every one person who likes it there are 100 who despise it.

Lars Faltskog

My group heath insurance monthly coverage rate is DOWN.

Thank you, Mr. President for nationalization of health care.

Evelyn Clark

Excuses, excuses, Bush never did and work. His BOSS thaeVice President was always in charge and you know it. You make like everthing Bush did was right. Thats a big lie and you know it.

But we are used to reading your lie .[beam]

Evelyn Clark

So what if your health bills are up, you can afford it. I am glad my family and friends can get this ACA. Thanks to President Obama.

What happen to Rommney, he started the care act.. I guess he talked to Cantor. I am sorry I forgot , he LOST the election. RIGHT.

Lars Faltskog

Way to go, Anna. I delineated a few of these accomplishments in a different forum thread.

In reality, I don't see the history books writing that Obama's presidency will be any "worse" or any "better" than Clinton's, Bush #2, Reagan's. Public opinion, aside from media, will also tell.

However, as I wrote yesterday - and in the light of this latest Oregon school shooting - I predict that by 2016, Obama will be credited for our country in catapulting the creations of national assault rifle bans and other gun control measures.

I also propose - in the light of young people being big players in our recent mass shootings of this decade - that children under 21 be stripped from possession and use of firearms. If the desire to exercise the freedom to bear arms needs to be fulfilled, then any high school graduate is free to join the armed forces in the interum ages before 21.

- - - B A T T L E G R O U N D T E X A S - - -

Carlos Ponce

So sverige, like the president, you are going to ignore the Constitution. The Supreme Court has already ruled on who has the right to keep and bear arms.
In District of Columbia Et al. v. Heller, the Supreme Court holds in part: The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.
So sad about the school shootings, BUT schools are already "Gun-Free Zones".

Chris Gimenez

Tread carefully with the facts Carlos, Servitude has previously "delineated" the accomplishments of his president. It only took him about 40 words to list them all.[beam]

Joel Martin

Sorry Anna but the examples you give won't make a case for a "Fine Legacy". The only thing positive coming out of this sorry administration is they have made Jimmy Carter very happy.

Evelyn Clark

Who, is Anna [beam]

Chris Gimenez

" However, it is the responsibility of the contributor to be truthful and factual. Unfortunately, much of what is used as the basis for opinions is flawed."

You have illustrated that point better than I ever could. Now here are some of the facts you crave. Enjoy.

57 MILLION on food stamps-almost 20 MILLION more than when Hussein took office.

Black unemployment almost double what it was under George Bush.

Lied to the country more than 30 times about keeping their plans and doctors under his new "successful" health insurance debacle.

Allegedly enrolled 7.1 million individuals in the ACA. That was after he forced more than 5 million off their current insurance plans. Get someone to help you with the math on that one.

$7 TRILLION in new national debt since he took office.

Refuses to hold anyone accountable for the deaths of four Americans-including the Ambassador-in Benghazi.

Stonewalled the investigation into Fast & Furious in which at least two U.S. Border Patrol agents were murdered along with hundreds of innocent people in Mexico.

His vaunted pullout from Iraq has left a vacuum that is being filled by Al Quaeda faster than you can say "IRS abuses".

His foreign policy is completely foreign to anyone trying to understand what in the heck he thinks he's accomplished.

Hussein has wasted BILLIONS on "green energy" with some of the biggest losers now being owned by China for pennies on our dollars. Despite your accolades about his green energy policy-you can't name a single, successful, profitable enterprise that has resulted from his spending of our tax dollars on.

Refuses to force his attorney general and FBI to investigate his use of the IRS to target conservative political opponents. It has been revealed the IRS targeting was brought on by the endless pressure from Senate democrats.

Refuses to allow the Keystone Pipeline which would arguably create thousands of jobs and reduce our dependence on foreign supplies.

Has unilaterally imposed new restrictions on coal-fired industry which will result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

And BTW, a deserter who deliberately leaves friendly forces to seek out enemy forces after which he helps direct attacks against U.S. troops is not the same as a prisoner of war captured while fighting against the enemy. Nice try though.

A fine legacy indeed.

Chris Gimenez

I forgot to add that while Hussein Obama said the reason he violated the law that he himself signed about giving Congress 30 days notice before releasing any detainees from Gitmo was because he feared there would be leaks, he nevertheless notified 90 democrats of what he was going to do before he did it.

He has made the case numerous times for his own impeachment.

Evelyn Clark

I know you are mad , but he is the President Obama of the USA ,try running for that office. I [beam]

Chris Gimenez

He's a social experiment gone awry. But that's what happens when the Entitlement Party puts empty rhetoric above actual leadership abilities, integrity, and the ability to make competent decisions based on what's best for the country rather than what might make him look like something other than an empty suit.

PD Hyatt

Anna why is it that when things are looking like they are doing well BHO takes all of the credit. When things are not looking to good he starts throwing people under the bus. Case in point. Trading the Obama5 for the traitor who walked off of his post in a war zone BHO bragged that he doesn't leave a man behind (except in Benghazi) then when public opinion turns on him and does not look good he then states that he had nothing to do with the final decision it was his Sec. of Defense Hagel that did it. What kind of a man does that? When has BHO ever took fault with something that has gone on and not thrown someone under the bus for it? When does the buck stop with him? Fast and Furious, Holders Contempt before Congress, Gun Walking, IRS, VA, Obama5 trade, ect.... As bvresident stated what about all of the billions that he has wasted on his stupid green energy projects that have all gone down as busts? You talk about the economy being better and there are more people out of work now then since the Jimmy Carter years. Labor participation rate it at its lowest level since 1979. Is this what you call a great economy? Really?
Unfortunately this is the type of thing that will happen in Texas if Abortion Wendy gets elected in the state of Texas for Governor.

Lars Faltskog

Response to paul-hyatt posted at 8:13 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

If it were a man running for governor and he supported the right of a woman to choose an abortion, would you call him "Abortion Charlie" or "Abortion Bob"?

I would bet that if you heard of any woman running for office who belived in the "pro choice" stance, you would insert the "Abortion - - " phrase. But, I doubt if you would create such an insertion with a male pro-choice candidate. Sounds like "exaggerated gender identifyer practice" and gender discrimination to me.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 7:55 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

Well, carlos...we're talking about "minors" of whom, the bulk of them, are not on their own. They are not making a living to be deserving to bear and use arms. Just as many aren't "owed" a car. You see, I am thinking "conservative", in which we are in a country where, if you prove yourself and are deserving, you can have the finer things - including firearms.

Regarding schools already being "gun free". That's a moot point. Let's set aside the "gun free zone". In fact, let's go ahead and lift the gun free zone ban. Now, schools have teachers who are comfortable using guns, security officers, and coaches armed. But, NO STUDENTS because they are minors. My proposal is to outlaw minors under 21 from owning, using, possessing guns. That's where most of our latest shootings are occurring...from the very young.

As far as the Constitution is concerned, I doubt if minors are in need of "the pursuit of liberty and happiness" and all it encompasses, since most can't afford to drive or own a car, most can't buy a home. And, most (really all) shouldn't be carrying and using weapons.

Carlos Ponce

If I read between your Liberal lines I can see the real problem is not Gun Control nor ownership but parenting. Parent used to teach children gun safety and show how destructive and useful firearms can be. Today's "teacher" is found in movies and video where both heroes and villains walk away to make another flick. Today kids learn "shoot em ups" on video games where there is no real destruction - except to young minds. More kills = more points. Sounds like a parenting problem or rather a lack of parenting problem to me. Parents should supervise what their kids see and are shown- even in schools. And minors are in need of "the pursuit of liberty and happiness" and all it encompasses. But most of all they need parental love and supervision.

George Croix

One has to grasp the difference between the war on terror and conventional war to understand why it was such an idiotic, unprecedented thing for an American President to do.
And one has to grasp the difference between a President sworn to faithfully execute the laws of this nation (all of them) and uphold and defend the Constitution and one using a 'pen and phone' to bypass the elected representatives of the people to understand why it was such a dishonest and deceitful thing to do.
Start with those, because there's a lot of difference grasping yet to do to in that posting...the good news is that, grasping these first two gives a big head start towards understanding why the rest of it needs some...editing...
No amount of grasping will help, though, once down to 'made to fail'....

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 8:44 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

The parents are part of the problem. No amount of "teaching" from already-ignorant parents will solve the gun violence problem. In fact, many of the parents need to self-withdraw their own guns.

Knowing that we can't rely on parents to be "real" parents and do what's best for their children (and many of these unfortunate children are stuck with these bad parents)....that's where interventions need to step in and solve the massive problem of gun violence. It's not just government...perhaps we need a required citizenship classes for youth (and they attend without guns...in lieu of hunting and target practicing with Daddy). Churches should be involved. More and more, I too agree that we need more God and the morality that being Godly entails.

Carlos Ponce

For parents who don't have the time to properly train their young men I recommend Trail Life USA, a Christian based Scouting Program especially to single moms raising a young man. Even the BSA offers merit badges in Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting and Archery. If you do not have a young man you can always sponsor one.
For the young ladies there are Girl Scouts, Frontier Girls and American Heritage Girls.

Lars Faltskog

Hey carlos:
Does the Trail Life USA allow a gay scout to participate in their organization? I might be able to find one to apply.

Carlos Ponce

As the Catholic Church, the Reverend John Hagee, and just about every Christian pastor will tell you the doors of the Church are open to all, homosexuals included. NO scouting troops I know of allow sexual conduct of any kind, not heterosexual, nor homosexual and no PDA is allowed so who would know? And as long as they do not "broadcast" their sexual tendencies I believe there should be no problem. You probably grew up with someone in school or worked with someone never knowing something about them.

GW Cornelius

Amen, time to give him the credit he is due for fixing the mess Bush made of this country.

Chris Gimenez

Wow Island Runner, that is such a deep and substantive statement. Is that the best you got? Blaming Bush again and again and again and again. When is your Messiah president going to take responsibility for anything that's happened on his watch?

Carlos Ponce

Hey island Runner, get a new mantra. The one you've been using for 6 years isn't working. Look at today's Presidential Popularity Polls, George W. Bush has a higher Favorability rating than Barack Obama.

Don Ciaccio

Sverige1. Are you not aware that if a person under 21 wants to kill people, removing the rights under the Second Amendment will only take away the rights of law abiding citizens. They can get a hot gun, kill anyone they want, and yep, break the law in the process. They can also use a knife or car like in the last mass murders. I'd be more concerned with Wendy David supporting murdering unborn children. She's has the capability of authorizing the mass murder of thousands of Texans and she should. KEEP WENDY DAVIS OUT OF OFFICE.

Chris Gimenez

Wendy "The Abortion Queen" Davis doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hades of becoming governor.

Don Ciaccio

Bergdahl, by his our patoon members, is a traitor and should. Be tried for treason. If convicted, he should face the firing squad.

Lars Faltskog

W M D [sad]

Response to bvresident posted at 8:15 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

Don't hold your breath, bevoresident, in hoping that "Hussein" Obama could be impeached. He hasn't done nearly what "shrub" Bush did in regard to lying to us about Iraq. W M D[sad]

By the way, I just read that Cruz was granted de-citizenship of Canada. But, he's still a Cuban in a party (Republian) that doesn't like Hispanics. Then again, in many folks' eyes, a Cuban isn't a Hispanic like they are in Mexico and Central America. You've never explained why you like Republicans when they don't like traditional Texas Hispanics. Obama will go on record in doing more for Hispanics, middle class, and all races. I read where he recruited Annie Casey and Ford Foundation to develop early childhood programs in mainly minority-populated areas.

Kevin Lang

I think WMD and Cubans aren't Hispanics, and Republicans hate Hispanics are lines are overused and mostly devoid of concrete value. It was logical to suspect WMDs in Iraq since both the US and USSR supplied them to Iraq over the years, and who knows where the black market has distributed them over the years.

Both parties have tenets and lies that appeal to various people. It just depends on which of the lines you're buying at any one time.

Lars Faltskog

Well, Kev -

I'll have to dig up a few of my boxes of souvineers, but I recall when I was entering high school, there was a Democratic pamphlet that I found at one of the UT-Austin organization tables. It said "Republicans Hate Women".

Even very true today are the same tenets that they use to keep women from choosing what to do with their bodies, to keep women from attaining equal pay for equal work. Same goes for the minority groups...they simply are "UN-liked" by the Republicans, and the party actually likes to strip them from their traditional beliefs so that the Repubs can try to make them think they are more "important" than their roots/origins.

As much as, through the years, I have tried to analyze the Repub. party and find some redeeming qualites, I simply cannot. In my formative years, I had to see this elderly man (Reagan) give the name of granfathership a bad rap. His own family was very divisive.

It wasn't far-removed from scenes they would portray in the nighttime soaps of "Dallas", "Dynasty", and "Falcon Crest". Many US families tried to emulate them, and a whole generation of Generation X-ers are today trying to come to grips with this sick time of our history.

The 80s were an age of excess and religious "loopy-ocity". I remember watching a Rep. National Convention when Bush #1 was in candidacy, and Loretta Lynn "trashed" his opponent Dukakis, telling us we shouldn't elect Dukakis because "she can't even say his name". The underlying social, racial and cultural prejudices of the Republicans run deep. It's not the party I always heard it was in the Eisenhower years.

And, today we have Republican party's even sicker vestige - the Tea Party. As you mentioned, no national government, I believe, can cause the downfall of our great nation. But, no one can convince me to be impartial. And, it is true that we have the divisiveness between the very rich and poor - and an eroding middle class that both you and I know the Repubs/Tea partiers don't give a flip about.

Carlos Ponce

Hillary divulged that the Obama campaign asked her to attack Sarah Palin in 2008. Hillary refused but his campaign launched a relentless attack on Mrs. Palin, her children and grandchild. So next time you hear "War on Women" remember what the DNC did in 2008 and continue to do.
Look at:White House defends its own wage gap as Obama focuses on equal pay for women
I think i smell a HYPOCRITE!

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, I know this is going to be a difficult task but could you provide us with the reason why Hillary Clinton voted for the war in Iraq? I'll help you-it was because she and her husband believed Saddam Husseing (no relation to Hussein Obama that we know of) had WMD.

And while you're at it can you tell us why the Left always latches onto rhetoric and campaign talk as being examples of success?

" I read where he recruited Annie Casey and Ford Foundation to develop early childhood programs in mainly minority-populated areas. " Seriously, you read where he recruited someone to do something for which there will never be another word spoken of because it will go nowhere.

Meanwhile, schools in Chicago-your president's homeown-are showing the results of unions, teacher unaccountability, and public school over private school failure. There's an old saying that goes like this Servitude-"when you find yourself in a hole, put the shovel down and stop digging."

Lars Faltskog

Response to Don233 posted at 10:17 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

Say that it's OK for youngsters to carry guns to one of the parents of the Aurora people who were killed in the theatre, or perhaps say that to the Sandy Hook victims' parents.

Banning guns to those under 21 is not "taking away rights from law-abiding citizens". It's placing a law that can save lives. Very similar as to why a minor cannot buy, possess, nor consume alcohol until he/she comes "of age" at 21.


I'll also add that Mr. Obama is doing quite a bit to perpetuate a failed legacy on his own. What did he expect he was going to back in 2008, to *&^ picnic? The man has proven he know ZERO about military and the contributions they make or made to this country.
Sure he talks a good talk, but just because his mouth moves in one direction, does not mean his feet will walk in that same direction, and HIS has not! Sure he hands out the Medal of Honor like Carter's little liver pills,...SO WHAT? He turns around and gets preoccupied once the cameras leave and we find Disabled Vets dying all over the country from a lack of well earned medical care and attention! Jesus Christ Himself said in so many words, Watch the "FRUIT" of a man, and listen not to the "TOOT" of his horn coming from his mouth!
ANNA WYGRYS ( writer of this article ) is entitled to her opinion, like everybody else is, but she is not entitled to her own facts and truths. She speaks as though she had BOOTS on the grounds in one of our wars like myself, or that she is an ex POW, like Senator John McCain! I won't lie I voted for Obama his first term, but I was one of those who was willing to give anyone a chance, as it turned out, in my opinion that was a bad thing to do!
He has since proven it was over and over again. This nation had that feel good moment and his stars lined up, where he was in the right place at the right time. That does not mean he was the most qualified. Can anyone say Hillary Clinton? He showed me one side and then later, when he got what he wanted, he took his mask off and showed who he really was. ( The AntiChrist is going to deceive many just like that! )
He, ever told a high ranking Communist lackey, in a whisper, ( not meant to be heard ) but was caught on an open microphone, "Tell Vladimir...( Vladimir Putin, Russian Leader ) ....that after the elections I can work with him better!" Really? Now can you see why Putin is acting like a first class JACKASS, overseas? He has spotted weakness in America, the chink in our armor, as it were.
Now as for this traitor who is said to have thrown his weapon and gear down and walked away from his assigned position by his fellow military comrades, and proceeded to join the Taliban,...HE DESERVE EVERYTHING HE GOT from them, AND I "AIN'T" TAKING IT BACK!" His family knew, from letters he sent to them, what he was capable of. His buddies heard him talking to Afghanistan regulars, who he was working with, asking them about living with them. What a man continually talks about he usually ends up doing!
Six known American soldiers, sons of mothers and fathers who loved them, are DEAD in their graves behind the foolish, apathetic, cowardly, treacherous acts of this, poor excuse for an American,...and in my opinion, he only got one-third of what he has coming. They found that after this man deserted his assignment, the Taliban's attacks on American positions became more precise, accurate, effective, and relentless! Ohhh ....Ohhhhh... I wonder why?
Don't start me to talking about this guy! I will lay you odds that Obama probably sent his best SPINMASTERS overseas to coach this guy on every LIE in the books trying to minimize what he is said to have done, costing all those lives we know about. No telling how many died because of the information he hand carried to them concerning military secrets and positions!
Now as for the actions of children, especially where guns are concerned! Many parents are not training their children up in the way they should go, simply because they are undeveloped in righteousness and obedience themselves! How can you teach what you have not learned? "A LEASON NOT LEARNED SHOULD BE A LESSON REPEATED UNTIL IT IS LEARNED!"
My ex-wife had neither character, nor integrity, because her parents had none. Stay with me here, because I know I'm talking kind of fast, okay? Okay then, the only thing standing in the way of my kids learning how to think and act with no integrity, and no character, was somebody in the house, who did possessed those qualities!
Right!!! Me!!!! I was the cock-a-do-do in that house, and let them know, what I expected, and that there would be consequences and repercussions if my expectations were not met! The wife heard me tell them too!
"See sometimes a MAN got to do, what a MAN got to do: it is the only thing which separates him from a BOY!"
"Don't get longwinded, bring it on home JBG!" Okay, see, compare this generation of people and the violent, gutless, disrespectful and selfish attitudes they have juxtaposed to the prior generation! What do you have? You have a lack of training, a lack of development on the inside of a man which was meant to guide and navigate his life's journey on this earth to a successful destination.
That is not happening, in many cases because it is everybody for themselves! You can see it in our schools, cities, communities, and our nation! Something is not working!!! Love has been shunned. Just look around you, and you will see what I'm talking about. A fifteen year old teen will break in on an elderly woman, beat, rape, rob, and kill her and you will have many fools in the community to defend that teen! "Well was that old flirting with him?" " Was her door unlocked?" "Kids will be kids you know!" Such is the state of our nation, state and community today!
A dumb violent kid will more times than not grow up to be a DUMB, VIOLENT ADULT!! Now!
WHAT? NAW,...this is free, no charge!


Ohh talk back to me...if you can.[smile]

George Croix

A short while ago Sec. of Defense Hagel, when asked if there were any more Guantanamo prisoner swaps planned by the Obama Administration replied "I don't think so".
He doesn't think so!?
This is the guy who supposedly 'signed off' on the Bergdahl deal (meaning that the Rose Garden ceremony where Obama took all the credit for it was another lie, or this is), so why would he not be sure one way or another? Care to bet what the real answer is...?
Anyone? Anyone?
Just another example of Adminsitration 'evolving'...?

Jbgood, you are as usual correct.
Certainly on the chameleon of a President we have.
And certainly on the parental/children issue.
The problem is so many of the people who need to be listening have been raised to believe that people are not responsible for their actions. That it's society's fault. It's McDonalds' fault that people get fat. It's Smith & Wessson's fault that little Jeffry shot little Butch. It's Ford's fault that the idiot texting drove across two lanes and killed a guy walking down the sidewalk. Etc. Too easy to blame a thing than a person...to dishonest to care.
'It takes a village' is all I need to hear to realize I'm in the presence of one of those village...characters...
Unfortunately, it's very hard to confuse such people with facts, because their mind's already made up....[wink]
Thomas Gray wrote 'Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College' going on 250 years ago, describing the joys and carefree times of his youth. He could never have known that he was also describing the American Political Left, to a T, in the last nine words of the poem.

Kevin Lang

I would think that if there are any other such plans in the works, they'd be highly classified, and Hagel would not be able to divulge their existence or non-existence in an unsecure forum. What I would expect to come out this is a set of guiding parameters for the circumstances where notification would be provided, and guidelines for the exceptional situations where there isn't time to advise.

Don Ciaccio

Sverige1. I can't understand why gun opponents can't understand that criminals break laws, including any gun laws. Take a look at Chicago. One of the stricktest gun control cities in the United States and dozens are dying daily from gun violence. Duh! Duh, the bros in the hood could care less about your gun control. Wake up, it might save your life one day. I'm packing 24X7. CHL all the way.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Don233 posted at 11:56 am on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

I would venture to say that it would be generally much more easier to keep guns away from minors. With minors, they have school, parents, potential CPS visits (if reported/alerted), and more of a societal eye watching them than a full-fledged adult who likely is living in his/her own home - with no parental units watching.

We shouldn't, as a nation, throw our hands up in the air and say, "Oh, well, let's keep all guns in circulation like the wild West because the criminals are going to get to them anyway."

With that line of thinking, why don't we dismantle each city's police force? "Some criminals get away with their crimes." Also, let's eliminate national security and our armed forces...after all, some terrorists will get away with what they're doing, et cetera. Now that we look at it this way, doesn't that kind of talk sound self-defeating, if not downright "ridiculoso"?

Lars Faltskog

An excellent article by an LGBTQ magazine about Wendy Davis:



Leon Lion


Chris Gimenez

This is just another amazing example of why our allies no longer have in confidence in the U.S. being able to project the power and strength that made us the greatest nation in the world. The Left's race-to-the-exit strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan will be known as the greatest act of disgrace in our foreign affairs history.


While the Left tries to describe Hussein Obama's faux accomplishments in 20 words or less, the reality of his failures-both foreign and domestic-arguably require words in the thousands if we are truly to chronicle all his failures as president.

After the fall of Iraq, we will not have a single foreign ally who will believe for a second that this president and this country will "have their back". The bottom line is that Hussein Obama would rather embolden and strengthen terrorism worldwide than to stand firm and confront it.



George Croix

However, if terrorists ever start attacking golf courses, or the beach at Maui, there's gonna be hell to pay....

Raymond Lewis

To Don233, I'm a CHL holder as well but the careless use of concealed carry sadly got one person killed in Las Vegas recently as the noble citizen rushed in without being fully aware of what was going on. So having a concealed weapon is not always the be all for all.

Chris Gimenez

How did "carelessness" get him killed? Because he dared to make the effort to protect himself and others and he was ambushed by the woman just like the cops were? I suppose you would have been content to stand by and get slaughtered had they decided to open up on the Walmart shoppers.

You Lefties always try to frame something as either/or. You can't name one instance where someone states they got a CHL because it will ensure they never get hurt or killed by someone else. You're quite ridiculous.

Lars Faltskog

But, oftentimes, folks who obtain and have "CHL's" at their house use it in an angry crime of passion. Many stories we hear of a distraught husband/wife using such weapon to conduct a murder/suicide crime.

Or, how about the case just yesterday in Houston - a child gets ahold of the weapon and shoots himself/herself.

In that case someone (an irresponsible adult who didn't store the weapon properly) obtained a weapon, and by that action, ensured that someone (his child) would get hurt. Now, did that parent REALLY need that gun in the house with children around? Probably a bischon frise would be a better and safer alerter of an intruder.

Carlos Ponce

"[F]olks who obtain and have "CHL's" at their house use it in an angry crime of passion. Many stories we hear of a distraught husband/wife using such weapon to conduct a murder/suicide crime."
I'd like to see your documentation on that alleged claim from a RELIABLE source. No Huffington, no Salon, no Leftie source.

Chris Gimenez

Carlos, listening to Servitude the Ridiculous is like listening to this lying administration. There are never any facts to back up their ignorant statements.

Curtiss Brown

Thank you for a fine article. Legacy indeed. And throughout arrayed by a confederacy of dunces.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 1:56 pm on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

To BEVOresident -
That's "the republican way"....to "trash" a program (whether it be a pre-K program to help inner city youth or a national health care plan) when it's only in its preliminary stages.

It's not a stretch to say that governmental entities are ways to pool resources and improve the lives of citizenry (i.e. railroads, interstate system). It never ceases to amaze me that an uncharitable group such as republicans/teapartiers would be foes of organizations that could potentially help underpriviledged youth.

Regarding Hillary - I view her as any reasonable mainstream politician who can and should vote not just her partyline, utilizing the information that was available to them and deciding in good faith accordingly So, she and others were not knowledgeable of things that later came to light. "To err is human". I'll still choose Hillary and so will the majority of voters who love our country. "I still got it wrong, plain and simple". Well, our current President didn't - not about this. Y'all should be happy of "Hussein" Obama's good decision-making a decade ago. THAT made good Presidential material.

Chris Gimenez

Servitude, you're so pathetic. This president hasn't successfully completed one program or entitlement since he's been in office. The ACA-complete debacle topped by all his lies. Green energy subsidies-massive losses of taxpayer dollars that went back into his campaign coffers because almost all of the subsidy recipients were democrat cronies.

Here's the latest on your greatest. Looks like you might be one of the few who still can't see the forest for the trees.



I kinda think Hillary would ordinarily have a shot in 2016, but by the time Mr. Obama exit the White House, that woman won't stand a snowball chance down "yonder!"
Time will tell. It looks like a dark cloud just follows him around! He looked like a fool in the rose garden standing by that traitor's daddy wearing that Taliban beard and speaking his terrorist tongue! All of them are a disgrace, to those who have given lives, limbs, time, and blood for this country! I'll take a draft-dogger over a traitor/deserter seven ways to Sunday!!
Where was Colin Powell when we needed him? WHERE WAS HE? See what happens when leaders hang allowing followers to try to be leaders? It's called Trees stepping back and bending down in the shadow of BUSHES! Why would a tree creep along behind a BUSH, bending down in it's shadow, allowing it to destroy?
Say what you will, or may, but EVERYBODY cannot function as a leader, just like everybody is not suitable to be a doctor, or a surgeon! Putin is over there clowning us now because of that little whispering whine job Obama sent to Vladimir Putin a little while ago! Translated, what that message meant to the Russians was plain and simple, HE IS A FRIGHTENED CHUMP without a stomach for this kind of work on this big of stage!!!

Who said , "Mr. Romney, shame on you, this is not the cold war, dude!" "Russia is our Partner!!" ( paraphrased but true )

1) Abraham Lincoln

2) Tina Turner

3) Captain Gus McCray ( Lonesome Dove )

4) Osama bin Laden

5) None of the above

Curtiss Brown

I assume you saw the Jon Stewart montage of clips showing visitor after visitor at the White House give the same blessing? FOR YEARS. I know you have been apoplectic at every one of those events.

George Croix

In Central and South American banana republics, the 'leaders' rule by executive order and the voices of the people mean nothing. The jefe just does what he wants, when he wants, how he wants...
That's what's going on here right now...about the only practical difference is the reason it is. Down there, the threat of physical violence against disenters provides the power at the top. Here, now, it's done by threat of the IRS, or the NSA, or by squeezing the economy via regulation and 'fundamental change' so that people are forced into dependency or have their hours cut or their benefits trashed or their life savings lost just to keep the wolf away from the door.
In BOTH locations, now, it's all about the ideology over concern for country.
But HOW did such a thing come to be in these United States?
All you have to do is read this article, this person's opinion of the fine job being done, to see why.. Multiplied by millions who truly do not have a clue what's going on. Even worse are the ones who don't care, as long as they get their pice of pie. People so caught up in 'being part of history', or 'getting free stuff' that they refuse to see what is happening to the 'greatest nation the world has ever known', done by the guy they elected to 'fundamentally change it'.
Can't fix that...
Only hope is to outvote it, then nullify it, and begin to reverse it.
If not, you'll be able to visit Paris and Athens, and never even leave home before another generation passes.
That's a heavy price for being politically correct, and/or irresponsible.
Question is, will the same crowd who so utterly screwd up the 2012 vote choose, again, to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2014?

Curtiss Brown

Name one Executive Order that you object to?

Carlos Ponce

Awww, just ONE?

Curtiss Brown

Just one. Where is it. Which Executive Order do you disagree with.

This is like cougargator avoiding the impeachment question.

You guys are real gasbags; but when it comes to actually producing where are you?


Gecroix I think you hit that thing right on the head. The AntiChrist is going to deceive many this very same way. Promise them the world," Ohhhhhh I am so concerned about yall!" "Here is what I can give you!" "Come get some!"
"Here is the way we need to set this WORLD ORDER up!" "Ohhhh I am definitely for WORLD PEACE!" "Follow me!" "Allow me to show you some of my magic!"
Man is he is going to hang a lot of people out to dry! His dirtiest trick will be when he deceives thousands upon thousands to accept that number "666" on their hand or forehead in order to do commerce! ( If you are here at that time,...DON'T accept that "666" whatever you do! ) Obama is acting JUST like him now, He deceives and tell lies like the AC is going to do,......and has the same kind of support the ANTI-CHRIST will get! The spirit of the Anti-Christ is operating in the earth today, even though the individual HIMSELF has not arrived yet.
I John 4:3
"And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now ALREADY IS IT IN THE EARTH."

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 4:31 pm on Wed, Jun 11, 2014:

Well, it must be tiring to have wringed your hands since January of 2009 over this "debacle" of a presidency. I read an article where, of all places, Florida, is the "most stressful" place to live: traffic, job instability, etc. But, you've got Florida "beat". I really doubt if having this individual as President has really changed your life or mine. I think you must have spent decades living with family/relatives who routinely "trash" persons of color who happen to be leaders. Oftentimes, it's an ingrained and a result of learned helplessness, when an individual such as you rotely denies that someone different than you can guide us.

By the way, you've never addressed how you can have a Hispanic origin, yet support a party (Republican/Teaparty) that doesn't embrace your ethnic group. Even so, if a Hispanic does become a republican, he/she is merely tolerated. Got any explanation for that? Aren't you denying your "roots" by abandoning the Democrats?

Carlos Ponce

Again, sverige, I must step in. "[H]ow you can have a Hispanic origin, yet support a party (Republican/Teaparty) that doesn't embrace your ethnic group".
I inherited from my father his Conservative Christian Values. I have very many relatives who are like-minded and vote Conservative values. Right now, the Republican Party is closer to those values than the Democrats. HOW DARE YOU tell anyone how they should vote or who they should vote for. My family came over from Mexico to escape religious persecution during the Calles Regime as pictured in the movie "For Greater Glory". I will not have someone DICTATE how I should think. If a Hispanic CHOOSES to vote Democrat it is HIS or HER choice, NOT YOURS. I choose to vote for the CONSERVATIVE, mostly REPUBLICAN candidates. As the Jews told their Nazi oppressors in the Concentration Camps, I will tell you: "Die Gedanken sind frei" - " My thoughts are free". Again, you don't know what you are talking about! I never abandoned the Democratic Party, they abandoned US.
And some words from Billy Joel:
I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life
Go ahead with your own life, leave us alone
(Keep it to yourself, it's my life.)
(Keep it to yourself, it's my life.)
(Keep it to yourself, it's my life.)
(Keep it to yourself, it's my life.)

Chris Gimenez

Carlos, it's not worth the time to respond to Servitude the Ridiculous. What he doesn't make up, he lies about. He'll never respond to the facts but instead go spinning off in another direction when you whack him over the head with the truth. He's typical of the Left who has completely run off the cliff in support of the Liar-in-Chief and have dug such a hole they can't admit their failings now without guaranteeing they look completely stupid. And so they continue marching in lockstep up to the steep bluffs overlooking the darkness that is this administration and quite contently step over the edge, falling into oblivion. The end.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 7:34 am on Thu, Jun 12, 2014,
Response to bvresident posted at 8:02 am on Thu, Jun 12, 2014:

How in God's green earth could you imply that I'm "telling" bevoresident how he should vote? I am asking, in interview fashion, why he would vote for a political party that has a poor track record in recognizing the Hispanic race? Actually, I'd like to ask you that question too. I tend to ask bvresident, but he never offers an answer, and I like giving 2nd/3rd chances. I can glean much of what you say because your discourse can "meet in the middle" at times. But, with bvresident, all I see is anger and distress over things that don't really personally affect him. So, I'll pose this question to any of these forum contributers who constantly show disdain for our President. What has he done to you to cause such detriment to your life?

The way I see it, if a President causes so much strife, I would mentally handle the situation as I would a relative who I abhor. He/she would not be invited in my circle. I would make moves to change things I can change, and live with what I cannot.

Carlos Ponce

We don't need "Tio sverige" to lead us by the hand telling us to belong to "THE PARTY" of his choosing. Again you don't know what you are talking about in asking "why he would vote for a political party that has a poor track record in recognizing the Hispanic race?" Your premise is false. You may know a few Hispanics but we are not monolithic. I think for myself.

George Croix

Sorry my fellow conservatives, but it is a fact that President Obama has spent less time away from DC on what may be called vacations than President Bush 43 did. Significantly less. Unfortunately, though fewer, the trips by the current POTUS have been much more costly to taxpayers, as the great majority of President Bush's vacation trips were to his own home in Texas, and thus the apparatus and preparations for such were mostly already in place for each trip.

"Travel records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force show the Obamas racked up $7.4 million during just three trips in 2013 – in flight expenses only.'
* The outbound flight to Honolulu for the Obamas’ 2012-13 Christmas vacation cost taxpayers $2, 214, 393.60. The return flight to Washington cost $1,871,961.60. Flight expenditures alone came to $4,086,355.20.
* The outbound flight to California in August, 2013 for Obama to dine with Katzenberg and appear on the “The Tonight Show” cost taxpayers $1,209,926.40. The return flight to Washington cost $935,980.80. Flight expenditures alone came to $2,145,907.20.
* The outbound flight to Martha’s Vineyard for the Obama family’s August vacation cost taxpayers $890,323.20. The return flight to Washington cost $273,945.60. Flight expenditures alone came to $1,164,268.80.
* The grand total of $7,396,531.20 only accounted for flight expenses for the three trips."

I would add in my own opinion that since our current President is constantly finding out what's going on around him by reading it in the newspaper or hearing it on the news, he says, it doesn't seem to matter where he's at...he's still out of touch. Oval Office or Maui...not a clue either place...
When I get more time, I'll look up and compare the time each President spent flying on short hops, and the costs for those, to give 15 minute campaign type speaches to promote their own selves or to damn their opposition, with all the attendant expense and disruptions to the communities involved.
Personally, since our President is never in the loop on what's going on, does almost no negotiating for legislation with the elected members of the houses of Congress, and uses a 'pen and a phone' to dictate what will be done that he wants done, I wonder what the heck he's doing in DC with all that extra OJT time compared to his predecessor...[wink][wink]
Evidently, 'fundamentally changing the greatest nation the world has ever known' takes a lot of private time and isolation from other world and national events to accomplish...[whistling]

NEWSFLASH: As I write this, I am listening to our President on the toob say we are going to have to help the Iraqi's in their current plight of being overrun by the very terrorists that he said 'before the election' were 'on the run' (evidently, he meant running around killing people), including, he just said, right out of his own mouth, MILITARY HELP!!

It would be funny if not so utterly pathetic and incompetent....
Truly, another of those 'fine legacy' moments...

Lars Faltskog

Response to gecroix posted at 11:47 am on Thu, Jun 12, 2014:

Well, gecroix, there is such thing as behavior therapy that can help you stop the unwanted behavior of "dirt-finding" of the nation's current President. What hobby shall you partake when he leaves office in 2017?

Admist the "shocking" defeat of Eric Cantor, the ensuing result is a lack of Republican effort to address the immigrant reform issue. This, among other cirumstances, has made it difficult for the President to work with an entity that doesn't WANT to work.

As much as we can shake our heads about how our Chief Executive spends vacation $, let's think of the hundreds of Congresspersons who basically do the same thing. The whole political system is nationally a bottomless pit of inertia and vascillation. Mr. Obama didn't invent this problem. Under the circumstances, he's doing as good as expected.

Carlos Ponce

Why do we need immigration reform? Enforce the laws already on the books. sverige, quit worrying about the Republicans. Return to your herd of Democrats.

George Croix

What we need is a closed southern border. ASAP
It's not supposed to be a motor voter location for future Democrats to start the entitlement process...
Personally, I figure texas and Arizona should re-bundle them all up, and fly them to DC, and let them all go right on Pennsylvania Avenue, with, of course, a promise to appear for a deportation hearing...
You want 'em...here, take 'em....

Kevin Lang

If you don't know why we need immigration reform, you aren't paying attention to what the conservative business owners have been saying for 40 years. If you haven't been paying attention to them, you certainly won't pay attention to me.

Carlos Ponce

If you don't realize what the President has done with with the promise of "Immigration Reform" AKA AMNESTY then go to the border and witness the THOUSANDS of children who are now on American soil. Go to the Border fences and see the human ladders with thousands pouring over onto American soil. Give me your address kevjlang and I'll tell them to live in your back yard since you are all in favor of "immigration reform". How many can your yard hold?

Kevin Lang

Oh, I get it. You get to invent a version of English where "Immigration Reform" = "Amnesty". And then, you get to invent my position for me.

Thank you, but I'd rather reach my own positions.

Many of our business leaders want the visa process fixed--part of Immigration Reform--so they can bring the help they need into the country LEGALLY.

Maybe it would be nice to make all of the illegals spend some time in jail here, and then be sent back home with "Do Not Return" tattoos. Seems like a good response to the fact that we have spent about 40 years or more not enforcing the southern border. So. just like it makes sense to convict all those people that were breaking the law while we haven't enforced it, it would probably make sense, too, to round up everyone that has exceeded the speed limit, and put them in jail, too.

I don't subscribe to full amnesty. I'm waiting for someone to push a practical alternative, though. Throwing them all in jail and deporting them is costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to many businesses.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 3:47 pm on Thu, Jun 12, 2014:

When I consider ex-Democrat Hispanic Republicans who crossed over to the GOP, it reminds me of folks (of any background) who, at once, was struggling to attain middle class. They were for the underpriviledged.

But, then they amassed a level of affluency and decided that they would be looked on as more "classy" if they hob-nobbed with the rich. Ipso facto, comes the misguided decision as a neuvoriche to join the Repubs so that they too can say, "Look, everyone has to pull themselves up by the bootstraps. No entitlements, be self-sufficient. See I did it." We Democrats see through all of that, carlosrponce. The plain fact remains that the Republican "establishment" merely tolerates Hispanics (if they vote for them). Same goes for the gays and lesbians. It's a wonder that the Log Cabins have a healthy sense of self-respect. They too are hobb-nobbing with Republican circus elephants who don't like them nor their "lifestyle".

Carlos Ponce

again sverige, quit worrying about the Republicans. Return to your herd of Democrats.

Mike Meador

sverige1: If you voted for obama, did you really realize he was going to be the worst president our country has ever had?
Have you now come to this realization?
Will you keep going into denial that obama is going to "pull this country" out of where's it's going.
You really don't need very much "dirty-finding" to deplore what is going on in our country today. It's in a new 'finding' of what is going on in the next daily edition, everyday.
You guilty consequence with your vote didn't do very much, did it ?

George Croix

How very odd that the same folks so willing to make excuses for killing our own children as 'choices' are equally eager to welcome thousands of somebody else's children into the country.

Lars Faltskog

Response to cougargator posted at 12:39 am on Fri, Jun 13, 2014:

Well, cougargator, I am like millions of other voters in this country who, to a large degree, voted for "the lesser of evils". Even so, and I've said this b4, I doubt if a President will have much of any affect on us hard-working, self-sufficient middle class citizens. For me, not one iota of a difference.

My stance in these past several months of perusing through the angry anti-Obama folks in this GDN paper leads me to believe that our state of Texas is at a divided crossroads. Let's think about it: it's an "us vs. them" mentality. We middle to upper class folks, esp. if we're white, are so fearful that our country is "fundamentally changing", with the "pen and phone" of this mixed race President. We think all the freeloaders are going to get more for doing less.

Now, do I think like that too? Maybe on a personal level, if, for let's say, one of my nephews becomes a ne'er-do-well. But, do you or I, or ponce, or geocroix really know the plight of the underclass today? It's easy for us to condemn folks who are struggling for a better life.

How about that story today about the continual segregation and poverty among the races? All I know is if I were of the disadvantaged, foreign-born, and non-white, I would be fearful of many of these GDN posters of whom are very bitter. Relax, have some Busch Lite and enjoy being in this land of opportunity, and this land that helps others who need it. As Glen Campbell's song would say, "If you see your brother standing by the road, with a heavy load.....

Did you hear the story about the some 30-odd people who were left in a house up in Houston by some of the "coyotes"? Do we envy folks who aren't making it and they're on the "dole"? Again, I've mentioned several times that I doubt if you or I really should be envious of the Lone Star Card recipient. They still can't get the finer things of life, no matter how they stretch their allotted funds.

No, I don't think Obama has made a detrimental armegeddon to our country. It's fear-mongering true and true.

Lars Faltskog

BTW....how did I vote? The 1st time in 2008, I voted for McCain. By 2012, I knew the Repubs were "off their rockers". What will I do in 2016? Well, Repbubs...fix your party. Some of us might come back.

Carlos Ponce

And will you, sverige, go into the Republican Primary and vote for Chris Christie then vote for Hillary in the general election? Sounds like your modus operandi.

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 4:59 pm on Thu, Jun 12, 2014:

And also to respond to bevoresident. You're requesting "factual information" regarding the hundreds of stories we hear each year regarding "crimes of passion", mainly domestic incidents where an individual becomes so embroiled in the moment. He/she picks up one of their licensed CHL guns/rifles or whatever, and in the passionate moment - kills spouse?

In many of these stories, he/she kills spouse, then goes for the children. Either that, or the children watch and/or hear in horror. I hear this quite often on channel 13 news. I think we all hear about stolen guns (who were licensed to irresponsible folks who couldn't lock them up properly) that are used in robberies and other crimes. Then, as I mentioned, the all-too-frequent story about a curious toddler who picks up Daddy's gun/rifle and the weapon goes off. Local news channels throughout the country, practically every day, send out a reporter and they interview the "distraught" parent (who wasn't being a parent) and they "can't believe this happened". I won't cite the recent stories....they're easy to find. OK...here's one link just for your musing pleasure:


Carlos Ponce

sverige, my point exactly. The only story you can come up with has no reference to what you alledge. NO crime of passion, NO licensed CHL weapon mentioned in the article, NO spouse killed. Come on sverige if there are HUNDREDS OF STORIES find some links. The one you found has no bearing on your allegation.

Carlos Ponce

From the Daily Caller:
Hillary Clinton: I ‘Could Not Have Predicted’ That Al-Qaida Would Take Over Iraq.
Funny, when Barack Obama set deadlines for America's withdrawal from Iraq, everyone else did. And the Democrats want her to be President? God Help Us!

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 12:26 pm on Fri, Jun 13, 2014:

You do watch the news, don't you? Of course there are countless incidents of usage of licensed firearms in homes during family domestic dispute disturbances. Don't kid yourself in thinking this "rarely" happens. Although I normally am not a fan of "links", since I like to 'give and take' our own dialogues....Here's a few links from a Google search of "man shoots self, wife":


"Gunshots fired from the bedroom" is a common theme in these murder/suicide killings - where a gun is handy and accessible at home.

It makes one wonder if these folks had not had access to a gun at home at these crucial moments, would such tragic results have still occurred? Perhaps with the one story that also involved an ax. Then again, the death count via an ax is much less. Guns are more resourceful and quicker than an ax, quicker than slow torture, etc.

Carlos Ponce

Baltimore CBS Local; No reference to CHL license, spouse shot but injuries not life threatening. Does not match the scenario of your post.
NYDaily News: Man "axed" spouse, shot neighbor. No mention of CHL licences assailant. Does not match the scenario of your post.
News-Record No mention of CHL licensed husband. Does not match the scenario of your post but you're getting closer.
MyfoxChicago No mention of CHL licensed husband. Does not match the scenario of your post.
WSFA: No mention of CHL licensed husband. Does not match the scenario of your post.
Come on, sverige, you said there were HUNDREDS of STORIES. Not one mentions CHL. Do you have "inside information" on these stories that the rest of us don't have privy to?

Chris Gimenez

Ah, Servitude the Ridiculous-it looks like the links you provide all illustrate that those states with the strictest gun laws have the most gun crime. Go figure.

Chris Gimenez

Hey Servitude the Ridiculous, here's a few links for you. They kind of blow away your claims and reinforce that the left-wing mainstream media will distort and lie about anything they don't like until someone proves them to be liars. Which happens with obscene regularity.



And one for all the responsible CHL owners.


I can't wait for the ignorant reply that always follows the embarrassing facts.

Carlos Ponce

And by the way sverige you said "You do watch the news, don't you?"
First Link http://baltimore.cbslocal.com I don't watch Baltimore news.
Second Link http://www.nydailynews.com/ I don't subscribe to New York newspapers.
Third link http://www.news-record.com Greensboro, North Carolina newspaper. Sorry I subscribe to the Galveston Daily News.
Fourth Link http://www.myfoxchicago.com I watch FOX but not their Chicago affiliate.
Fifth link WFSA is in Montgomery, Alabama. Yes, I do watch the news but I do not get Alabama stations.
Hundreds of stories! BULL!

Chris Gimenez

Well, the Liar-in-Chief and his assumed heir to the throne, Hillary Rodham "No Cigar" Clinton have both proclaimed the worthiness and value of exchanging five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world for an Army deserter so they could hang their hat on the mantra, "We leave no man behind".

I wonder how many terrorists we'll have to exchange when Al Quaeda captures this group of Dept. of Defense contractors. Obviously our Liar-in-Chief doesn't place as much value on them as he did on the deserter.


Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 1:36 pm on Fri, Jun 13, 2014:

I had a strong feeling you would try to point out that none of these stories specified if the distraught family assailants had a "legal CHL". You were a teacher once, and you knew the concept of "inference".

Wouldn't you think that most of these law-abiding families that had the unfortunate circumstance of a spouse committing a murder/suicide LEGALLY bought those guns? It's safe to say that through "inference", that was the case.

Let's turn it around: How many of these story links said that the guns DID NOT belong to the assailants? None. Because they very likely belonged to the suicide family murders. Recorded in Gradebook the following:

SVERIGE 1 = 1 point on inference
carlosrponce = 0 point on inference

Carlos Ponce

sverige, you don't need a CHL to buy a handgun, only to CARRY and conceal one outside your property. To purchase a handgun you only need to be 21 and pass a background check. If the gun is not taken outside the home, no CHL is needed.


Lars Faltskog

Folks like bvresident and carlosrponce are perfectly OK with having guns in possession of families with small children in the nation. I suppose when you hear of the movie theatre, school, mall, workplace shootings, you go "Oh, well, these things happen. But they better not take MY weapon." Well, if you're crazy, and/or are under 21, and/or have anger issues - you best give up your weapon.

Think of all the crimes of passion that would not occur if the husband, mainly, gave up his weapon, went to some counseling - instead of go out and try to shoot some quail.

And, bevoresident: I'm not sure the logic behind your need to delineate between "red" states with less strict gun laws and "blue" states with stricter gun laws. The problem of gun violence is systemic throughout the country - no eco status, race, political affiliation supercedes this national crisis. Put down you knee jerk "I have my 2nd amendment rights" for a moment, and think of the good for the country.

My legislative proposals for sane gun control laws in this nation: First, there should be a voluntary check-in phase of weaponry where citizens can turn in any and all guns - no questions asked. Then, enact legislation to be effective January 1, 2015 (supported by Obama) where anyone over 21 with a weapon is charged (and their parents are also if residency proofs reveal the "child" is still living with the parent). Finally, anyone who seeks counseling for anger issues, or is ordered by a court to take anger management classes - he/she will have all weapons conviscated indefinitely.

Carlos Ponce

Folks like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, et al are perfectly OK with having guns in possession of families with small children in the nation since each support the Second Amendment. I am in good company.
sverige, Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the land and among the highest in gun deaths. Your proposal is not "sane". It is definitely Unconstitutional.
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."
In District of Columbia Et al. v. Heller, the Supreme Court holds in part:The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. That includes homes with small children.

Lars Faltskog

Well, Ponce:

The inner city of Chicago ought to be stripped from their arms. Most of the populace fits my criteria - they have small children in the homes and/or under 21 youngsters.

Charged felons should also be stripped from their gun ownership, as should mental patients. Should republicans turn in their guns?? If they fit any of my above-mentioned criteria. It's a misnomer to think that only inner cities have gun problems. Again, peruse through my links and you'll see that rural/city, red/blue areas share our national crisis of gun violence. It will take some big changes of mentality for our nation to realize that gun ownership should be an adult, non-criminal privilege.

Carlos Ponce

Stripped of their arms the inner city of Chicago would resort to knives, baseball bats, broken bottles, etc. They need Jesus. "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright exacerbates the problem. They need a real preacher.

Carlos Ponce

While Muslim Militants march towards Baghdad and the US Embassy feels threatened, Barack Obama jets to Palm Springs for a fund raiser and golf - that is his legacy.

George Croix

It gets worse than the usual Obama dodge of hightail it away from DC and go to a party.
I heard him say on the toob that it's 'too politically sensitive' to extract Americans from Iraq right now who are in harms way and begging to be airlifted out.
Was that the reason, too, that the 4 guys at Benghazi were left to die with no hope anyone would even try to come help them....while plans for a Vegas bash proceeded at top speed....
I'm guessing that's a yes....

Lars Faltskog

Respone to cougargator posted at 12:39 am on Fri, Jun 13, 2014:

Well, you posed this question a few days ago, so why don't you give us an answer. Please answer what Obama was supposed to "get this nation out of"? As a voter, I never felt that he would indeed have that much power/clout/unweilding persuasion to make the changes that folks thought he would back in 2008. (remember that yours truly voted for McCain in 2008). So, evidently, I was not swayed by this "messiah" concept even back then.

I felt that between he and "Sugar Daddy" Romney, Obama was the better choice that could answer to at least some vestige of middle class concern(s). The endless claims that he's a "dictator" are simply pleas of ill feeling b/c a handful of middle-aged to elderly white gentlemen are so scared that minorities and women are usurping the "good ol' boy" status quo.

So, cougargator, what will you impeach Obama for?

Lars Faltskog

"So, cougargator, what will you impeach Obama for?"

Just as I thought: no answer, no basis for entertaining the impeachment of our Prsident.

Curtiss Brown

"So, cougargator, what will you impeach Obama for?"

Other than being an alien born, socialist, Kenyan.

Lars Faltskog

LOL, isleshire.

There's really folks who think he's all those things. How, oh, how will our broken country heal from the ravishing damage this monster has done?

Carlos Ponce

There are some that insist that the Obama administration is not responsible for the thousands of children from Central America who showed up in Texas. They showed up on their own with the help of "Coyotes". Well...
according to a "help wanted" Request For Information posted on FedBizOpps.gov, the Feds were looking for vendors to help escort unaccompanied alien children (UAC) in JANUARY of this year. They planned for 65,000 children to show up!


Lars Faltskog

In the news a couple of days ago...more "talks" of impeaching our President??? So, I ask again...what do folks want to impeach our President for?

Let's keep a dossier of dastardly deeds. What did he do week of July 20-27?

Has he done something today, Monday? Cougarator, anyone?

Carlos Ponce

Only Republican who has talked about impeaching Obama is Sarah Palin. It's members of the Democratic Party who keep bringing it up to "rally the troops". Trust me, no one wants Uncle Joe to become President. Remember Bill Clinton was impeached but not removed. The thought of Al Gore as president was enough to keep them from removing Bill from office.[scared]

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