Spring break got off to a slow, cold start this year.

But we all know how fickle the weather can be in March, and it pays to be prepared. Sure enough, each time the wind slowed down or the sun even hinted that it might come out, people started appearing all across the beach. 

Fortunately, we had lifeguard re-qualifications last Saturday. After swimming 1,000 meters (40 lengths of the pool) in 18 minutes or less, the returning guards proved they stayed in good enough shape during the winter to still have what it takes to make rescues in the surf.

After swimming, filling out paperwork and drug testing, they were back out on the beach for another season. The good thing is that once they meet the minimum requirements and go back to guarding, our daily workouts and training will keep them in great condition throughout the season.

Putting the entire Beach Patrol system back in place for the summer is a complicated process with a lot of moving parts, but we’re getting there.

The towers are refurbished, all 220 signs are up along the entire beach front, the buoy rescue boxes on the jetties and elsewhere are in good order and stocked, new vehicles are getting outfitted and winter training is complete.

We still have training of new lifeguards and our annual supervisor academy to go, but we have to wait until May when the entire seasonal staff is here for that.

One big piece of the puzzle was put in place last Tuesday at the park board meeting. We decided what the plan will be this summer for the San Luis Pass.

You recall that there were several drownings at the beginning of the summer last year at the San Luis Pass. As a result, we redirected some funds and increased the number of warning signs about the dangerous currents in and around the pass.

We have maintained those signs as they’ve fallen or been vandalized and are committed to continuing that. Signage is good, but there’s nothing like hands-on intervention.

Funds have been tight for the past few years, and we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to do more at the pass. The board decided to put several projects in a prioritized contingency line item to hold off on until we see how the hotel tax, which comprises the lion’s share of our budget, tracked before committing those resources. 

Good news! The hotel tax is above predicted levels, and the board felt comfortable releasing additional funding for a weekend patrol at the San Luis Pass. Starting Memorial Day weekend, we’ll schedule a roving vehicle to keep people from swimming in the pass. 

I have to hand it to the board. The members have consistently tried to make a difference while keeping expenditures to a minimum. Our money is tight, but, ultimately, it came down to focusing on what’s best for tourism, Galveston and our beach visitors. 

They found a way to make it happen, and accidents will be prevented because of this. 

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