Some sour cynic long ago said ”No good deed goes unpunished.” Unfortunately, at times this rings true, but here at the Friends of Galveston State Park we do appreciate all those who through their good deeds make it possible for us to do our good deeds for the park.

There are three groups of good deed doers who through donations of their time and money carry out and fund the Friends’ good deeds. They are our volunteers, our donors and our event sponsors.

Our volunteers smilingly spend many hundreds of hours to carry on our long-term projects such as greenhousing, potting the seedlings and planting the grass shoots in our coastal prairie grass restoration project.

Our donors, whether as members paying dues or as individuals and organizations donating, keep our coffers from going empty. As in politics, money is the mother’s milk of a service organization. These donations whether $10 or, in a yearly instance, $25,000, enable us to pay for the supplies, equipment and services needed to continue our good deeds.

Our sponsors, mostly local commercial entities, help defray the expenses of our special events such as Camp Wild, a yearly day camp for local fourth-graders, and Beach and Bay Come Out and Play Day, a free introduction to the park for everyone whether unfamiliar or devotee. Any sponsor money left after expenses are paid gets put into the general till along with the donations, so it all goes toward good deeds.

Last year the Friends celebrated our volunteers by inviting them to a shrimp boil where they met and socialized with one another and filled up on the traditional shrimp, red potatoes and corn on the cob and washed it down with iced tea and soft drinks (no alcohol allowed in the park). Belatedly, we realized that we had slighted donors and sponsors, so this year we have tried to atone for our insensitivities by sending out invites to all our volunteers, donors and sponsors. Hopefully, we have made amends.

This year’s shrimp boil will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Nov. 11 at the Nature Center in the park. The mosquitoes will have died off by then. We welcome all invitees, and their companions, but we ask that all who plan to attend RSVP with a number so that we can count noses and decide how much food and drink to put in. After all, there is nothing so rank as leftover shrimp even in a dumpster or so odious to our president as the smell of wasted donor money. To RSVP, call 409-737-5567.

Frank Bowser lives in Galveston.


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