I read Gov. Greg Abbott’s glowing endorsement of Mayes Middleton over Republican incumbent Wayne Faircloth (“Spurning incumbent, Abbott endorses Middleton,” The Daily News, Jan. 10) for the District 23 house seat. Following that, I went to Middleton’s campaign website where the governor’s endorsement appears again, and weighs heavily on, “he’ll have my back.” After considering this, I felt compelled to get out my copy of the Constitution, a gift from Sen. Ron Paul.

I wasn’t sure where in that historic document it was written that those in charge of a state or federal government should require their congresses to vote in step with their wishes. Our governments, both state and federal have three branches; executive, legislative and judicial, and each is supposed to work independently. We seem to have forgotten that. When we elect representatives, they are supposed to represent the people of their districts; you know, the ones that put them there.

In the past legislative session, Faircloth did not always vote in lockstep with what the governor wanted, hence the reason for replacing him. Actually, Faircloth went into his community to ask them how they felt when issues arose in the legislature that affected them. He talked with the hotel and lodging association regarding tourism and how to make it better. He met with the scientists at Texas A&M and Rice universities concerning surge protection, and the Park Board of Trustees about beach nourishment projects.

When the governor wanted to outlaw all local tree ordinances in Texas, Faircloth went to Galveston’s tree committee who spent years working on the replacement of the tens of thousands of trees that were destroyed due to Hurricane Ike. He learned why it was so important to the locals, and then he voted no to the blanket state tree bill that the governor wanted. District 23’s voices were heard.

Middleton says Faircloth is not conservative enough. Just what does that mean? He states in the article, “The governor knows that I will fight for his agenda, I will fight to put it into action regardless of who’s in the way.”


Imagine if he is your representative and it doesn’t matter what you want, or what your city wants, he will bend to the governor’s will. Why even bother to have representation? Isn’t that what an autocracy is — government by one?

“My way or the highway” and no compromise in government is a sad commentary and is what is wrong with our political system. We are a vast state with differing economies, environments and different people, with different wants, beliefs and needs. Not one size fits all, which is why keeping it local allows each community a voice in Austin.

I plan to vote for state Rep. Wayne Faircloth and I hope you will too. He is a hardworking man who listens to his constituents and will do his best for the needs of District 23 and the state of Texas. I believe that is what the Constitution and a democracy are all about — the people.

Jeri Kinnear lives in Galveston.


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Jarvis Buckley

As always you are very opinionated &
Very persuasive . Your ability to express your thoughts with a very
articulate manner will certainly
be a plus for Mr. Faircloth . He is fortunate to have you as a supporter.

Doyle Beard

This election comes down to whether Galveston County wants a voice in Austin or wants Austin to have a voice in Galveston county. Figure it out and vote.

Ray Taft

Faircloth does not listen to his constituents. That is a comment repeated over and over again about Faircloth from individuals. Governor Abbott endorsed Middleton. Apparently, Faircloth does not listen to our governor either.

After reading Jeri Kinnear‘s article, I came away feeling that Faircloth does not listen to individuals because he is busy catering to special interest groups. Kinnear belongs to several groups, so she could have a different experience than most individuals.

Nothing will change if Faircloth remains. Let’s give Middleton a try.

Doyle Beard

As Gov Abbott stated Middleton will be a yes man. "He's got my Back". We got to many of those now.

Doyle Beard

Sounds like the only one MIddleton will listen to is the governor, not the people. We got too much of that now.

Carol Dean

Wayne Fakecloth has resorted to mud slinging and lies in his recent commercials and tv appearances. That is a sure sign that he is getting desperate. The lobbyists and liberal groups in Austin are all of a sudden pouring their money into Fakecloths campaign. Why in the world would Wayne now be bragging about his recent endorsement (that he sought) from the ACLU? As a Republican, that should be the last endorsement he would want. Lookout for busloads of voters at the polls! The liberals want to maintain Fakecloth's "yes" vote for their ideas! Keep Texas Red, better yet, turn Austin into a positive, conservative, place that We The People can respect!
Mayes Middleton, fighting for integrity and honesty for YOU!

Doyle Beard

Some people can't stand the truth and call it lies and mudslinging.

Carol Dean

My "bad", it is actually the AFL-CIO that has endorsed Fakecloth!

Diane Turski

I met with both candidates at a candidate forum and I agree with Ms. Kinnear's assessment of them. I also prefer keeping the local voice of democracy with Rep. Faircloth over the distant voice of autocracy voiced by Middleton!

Doyle Beard

Dianne I do agree with you.

Mary Branum

I agree with Jerri and support Wayne Faircloth. Do we want the State to preempt local authority? If so, vote for Middleton. We elect our representatives - who are to represent us; not ride the coattails and be the yes man for the Governor. It was Rep. Faircloth and Sen Taylor who helped prevent across the board State control of almost everything - trees, plastic bags, short term rentals. This meant loss of control at a local level. Each community knows what is best for themselves. Galveston is not Dallas, Austin or Amarillo.

Carol Dean

What else would you expect from dems and liberals? Are you people going to be crossing party lines?

Doyle Beard

Since you don't seem to think people can think for them selves where does that put you? Also I am not a democrat, liberal nor republican, I choose my own candidates to vote for.

Doyle Beard

Right on Mary

James Henderson

Good better best. Mayes Middleton is best.
James Henderson

Carol Dean


Bacliff Jumper

Remember,we still have a Democratic opponent in November. Please pick a side, help your candidate and let's unify afterwards. Primaries are hard because we have to dig deep, grass root.

Doyle Beard

ONe thing for sure we will get more support frommosmeone

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