As I read the guest column by Edna Courville (“Paul supporters are not confused,” The Daily News, March 28), I reflected on the commitment of professors Ralph C. Allen, Lorraine Montgomery and other dedicated educators at Lincoln High School, and Lake Road and Woodland elementary schools. Allen was, among other things, a phenomenal history teacher; Montgomery was a fantastic civics teacher.

Allen made certain that we understood American History, and Montgomery made certain that we understood the manner in which government should function.

Allen and other educators, who knew how to educate, taught us the meaning of loving and caring for our community. They led us through the contentious integration period of La Marque Independent School District. During the school year of 1965-66, a white principal was assigned to an all-black high school, which had staged a civil disobedient protest. Once it ended, Allen and other major educators, for our sake and the sake of education, itself, threw their support behind Dr. James C. McBride, the principal.

It was inspiring to read Courville’s response to the piece that was written by Walter Manuel (“Nakisha Paul is not who TCISD needs,” The Daily News, March 23). In my mind, as I thought about the retired teachers, they determinately taught students to seek and know the elements of truth and facts. Courville was representative of both. Unlike Manuel, she and others did everything within their power to save the district. All Manuel did was whine and complain about the so-called condition of LMISD. Manuel never, to my knowledge, lifted a finger to support the district. Maybe he did nothing because he does not live here.

Jose Boix wrote (“Courville wrong to have used ‘hired,’” The Daily News, March 31). I will not belabor the issue. I will simply ask this question; were these managers compensated for personal service or labor? I know that as one that served on various boards for the city of Texas City, as you served on the board of managers, you were proud to serve with Mable Pratt and David Rac because they agreed with you.

Personally, I have no animosity for Rac or Pratt. However, I do have a problem with the two of them serving to close us down and now being desirous to represent us. Sorry, our educators taught us better. As far as I am concerned, that would be like King George III running for president of the 13 original colonies. We were taught to cherish and support those things which are ours.

We are bringing the attitude of Allen and others, during the time of integration, to TCISD. Will we ever forget LMISD? Never. Will we ever allow anyone to degrade her name? Never. Will you ever make us believe that we should have been closed? Never. However, we will support TCISD with the same commitment we had for LMISD. Contrary to what Manuel and others may think, TCISD knows that the LMISD community will help it reach even higher heights. That’s who we are!

The Rev. James E. Daniels is founder and chairman of the Eagle's Nest Community Organization and lives in Texas City.


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Walter Manuel

How did I know that the leader of an already dead "Community Action organization" would respond to my letter to the editor with more lies that only serves to shame Nakisha Paul and Edna Courville, more than they have both already shamed themselves?

Nakisha Paul and Edna Courville who both served on the board of LMISD, had a choice to walk away and force TEA to take over with a board of managers, as well as, a conservator, if they wanted to truly save LMISD, however they both consciously chose to shut down LMISD for good by NOT working TEA. Period!

James Daniels. the truth will one day set you free when you eventually stop living in your antiquated days of slavery and the battle between races.

All Daniels sees is the color of one's skin and he could care less how incompoetent they are, so long as they are African American. The truth again will set this so-called community leader and so-called "reverend" free.

James Daniels is a poison to the TC-LM community by spreading lies rather than facing the truth that both Paul and Corville failed the district miserably and OUR school district is now closed because of them and their actions.

James Daniels and his supporters need to own the fact that that they don't know the first thing about running an educational system and maintaining financial accountability, both of which Courville and Paul already proved to everyone across the state of Texas that they are not capable of accomplishing.

James Daniels doesn't know what I did behind the scenes to help the children of LMISD, all he sees is that I was accomplished at eventually getting ALL of them kicked to the curb!

Lastly, Daniels wants people to believe that I live out of town, however again his facts are as misleading as the junk that he writes about his incompetent freinds.

I guess Daniels hasn't quite lived long enough to see what a true failure looks like especially when tries to mislead people into believing that Nakisha Paul deserves to be on the TCISD board.

Daniel;s, you make me laugh looking like a pitiful fish struggling to breath out of water. You and your incompetent group that served on the LMISD and were kicked off make me LOL....[yawn][beam]

Walter Manuel

I forgot to mention that the reason Daniels is so bitter with Mr. David Rac and Mrs. Mable Pratt is not because they were hand selected by TEA to clean up Nakisha Paul and Edna Courville and their other fabulous weak board member friends, he's mad because NEITHER David Rac nor Mable Pratt will be hand puppets for the struggling Eagle's Nest group.

TCISD needs people like David Rac and Mable Pratt to pick up the broken pieces of LMISD and repair the community and serve the children of our community, NOT further racially divide us like Nakisha Paul and Edna Courville are being fed by their biggest supporter James Daniels.

Voters need to vote for David Rac and Mable Pratt!

Doyle Beard

Rev, Sorry but too much hogwash

Walter Manuel

Everyone that called me yesterday laughing about this opinion all agreed that the reason Daniel's and Courville keep writing into the paper about Nakisha is because they both need Nakisha Paul on the TCISD "shool" board so that they can bring this same HOT mess over to TCISD and destroy it like they did LMISD. Everyone also agreed that it appears Edna Courville once again wrote this opinion just so that it looks like she still has some credibility left in the community in which in my opinion is VERY questionable by her past actions.

There would be NO good to come out of voters electing Nakisha Paul to the TCISD school board except to intentionally sabotage the TCISD board by inviting the Eagle's Nest and their useless drama onto a school district where their primary focus is about educating EVERY child in the LM-WTC area and NOT certain labels like "economically disadvantaged students" like Nakisha Paul said herself when she reported in her GDN interview, “We want to make sure that everyone is held accountable,” she said.

Growing up in the community, Paul said she has a deep understanding of the area and the students’ needs. That information is beneficial to the board, she said.
The board needs someone who understands all types of students, the demographics and is sympathetic to the economically disadvantaged students in the district, Paul said”.

Nakisha Paul needs to play back the tape of ALL of the destruction that she and her friends on the board intentionally did to LMISD in order to pay back a debt to former Superintendent Ecomet Burley and their best attempt at re-hiring their personal friend Russel Washington, who they supported suing LMISD for $10 million dollars. Despite Mr. Washington losing in EVERY court that he sued in and was only entitled to a few thousand dollars that he was indeed owed, the ousted LMISD board including Nakisha Pauil and Edna Courville, voted to give him $75,000 of OUR tax dollars just because they could.

This is NOT being “accountable” to the taxpayers and further proved that Nakisha Paul is NOT a good steward of other people’s money including wasting the $300,000 on an attorney who knew he couldn’t save anyone’s seat on the former LMISD board.

Oh yeah Nakisha Paul, what did you do to make sure that the money was “equally distributed” within LMISD schools when teachers didn’t have the necessary tools to teach with, students didn’t have libraries in their classrooms and not to forget that the LM High School didn’t even have a working AC unit for our students to be comfortable when they attended our schools?

Nakisha Paul is nothing more than a bunch of HOT air and would bring nothing except more drama, as well as, the Eagle’s Nest HOT MESS over to the TCISD board.

Voters need to get out and vote for Mr. David Rac and Mable Pratt who I know do NOT get involved in politics or attach themselves to any certain group who would make sure that their promoting their own personal agendas.

If voters elect either Nakisha Paul or Lois Jones, then they obviously don’t have children in the TCISD or they too want to support sabotaging the work of TCISD.

Vote Rac/Pratt for TCISD BOT…..

Marissa Barnett

From the column: "I will simply ask this question; were these managers compensated for personal service or labor? "

No. The members of the state-appointed transition board were not paid. School board members are not paid.

Jose' Boix

Thank you Ms. Barnett for your additional note. As a member of the LMISD selected to serve Board of Managers I can attest that we were not "hired" nor "compensated." In addition, we did not know who the other members of the Board of Managers were until we received the initial letter from State of Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams. As such I take further exception to Rev. Daniels aspersion stating that "you were proud to serve with Mable Pratt and David Rac because they agreed with you."

Jack Cross

Mable Pratt has a very long resume and record of years of service to the community. No one can challenge her record as a LMISD trustee when LMISD was a recognized outstanding school district. She was also a long time principle in Pasadena and was appointed by the state to serve on the LMISD/TCISD board of managers. Ms Pratt dosed her job quietly and efficiently. You wont see her writing in the paper of being critical of others, she just does a good job, her record speaks for itself.
David Rac character has a lot in common with Ms Pratt, He is a former COM investment Mgr, former LMISD Board member and also was thought highly enough to be appointed to the Board of managers.
These two candidates have flawless records and will represent TCISD and the communities of Texas City and La Marque in a way that will make citizens and students "Cougar" and "Stingaree" proud.

Jose' Boix

Regarding other incorrect statements made as to the focus and directive given to the LMISD Board of Managers; that we were there to "close LMISD." Please note the facts below:

December 22, 2015: Letter from the State of Texas Commissioner of Education Michael Williams to the Members of the Appointed La Marque ISD Board of Managers.

This letter stated:
“The purpose of this letter is to notify La Marque Independent School District (ISD or district) of my decision to assign a 2015-2016 accreditation status of Not Accredited-Revoked to the district and order closure of the district effective July 1, 2016.”

The acceptance and pledge by the appointed LMISD Board of Managers:
We respect the Commissioner’s decision, and we are prepared to move forward with the annexation process in a way that benefits both communities and all students. Our mission as the appointed La Marque ISD Board of Managers is to help facilitate this transition. As an appointed and diverse Board of Managers, we are focused on what is best for all the La Marque ISD students; we have no other allegiance.

Robert Buckner

Once again Daniels has an opinion that is void of any facts. TEA's decision to close LMISD was a done deal. The board of managers simply made the transition to TCISD. Not an easy task but accomplished. I applaud those who served on the board of managers. Daniel's attacks on Walter Manuel have ZERO basis as well. Manual made LMISD taxpayers aware of what was taking place. That by itself Daniels had him doing more to help LMISD than any "feel good" column of yesteryear that you dreamed up. Also Daniels, Mr. Manual could back up his statements with facts. Wake up and smell the coffee Daniels, it's over. Everybody have a nice weekend.

Jose' Boix

Thank you Mr. Buckner!

Walter Manuel

Very well stated Mr. Boix and Mr. Cross!

We all know the truth when Daniel's has a hard time accepting it and therefore chooses to spread his usual lies that he hopes will fire up his little camp of lost sheeples.

James Daniels has proven himself time and time again to fill his supporters heads with such lies just so they have something to fight for. This is so unfair to those who are vulnerable or gullible enough to believe anything that Daniels has to say anymore.

There's obviously no longer any shame left in this man who obviously doesn't live in the real world with the rest of us.

I always thought that the GDN did a "fact" check before printing something that wasn't simply wasn't true, perhaps I've been wrong all along to assume this?

The decision to close/consolidate LMISD and annex it with TCISD was made by former Texas Education Commissioner Michael Williams and his staff based on the poor job academic and financial performance by the ousted LMISD BOT and former superintendent including Nakisha Paul who at the time was board president, not the LMISD board of managers.

All of the board of managers who were hand selected by TEA to replace the ousted LMISD BOT were simply doing what was asked of them to do and that was to oversee LMISD operations at the time until TCISD had done everything to make the annexation as smooth as possible. Period!

The lie that Daniels keeps telling everyone with regards to the board of managers being "hired" or that theywon't change the fact that his friends on the former LMISD BOT were the one's who actually helped to close LMISD for good.

I've always said that a lie will always spread much faster than the truth ever will. This whole opinion speaks volumes as to what a so-called "man of God" looks like.
“In my mind, as I thought about the retired teachers, they determinately taught students to seek and know the elements of truth and facts”.

Perhaps Daniels needs to walk the walk if he’s going to talk the “CHEAP” talk? Daniel's points of view appear REAL cheap and extremely weak, but then again we all must remember the source…..[whistling][yawn]

Jose' Boix

Thank you again Mr. Manuel!

Doyle Beard

Does the REV really believe that was the truth? If so there is lots of water front property for sale in the desert>

Robert Buckner

The REV apparently only believes Whatever his opinion of the day dictates.

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