The city of Galveston has enjoyed a Fourth of July parade for 20 years.

Every year, volunteers donate their time and resources to make the parade a success.

The parade has been staged in several locations. Our most recent route, which proceeds down Seawall Boulevard from 58th to 28th streets, has proved to be very popular for families from all over Galveston County and beyond. This year’s parade will follow the same route.

As in any event, there are costs that need to be addressed. The majority of man-hours involved are absorbed by Galveston’s concerned citizens as well as several nonprofit patriotic organizations in the form of volunteerism or monetary funds.

The city of Galveston has consistently provided services and manpower for the parade. However, as the years progress and the parade gets larger, the need for additional funding increases as well. To maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all, and continue honoring our local military heroes, we need your help. 

Unless we are able to raise $8,000 for this year’s Fourth of July Parade for parade fees, traffic control and security costs, this year’s parade is in jeopardy. With your assistance, we can continue to honor our military heroes, as well as celebrate the birth of our nation. 

This year the Galveston Island Fourth of July Parade Committee is requesting assistance from the island’s commercial, marine and industrial community. All donations are tax-deductible.

Please send your checks to: The Marine Corps League, Detachment 668, Fourth of July Parade, Two Fort Point, Galveston, Texas 77551.

Any amount is voluntary and, of course, greatly appreciated.

The Fourth of July Parade is open to companies, individuals and groups without regard to affiliations. The only requirements are that an ethical standard and a patriotic theme be displayed in the parade. Obviously, the number of participants has to be limited to keep it within a strict time limit. As a contributor, your organization will have preference in the selection process should you decide to participate.

Arthur B. Vega II lives in Galveston.

(2) comments

GW Cornelius

Needs to be back downtown and in the morning. It is just another loud drunken party the way it is now. Really hate that it was taken away from the people of Galveston.

Lars Faltskog

The parades can be taken away. But, the fireworks are worth keeping.

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