Here we go again. Another tragic death of a young black man at the hands of a nonblack (in this case a white police officer in Ferguson, Mo.) has set of a firestorm of opinions about the great racial divide in this country.

There is no shortage of opinions that local city governments and police are complicit in riot outbreaks, and therefore need fixing — Re: Dan Freeman’s column about how Galveston could perhaps fix some its own problems with minorities (“What Galveston could learn from Ferguson, The Daily News, Aug. 20).

There is little point in placing blame in the death of Michael Brown, at this time, since all the facts are not known and won’t be until a full investigation is completed. (Is the officer telling the truth about Brown’s attack against him, or did Brown have his hands up in a gesture of submission?)

The place where blame really should be aimed is never really discussed on a national level whenever these tragedies erupt. The sad fact is that young black males commit an alarmingly disproportionate amount of violent crimes across America.

Although these young males only make up roughly a quarter of the black population, and probably less than 3 percent of the country as a whole, this staggering amount of violence is the primary source off all tensions between blacks and police in every major city in America, which sometimes results in the death of young black men.

That is a comparatively rare occasion, compared to the tens of thousands of confrontations between these violent young blacks and police every year, where death is not the end result. It is an extremely minute occasion compared to the wholesale slaughter of black-on-black murders nationwide.

Were it not for this rather large elephant in the living room, that no one knows how to deal with and no one particularly wants to talk about — there would be precious few actual violent clashes between police and blacks in inner cities.

In fact, this huge problem is the main stumbling block in finally ending what little racism is left in this country after a half- century of trying.

Imagine it; there would be no so-called stereotyping of all young black males as potentially violent because inner city blacks would be no more violent than any other ethnic group.

Peace would erupt, instead of violence.

How to fix this massive underlying problem in race relations?

Lord knows if there is any fix. At least not one of any speed in the short term.

But, there should be efforts made by both government and black leaders, in all inner cities, to try to lift up these lost young souls.

To somehow mentor all inner city young blacks in how to be responsible fathers, and to steer them away from crime on the streets and toward education, and to teach them how to live a less violent life. It is a national problem of great importance that must be tackled head on.

And may God help us if we don’t somehow manage to begin turning it around. Because if we don’t, there will be more Fergusons. Lots more.

Guest Column

Bob Fields lives in Santa Fe.

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Don Ciaccio

Last year 100 blacks were killed by white citizens. 5,000 blacks were killed by other blacks. It's staggering.

Don Schlessinger

Well said.

PD Hyatt

Race issuses will never stop until the Al Sharpton's, Jesse Jacksons etc.... stop going and stirring up the issues whenever something comes up.... We as a nation need to start accepting responsibility for our own actions or lack thereof when we do not go to school, go to college and go out and get a JOB and then up on government handouts....

Lars Faltskog

We need all the Al Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, and Quannel X's to counteract the hate that the fringe extreme racist whites perpetuate.

Carlos Ponce

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson create more problems than they solve. They are DEFINITELY not in the same class as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. Quannel X has shown some insight and some wisdom but then he too resorts to Sharpton/Jackson style race baiting. I still have hope for him though.

Jim Forsythe

"In the United States, a White person is almost six times more likely to be killed by another White person than by a Black person, according to FBI homicide data. In 2011, there were more cases of Whites killing Whites than there were Blacks killing Blacks. However, the mainstream media obsesses over Black on Black violence and rarely mentions the problem of White on White violence."
This is from the Call & Post
What does this mean, a lot of people are being killed.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, Human on Human crime is BIG problem on this planet. Statistics show that Humans are more likely to kill other Humans than any other sentient species on Planet Earth. It started with a Human called Cain. This is from the Bible.

George Croix

Yes, Jim, but no doubt it was just an oversight to post only quantitative data, and not mention the percent of population calculus.
It makes one's eyelids pop open a bit further...[wink]

Chris Gimenez

It wasn't an oversight. It's his modus operandi.

Lars Faltskog

Response to Bigjim posted at 8:21 am on Sat, Aug 23, 2014:

The media's tendency to constantly be dogging on the "black on black" crime is a way for a few writers and reporters to perpetuate storytelling and secure journalistic assignments.

It's human nature to live and exist in areas where people hold commonality of race and social strata. It's only natural to also have a large preponderance of "white on white" crime. If white folks live near each other, they walk the same streets, they get into the same kind of altercations when one or more individual misbehaves.

And, paul-hyatt - why not think for a moment. If you are a minority race, and you're living in a non-affluent (poor) area, you won't have resources like lawyers to help you when needed. That's why there are activists like J.Jackson, Sharpton, and our very own Quannel. It's easy for folks like you and me to wonder why THEY have all these activists who call out on the injustices that the majority instills. You and I can easily hire a lawyer to help us. Poor folks have to pool together and find representatives like Quannel X....and he even charges a large fee.


How to fix this massive underlying problem in race relations?
Lord knows if there is any fix. At least not one of any speed in the short term.
But, there should be efforts made by both government and black leaders, in all inner cities, to try to lift up these lost young souls.
To somehow mentor all inner city young blacks in how to be responsible fathers, and to steer them away from crime on the streets and toward education, and to teach them how to live a less violent life. It is a national problem of great importance that must be tackled head on.
And may God help us if we don’t somehow manage to begin turning it around. Because if we don’t, there will be more Fergusons. Lots more.
----------BOB FIELDS

I don't know why I keep hammering away at this issue, without getting paid by those who hear me. I suppose because GOD has commanded me to do it! It is just so astounding why most people cannot see what I'm saying, accept a few.
What DON233 said below gives the whole universe a clue, but they still don't get it!
What Mr. PONCE said hits the ball out of the park! HOMERUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Bob Fields, the writer of this article said, "LORD KNOWS IF THERE IS A FIX!"
Yes sir! BINGO!!!!!! DING-DING-DING-DING!!!!! Yes sir the LORD knows there is a fix and he TOLD us what that fix was! The trouble or problem is IN THIS COUNTRY AND AROUND THE WORLD THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO DON'T GIVE A DAM ABOUT WHAT GOD THINKS OR SAYS!
They neither have eyes to see nor ears to hear what THUS says the LORD! They allow the world to teach them and direct their lives and living conditions and allows their souls/flesh to direct their destinies!
That is the same treatment to your spirit as it would be to open up your front door and invite thieves and killers to come inside and harm you and your loved ones without a fight! The difference is one is spiritual, and the other one is natural! Other that that, there is NOT ONE IOTA OF DIFFERENCE!
Jesus Christ once told a bunch of BLIND PHARISEES that he came to give sight to all who were blind ....and they responded by telling Him, "Hey if we were blind how is it possible for us to see you now? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....Hooooooooooooooah!!!
In John 3:3 Jesus Christ the teacher, told Nicodemus the scholar, and Pharisee Ruler of his time, who like many HUMANS TODAY knows it all:
John 3:3
3) Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again! ( NICODEMUS,..THAT MIGHTY RULER KNOW-IT-ALL ASKED THIS IN RETURN ).

4) “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” LOLOLOLOL

I will end by saying this: Here is our problem ladies and gentlemen! Ignorance of the wiles and deadly plans the enemy has for mankind! Many among us don't even acknowledge there is an enemy, and I mean OWN THIS FORUM! They disparage and vilify the name of Christ by calling Him a MUMMY, and refers to GOD HIMSELF as IMAGINARY! Yes, such stupidity like this is multiplying throughout the world, unchallenged by much of the Church of the Lord.
This evil then procreates and multiplies again and again at the delight of Satan our enemy,....still while much of the Church sleeps on inside the four walls of the Houses Of God, being deceived, singing songs and taking up collections. They sing on, while the enemy is sowing weed of destruction in mankind's wheat fields of LIFE.
Naw, I can't lay what is happening today on Jesse Jackson, nor on Al Sharpton, nor on David Duke, or George Wallace. Men like these were deceived, and merely tools used by the enemy of mankind. That small whispering voice who led EVE astray, in the garden, over 2000 years ago is at still work today deceiving and misleading!
Ephesians 6:12
"For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."
I'll end by saying this and when I learned this years ago, it changed my life and how I thought about people who were different than myself:
These we wrestle with don't give two DAMS ABOUT YOUR COLOR! THEY COME TO STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY!!!!! Yes, this is why what DON233 said is so profound!! It is proof, if you can see it! Of coarse Mr. PONCE his the ball out of the park, and over the fence as usual! He sees what I see, and that is the big picture.
Naw Obama is not going to solve this and neither is Senator Cruz, Hilliary, and no other individual walking around on two legs! The fix for what is happening in this world has already been given to the world, IF THE WORLD WILL WAKE UP, LOOK AT IT and GRAB IT! .
I don't want your money!!! Put that plate down over there!!!!!! This is free!
I will accept an Amen though, if there are any who are not shame to give me one!


Willis Briggs

Mr. JBG, as usual, you get an AMEN from me.


Casey Alan

I think this article proves the black communities point. White people are afraid of young black man. This isn't about who commits more crimes. It is not about black on black killing nor is it a white on black killing nor is it a white on white killing. It's about a young man unarmed being killed. If we as a country can stop looking at people and judging them by the color of their skin., then these things would not happen. And yes I am a white woman.

Chris Gimenez

The "black communities" point is that white people are afraid of a young black man but it isn't about who commits more crimes? And the blame-shift continues. The young black man-just like the young white man-creates his own image. If the desired image is to advance the idea that most young black men would rather be gangstas and pimps than to get educated, speak English, and get a job then so be it. Not my fault and not my problem.

Lars Faltskog

But, bevoresident -
You and I have never experienced being black. It's not so easy for us to wonder why so many black young men end up in poverty and "become gangsters". I have heard that one way we can perhaps have a small inkling of how it is would be to think of the times that a white boy/man goes into a section of a department store.

The salespeople don't nearly suspect the white person as being a potential thief. But, change it around and make it a young black man. The salespersons place a much closer watch, even if this young black man is a wonderfully-raised individual with a good family and well manners. African-Americans are, by default, victimized by suspicions, questioned, stopped by the law enforcement just for their color. We don't know how it is. A lot of inner strife results from years of being looked upon negatively. Now, do you have an idea as to why it would be bad ethics to simply say "not my fault, not my problem"?

Carlos Ponce

"It's not so easy for us to wonder why so many black young men end up in poverty and 'become gangsters'." No one has all the answers but African-Americans whom I trust point to family structure as the reasons why some are successful while others are not. The African - American family was pretty much intact prior to the 1960s and the "Great Society". Economist Thomas Sowell argues that the significant expansion of federal welfare under the Great Society programs beginning in the 1960s contributed to the destruction of African American families.

Chris Gimenez

Well let me suggest that a good start in changing the course of your life-if you're one of the disaffected young black men who to turn to a life of drugs, pimping, gangs, rap music that disparages women in the most vile ways, using the "F" word in every sentence, and on and on-might be to pull your pants up, turn your hat around, speak politely to those you encounter, don't start running from the po po if you don't have an outstanding warrant, stop making babies with different baby mamas just because you can, go to school every day, study, and learn to fit into society rather than expecting society to accept your angriness for things I didn't do to you and for things that never happened to you.

You see, part of the liberal mind-sickness is to accept blame for the lack of progress of others when they have and have had the very same opportunities the majority of us grew up with. I choose not to accept responsibility for others and the direction in life they willingly embark on.

Always blaming life's inequities-whether real or perceived-on others is a surefire guarantee that you will never realize your full potential or even a fraction of it. We can always look for reasons and excuses why we haven't reached the success we feel we deserve or why someone stereotypes us, or why life hasn't been "fair" to us.

What I see every day are those who come from countries around this world with little or nothing to their name and they revel in the opportunity this country offers to those willing to work hard and accept responsibility. Meanwhile, the media shows another group of people who destroy and steal what others have struggled to build and they do it because of their anger. They say they're "owed" their anger and destruction because of some real or perceived injustices. Sorry Servitude, if you want to accept responsibility for their conduct then be my guest. I choose not to.

Lars Faltskog

Response to bvresident posted at 9:43 pm on Mon, Aug 25, 2014:

Well, BVresidueT -

It's no so much giving excuses or apologizing for the terrible things that a criminal does. I am all for "law and order" just like the rest of us when the crime(s) occur.

What I write is a reference to what happens BEFORE the criminal becomes a criminal. The way you write, however, seems to always focus on disdain toward peripheral/superficial things such as pants worn below the buttocks, the rap music, et cetera. You specifically focus on these things that hip hop and/or African-American folks use for some of their media entertainment.

However, I hasten to add that white people and Hispanics are also "guilty" of purchasing the music and emulating the clothing style. You don't talk about terrible white criminals, do you? Why don't you express how much of a travesty it is that still in this day and age there are numerous amounts of white supremacy compounds that hold hateful, white criminals who believe in violence, looting, and the like?

You do realize that a lot of these places of white criminal violent activity are housed in rural areas of places like Idaho, Montana, and even remote Texas areas. Yet you don't regularly express your disgust regarding white people's lack of work ethic. After all, white people collect more governmental assistant dollars than the other races.

Chris Gimenez

I'm sorry if I misinterpreted something here. In Ferguson, who exactly is rioting, breaking the windows of businesses owned by hard-working business owners, throwing Molotov cocktails, stealing the goods from the shelves of the businesses they break in to, etc?

I thought this discussion was about Ferguson and what was going on there and why. Does it appear from the available video that the decedent Brown had just committed a strong-arm robbery and threatened a store-owner much smaller than him?

One of the protestors was asked by a FOX News reporter what it was he wanted that would make him stop his mayhem. The criminal said he wanted "justice, the cop to be charged with murder, and to be given jobs". Now I ask, who in the heck is going to hire the thug? What skills does the thug have? How do you "give" someone a job when you see them on TV causing all the havoc they're causing?

When a business owner sees people dressed a certain way doing certain things that are criminal, it becomes an association that is no fault of the business owner's. It doesn't really matter if that young person is black or white or brown, they need to stop thinking violence is the key to their success. If an employer has an ample pool of prospective employees to choose from you'd best believe they're going to hire the ones who have the skills that are needed for the position.

To my knowledge, there are no employers who routinely seek those with the skillsets of breaking and entering, theft, Molotov-cocktail making, and general destruction.

George Croix

We already know that the young man was about 100# heavier and a few inches taller than the Officer, and had just committed a strong arm robbery in broad daylight.
And IF the Officer WAS in fact, as reported, beaten so badly that his eye socket was fractured, and IF the evidence shows that the 'young unarmed man' was grabbing for his gun, was the officer then just 'judging the young unarmed man by the color of his skin'?
I'm a white guy, and among my many faults, of which the numbers are legion I'm told, is that I'm not afraid of much of anything, and certainly not any particular color of person.
You're generallizing...that's what the 'protesters' in Fergusoin are doing...
They've already convicted the Officer, without even all evidence in, much less indictment, or trial.
If the Grand Jury says No Bill, more riots have been promised/alluded to...
One cannot acuse others of pre-judging, then do so themselves...without growing another face...[wink]


Thank you OLDBLUE!!!! Your Amen gives me the zest to keep posting the truth which will open blind eyes and deaf ears, if it were to be accepted! I knew beforehand that I would not be well received! Jesus Christ HIMSELF was not well received, still isn't ....which is why our country and this world is like they are,........but your one Amen gave me new vigor and excitement! So I say thanks you, and God Bless! [smile]

Casey Alan

True all the facts are not in yet. If indeed this young man was beating the hell out of the officer and grabbing for his gun that of course the shooting was justified. That has not been proven. Witnesses say his arms were up in surrender and we know that also has not been proven. People believe the video of someone strong arm robbery was him. That too has not been proven. If you read the article closely it undertones white people are afraid of black people. As far as we know this young police officer white man was petrified. And if indeed this young black man had his arms up in surrender there was no reason to shoot him but out of fear. But no matter how it turns out this article proves that white people are afraid of black people. And ironically if riots break out again that's is going to reinforce white peoples feelings about black people. This is why pre-judging people on their race is not a good thing to do.

Carlos Ponce

"But no matter how it turns out this article proves that white people are afraid of black people." No, I think this forum proves that people fear being called "racist" or "prejudiced" and will cast aside their common sense and sense of morality to be on the "safe side". There is holding your hands up to signal "TOUCHDOWN", there's holding your hands up to signal "I SURRENDER", there's holding your hands up to signify "I'M GONNA GET YOU, SUCKER!", there's holding your hand's up and running after someone signifying "I'M GONNA GET YOU, YOU MOTHER F***ER", and then there's holding your hands up to signify "GIMME A HUG!" All this NONSENSE about "hands up" just meaning "I surrender". Unless you are there, you don't know what it means.

thomas herring

Concern - no one is pre-judging anyone. Statistic show areas and populations where there is high crime. I will not be walking through these areas alone and even people who live in these areas are afraid of these areas. There are a lot of successful people of all color and no one is saying any one demographic is bad. But look at how high the crime is in certain areas or certain parts of the population. Facts are facts. Just 2 days ago, 2 young black men were arrested for that punch out game where they attacked elderly people. Are they just innocent young men being pre-judged. But Concern, you pointed out something that is a good point. If riots break out, that certainly doesn't give anyone a warm fuzzy about those commiting the crimes. We are already anticipating a riot and why? Look at what is going on in Furguson where these people are destroying family businesses. No one is pre-judging anyone other than the criminals who are committing the crimes. Think about it. Are those just innocent people being pre-judged? Carlos makes another good point. If his hands were "up", he could have been going after the police officer. But we won't know until all the facts are in.

Evelyn Clark

I just can't figure out why , it took ten days for the police force to say this officer was beaten up.
I have 2 members of my family that are policer officers and I can truly say they are nice to everyone..

To anyone that can't read my typing . TOO BAD at least I am getting better at it.

[beam] [beam] [beam]

Carlos Ponce

Why did it take ten days to say the officer was beaten up? In an ideal case, this fact and many others should never have been released to the public before revealed to the grand jury or during a trial. This case should not be tried in the media. Why was it released - because of all the negative publicity against the police department, the officer involved and the false and misleading information put out by the media and other sources.

Chris Gimenez

Well, you've certainly discovered where to find the emoticon buttons. Other than that I wouldn't start trumpeting your grammatical skills just yet.

Lars Faltskog


As Taylor Swift would say, "Why you gotta be so mean?"

George Croix

The fact that Michael Brown has been ID'd by his family as the person in the strong arm robbery video earlier on the morning of the shooting has been reported by multiple news outlets, including the not-conservative LA Times, which entity also posted this quote from the Brown's attorney:

"The Brown family’s attorney accused Police Chief Thomas Jackson of character assassination for tying Brown to the crime.
“He chose to talk about something to darken up this man’s past,” attorney Anthony Gray said at news conference. “Let me be real clear to everyone here,” he added. “This family has never said Michael Brown was a perfect kid.”

From the PAST?
It was earlier that morning on the day of the shooting.
Character assassination?
What it does show is mindset of Brown, and IS a POSSIBLE indicator of why a request to stop walking in the middle of the street escalated, ELEGEDLY, into a fight and subsequent death.
Remember, the 'eyewitness' with Brown who loudly claimed theat Brown was killed EXECUTION STYLE has been discredited by ALL 3 autopsies.
Lot of facts remain to come out...some of them actually factual...

My take on the fear issue is that people afraid are going to be afraid based on some perception of possible injury, harm, or loss to themselves or people they know, not color . Maybe that's not true of all, but it's a bit irrational to be so, unless some APB has been put out to BOLO for a person of whatever color who's just committed a crime...
Or, in the case of these forums, people posting anonymously for 'fear' of someone knowing who actually said what.
I don't post from behind cover, and will say straight up that IMHO, that's imho, the 'fear' related to black people is media hyped...nothing new there. And hyped by the victimists and grievance hucksters and race baiters, of all colors, for personal or ideological benefit. There ARE two areas of fear related to this subject that are real, though, I believe, and that is, one, too many people are afraid to challenge stuff like is going on in Ferguson, for fear of being labeled 'racist', or some other absurdity, or being threatened by cowards who do so while wearing masks or on the other end of a phone. And, two, people have come to expect that riots and looting will take place after a killing of a 'minority' by Police, because, well, they do.
It's NOT all blacks doing it, and as we see in Ferguson low lifes from out of town, even out of state, descend on such situations to take advanyage of the confusion. I seriously doubt the innocent store owners care what color scumbags are stealing their stuff and burning them out.
The pathetic thing is, the reporting on the shop owners who have armed themselves and promised to shoot back against the lawless has attempted to make them look like vigilantes, just trying to 'harm' innocent 'protesters'.
More of that media driven divisiveness.....
Along with the race huckster madness. like this, as reported by CNN, hardly a conservative outlet:
"An outspoken Missouri lawmaker on Friday threatened Ferguson, Missouri, residents and government authorities with more civil unrest such as looting and violence if Police Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown, isn't convicted by prosecutors, according to CNN's Jake Tapper.
State Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who represents Ferguson in the Missouri legislature, has been active in the news media criticizing everyone from the local police department and its chief to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon regarding their response to the shooting of the 6'4" tall, 290 lbs. Ferguson. She also joined protesters almost every night.
According to CNN's Jake Tapper, the 39-year-old Democrat all but threatened increased civil unrest and disobedience in the already damaged Ferguson community unless the prosecutor obtains an indictment against Officer Wilson followed by his winning a conviction for murder or other serious felony.
"It's amazing that Nadal, who is considered an American leader, would make such statements. It really drags down the reputations of politicians even further," said former police officer and corporate security director Joel Asgasia.
"And except for Fox News Channel and a few other news outlets, she's being cheered on by members of the news media," Asgasia added."

There it is......


"But, bevoresident -
You and I have never experienced being black."
I have!! Of coarse they got some old man on this forum who thinks I'm the Mayor of LM and WHITE, but ........even so, I'm still African-American and have been all my life! I have experienced everything mentioned below. Right after the Ferguson incident I,.....ME.......JBG, walked into a local Dollar Store, and the White Cashier and an Old Black man in a wheelchair who hangs out there,...chased me all over the store trying to see if I was going to shoplift something! lolololololololo! Ahhhhhhhahahhhhahhah! They did not bother anyone else, but it was as if they said to themselves we better watch this guy, he might be here to start something!!!!
You got a point there, but the fact remains, I'm responsible for my own actions, and I did not come as far as I have by buckling under to STUPID people, WHITE or BLACK. No man is going to keep me down unless he stays down with me! Even then I'm not going to allow him to be successful! The reason I know this is because many have tried to do it and failed big time!
This is America, land of opportunity, free education, where a man can dream and go out and live them! It all depends on who a man let influences him, and how far he is willing to push himself in efforts to achieve his dreams. I never gave three "DAMS" about what people thought about me and I still don't!
So just because someone thinks ill about me, I'm suppose to go out and prove them right? I don't think so! I'm a competitor! If I have to work at night or on the weekends to catch up and pass someone, THAT IS WHAT I WILL DO AND THAT IS WHAT I HAVE DONE IN THE PAST TO OVERCOME SOMEONE ELSE'S ADVANTAGE OVER ME!
I will never allow my Black skin to become an excuse for me to lay down and cry, and feel sorry for myself. I'm an *&^ kicker....and a name taker,....or it might be the other way around!
That is neither here nor there though! I worked hard, but I never dropped my head and felt sorry for myself! Anybody can be SORRY!


“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself;
A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough;
without ever having felt sorry for itself.”
-------------D.H. Lawrence

Chris Gimenez

JB, you're disgusting. Not to me but to Servitude, and mytoby, and pfinn, and bigjim, and all the others on the Left who despise what you stand for. You ruined their narrative. You're African-American and you didn't rightfully claim what is yours by refusing to be a victim? What in God's name is wrong with you?

You see, by any normal standards you're a self-made success. Unfortunately, you're also black and to those on the Left being black and being a self-made success are supposed to be mutually exclusive. Otherwise, you are just like all the white devils who refuse to let African-Americans become part of main-stream America. You are supposed to be a victim and yet you didn't let your life be guided by the victim mentality foisted on blacks by the Entitlement Party.

You should have taken every slight you've ever experienced in your life-whether real or perceived-and make it all about your race and then let it boil into a rage that caused you to do drugs, adopt gangsta rappers as your heroes, drop out of school, look at stealing and criminal activity as being your only way out, hate everyone who doesn't buy into your victim mentality, depend on the federal government for your every want and need from cradle to grave, and then blame successful, hard-working people in this country-whether they're white or black or brown-for all your own failures.

And yet you didn't and that's why people like Servitude and pfinn and mytoby despise people like you. You had every opportunity to be one of their victims and you refused. How ungrateful.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bvresiduent:

I am 100 percent confident that I never indicated I despised JBG. I have said that I feel his Bible-thumping is a bit "out there" and oftentimes not too pertinent to the real world among us. But, that doesn't in any way mean "I despise him".

Then again, you and I heard him loud and clear. He doesn't care, and that's the way it should be. I heard a quote from a talk show host (a conservative one at that) who said, "You can't please everyone all the time, and you're a darn fool if you try."

However, I hasten to add that if I owned a shop and had black folks enter it, I might behave differently than you do. You see, I don't hold a preconceived notion that people are "bad" because of their economic stance, their race, or political beliefs. In fact, I have said many times I have come across some conservatives who are wonderful people. Yet, IMHO, they are misguided.

Can you say you've ever met a liberal/progressive who is a good person? I've never heard or seen that written from you. I think you do have anger issues, as it's so evident in your writings.

Chris Gimenez

"However, I hasten to add that if I owned a shop and had black folks enter it, I might behave differently than you do. You see, I don't hold a preconceived notion that people are "bad" because of their economic stance, their race, or political beliefs."

The ignorance of progressives is that they can't distinguish between how people get treated when they walk through a door versus when they come through the windows they just blew out because they can't express themselves in a civilized manner. However, I know the difference and while you talk about race as if you have a corner on being fair-minded, your extremist rhetoric proves otherwise.

As for knowing good liberals-although there's no such thing as a good progressive because they're too far out on the fringe-I do know some. They're able to express their opinions intelligently and without the scurrilous accusations that spew from your mouth and so we get along just fine. Unfortunately, this forum seems to attract the bottom-of-the-barrel progressives who refuse to acknowledge the facts about the damage done to this country under your president.

Here's a funny little factoid for you. Remember, this is the president who proclaimed he would bring everyone together and end the bitterness between political parties, races, countries, and yada, yada, yada.

Reality bites though. It's truly sad that so many believed this charlatan for no reason other than the color of his skin.

Evelyn Clark

To, Bvresident, I do not need you trying to tell anyone about me . I can and will speak for myself. Its true i do not like you calling President Obama that little BOY or Campainge fund raiser. SAVE IT FOR THE REP.

I take issues with the name calling.everytime you get a chance. Remember he is still your COMMANDER and CHIEF until he leaves office. I know that you can't help it because it bring out the worst in you, when you speak of BLACKS in general..
All Policemnan are not good nor Brad. and they do not need all that RIOt GEAR.

P.S. I support MB and Rev. Jackson/ Sharpton. Forever

Chris Gimenez

You're so close to being illiterate it's difficult to distinguish any difference.

Lars Faltskog

Well, bevoResident -
Some folks have had to work, survive, raise a family and do things to maintain existence. We all don't have the luxury of reading prose and go to symposiums to brush up on writing skills.

You might want to be a little more Christian and understanding. Back to the topic at hand. It's all good and well for us to express anger at the convenience store robbers, and just today they mentioned a Radio Shack crash through store robbery northeast of downtown Houston. Yes, these individuals have become brazen thugs. Do we simply call them names and throw up our hands in defeat, or can we find a way to prevent their initial threshold of life of crime?

Carlos Ponce

mytoby, you wrote that you are related to some police officers but you write "and they do not need all that RIOt GEAR." Don't you feel they need protection?
definition of "riot gear" -protective clothing and equipment worn by law enforcement officers in a violent mob situation
They were throwing Molotov cocktails (homemade bottle grenades) at the police in Ferguson, Missouri. "Riot gear" would protect those officers. You don't want to see an officer hurt do you?

Chris Gimenez

So Servitude and pfinn, are we conservatives supposed to feel some kind of misplaced pity and personal responsibility for the actions of these criminals who destroy and loot and harm others? If so, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you.

Here's more proof of racism. At least it is according the Loooopy Left.


You are right bvresident, ...all that is a lot of hog-wash! Those store owners need to be protected from those who are destroying their properties! People need to remain responsible and act under the rule of law. All this looting and robbing of the innocent is no better than the lawlessness going on with these terrorists overseas.
We have laws and courts to settle issues, concerning the law here. If we are going to bypass these ideals and values we have embraced in our democratic society, then why do we have them in the first place. What is to stop us from reverting back to the law of the fastest gun, back when Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday ruled?
One more thing that ticked me off yesterday was when a "PREACHER" standing in the pulpit ....held one hand in the air and loudly "PROCLAIMED" .."the blood of Michael Brown is crying out from the ground FOR VENGEANCE ...............
Vengeance? Really? From the pulpit mind you. I thought vengeance belonged to GOD but that is just me.
Romans 12:19
"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."
Hebrews 10:30
"For we know him that has said, Vengeance belongs unto me, I will recompense, says the Lord. And again, The Lord shall judge his people."
Maybe he was putting on a show for prospective jurors......what does and Ole Plow-Boy from over "Yonder" know anyway?

George Croix

Brown's father took a microphone and called for peace and quiet so his son could be laid to rest in that peace and quiet .
Whatever led to whatever happened by whomever, that was a request worthy of being honored, for the sake of common decency.

Outside the services, vendors were hawking T-shirts with various statements emblazoned on them, ranging from the innocuous to borderline inciting to riot.
T-shirt sellers (and buyers...!).
At a funeral....

Not good....


Of coarse you are right on, but when I hear the word vengeance, ...normally that word means PAYBACK or REVENGE to me. Payback can be accompanied with lots of misery, hurt, lawlessness, and even death! I pray none of that occurs in Missouri,.....BUT:
"Let justice run down like water, and righteousness as a mighty stream."
-----------Amos 5:24

Lars Faltskog

Response to carlosrponce posted at 8:57 am on Wed, Aug 27, 2014:

Ponce, you ask about mytoby's reference to RIOt GEAR. Perhaps it is a visibility aspect of officers initially having on so much RIOt GEAR that mytoby takes issue with.

That is, if you and I were a resident of Ferguson and we are assembling in a routine manner, and all of a sudden we see a group of police in RIOt GEAR, that wouldn't sit too well with us. Probably because seeing a group of police in RIOt GEAR connotes an aggressive initial reaction.

Then again, when things do get out of hand, as they did in Fergeson....well, RIOt GEAR is a necessity no doubt. Mytoby, is that along the lines of what you were thinking regarding RIOt GEAR?


I can't tell others what to do, but if a police officer jacks me up, and points a weapon at me, screaming, "HANDS UP!" "HANDS UP!" ..."GET YOU HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS NOW!"
The last thing I am going to do is to move toward him/her/them, shouting "SHOOT ME" .... SHOOT ME!" Another thing I am not going to do is attempt to TEACH HIM/HER/THEM ....CONSTITUTIONAL LAW DURING THE INCIDENT!" Now that is just me,...others can do what they want to, is still a free country.
The Word of GOD says:
"Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket."
-------Proverbs 25"11
I just provided some timely advice for those who get it! Oh by the way, this is what they taught those civil rights workers back in the fifties and sixties. They taught them that it was a time and place for everything, and trying to teach the police constitutional law, on the side of a dirt road in Mississippi & Alabama at night was not the brightest thing to do! I agree! That is a good word even for today too, but .....ahhhhhrah.. there are some people you can't teach anything, and there are still others who won't let you ......"LEARN'EM" ..A *&^ THING! [smile]


Corrections**** I meant ..."Get YOUR HANDS out of YOUR pockets Now!"

Not get you hands out..........[smile]

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