Donald Trump is the most openly racist, misogynistic, authoritarian and dangerous presidential candidate in recent United States history. Born into bourgeois privilege and brought up to value wealth and power instead of morality and decency, Trump has long had a reputation for bigotry and mistreatment of people. In the 1970s, he and his father were sued for racial discrimination in housing and had to settle the lawsuits.

In the 1980s, Trump called for the execution of five young African-American men indicted and convicted of raping a white woman. The Central Park Five were later exonerated on the basis of DNA evidence and paid $40 million by the city of New York, but Trump continues to insist they are guilty. His sexual escapades outside of his first two marriages were routinely publicized by New York tabloids for years. And Trump has led the racist “birther” campaign against President Barack Obama, falsely claiming he had not been born in the United States.

The Republican Party is responsible for this deplorable candidate and his followers. Republicans have been exploiting white voters’ racism since Nixon’s “Southern strategy” in 1968. More recently, racist reactions to the profound demographic changes in our country, the election of our first African-American president, and the mass immigration of people of color led to the tea party movement within the Republican Party, the resurgence of far right hate groups, and the emergence of Trump as a presidential candidate.

In the past 16 months, Trump has given voters a long list of reasons to ensure he never comes anywhere near the White House. This list includes his slander of Mexican immigrants as “criminals, drug dealers, (and) rapists,” his call for mass deportations, his stereotyping of African Americans as living in “hell,” his call for “registering” Muslim Americans and excluding other Muslims from entering the United States, his derision of women as “pigs” or “dogs” based on their physical appearance, his recently publicized boasts about assaulting women, and his mocking of disabled people.

This list also includes Trump’s promotion of violence against protesters at his rallies, his threats against the mass media, his endorsement of torture and murdering the families of suspected terrorists, his threat to imprison the Democratic presidential nominee if he is elected, his threats of war against Iran and North Korea, his endorsement of nuclear proliferation, his dismissal of climate change as a hoax by China, his declaration that wages are too high and his opposition to unions.

Trump was already on track to lose the presidential election when that salacious 2005 recording surfaced. Now several women have come forward with charges of unwanted advances or sexual assault by Trump. Amid this growing scandal and the increasing likelihood of a larger-than-expected Democratic presidential victory on Nov. 8, some Republican politicians have jumped off the Trump train. Local right-wingers like George Grace and Ray Holbrook should get over their fears of African Americans, immigrants, women and progressive social change — and withdraw their support of Trump, too.

David Michael Smith, Ph.D., is a former professor of government at College of the Mainland.


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Mike Meador

There's still time to jump off the David Michael Smith Train......oh. Sorry. His Train was going out of town.........

Walter Manuel

Mr. Meador, David Michael Smith's train has left the station a long time ago.

No one who has a single working brain cell cares about what David Michael Smith thinks....[wink]

Michael Neese

David Michael Smith, a government professor at the College of the Mainland for 15 years, was terminated on grounds of insubordination and violation of the campus code of ethics. The vote was 6-0, with one trustee abstaining.
Enough said...

Jarvis Buckley

See what happens when you mess with us Trumpsters. We
Will ride the train all the way to the White House. Don't believe
the polls. We are coming like a
Tidal wave.

Emile Pope

Tidal waves are never good things. Has anyone ever been glad to see a tidal wave? Has one ever brought anything good to anyone?

Carlos Ponce

Astroworld had a ride they called TIDAL WAVE. It was fun especially when you stood on the bridge and got "hit".[wink]

David Smith

Jump off the train? Hes not our first choice... but hes better than anything you have.. we dont need a continuation of the last failed years .(8)the worst presdient in history ,out to destroy our country.. but then again thats right up your alley know Hillarys a liar and yet you continue to support her.. that makes you part of the problem Doctor.. (Mike ..the DS train derailed a couple of years ago)

Carlos Ponce

So David Michael doesn't like Trump. This guest column from a Marxist anti-Israel ex-professor is not surprising. In fact it should get Trump additional votes. Note that David Michael attacks those who would vote for Trump calling them "racist". That's a step beyond Hillary calling Trump voters "deplorable" and "irredeemable". Typical Marxist ploy to use class and race warfare to divide the American people. Nothing new here. David Michael should find a country where Communism works to live in. Oh, wait, there isn't any.

Lisa Blair

Thanks Michael for a succinct analysis of how we got here. Spot on!

Diane Turski

Thank you, Dr. Smith, for your courageous article consolidating the facts surrounding the Republican nominee and how he got here! I also hope that more people will come to their senses and will abandon this totally unfit candidate - the worst American major party candidate in history!

Carlos Ponce

" I also hope that more people will come to their senses and will abandon this totally unfit candidate - the worst American major party candidate in history!"
es, I agree, so don't vote for Hillary, the most corrupt individual ever to be nominated for president.

Emile Pope

Wasn't Richard Nixon forced to resign the office of President for several crimes including obstruction of justice? Spiro Agnew was also forced to resign from office. Guess they don't count because they had an "R" after their names...

Josh Butler

Yes. Hillary is without a doubt more corrupt than Trump.

To the author..... Can we please stop with these morality arguments? Trying to make these arguments in this election makes you look ignorant.

Carlos Ponce

Compared to Hillary, Trickie Dickie Nixon was a novice when it came to corruption. Nixon resigned because he was told his staff to "stonewall" the investigation into the Watergate break in. But isn't that what Hillary did in the Whitewater, Benghazi and email investigations? "I do not recall, I do not remember" in the Whitewater or its equivalent in FIFTY ONE TIMES. And THIRTY NINE times in the FBI questions about her email. If this is not OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE then do you really want to vote for someone with such a faulty memory?

Jarvis Buckley

Emile even you should know I was talking about the wave of Trump voters that's going to hit the poles on Election Day . Then again maybe you have
Drank to much Kool aid.

Jarvis Buckley

Whitewater that brought something good to all the
hardworking investors Emile.
Not as harsh as Tidal wave.
Anyone ever heard of anything
Good coming for the whitewater
Investors. Just asking Emile,
just asking.......

David Smith

What was that letter behind the cigar president there Emily?

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