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Carlos Ponce

You call Dan Patrick, David Brat and Ted Cruz "reactionaries". I call them "Great Americans". If the Republican party nominates a TRUE Conservative for president in 2016 that candidate will win. Both John McCain and Mitt Romney were decent gentlemen but hardly Conservative, hence their loss in the General election. Now the media is trying to push Chris Christie on us

George Croix

Axctually, it was sounding pretty reasonable and making some good points, until I got to the part claiming that Barack Obama is governing the country.
No. Governing required consensus and compromise and inclusiveness.
Even Bill Clinton eventually 'got it', and went down that path.
Barack Obama's directing the country unilaterally and ideologically.
One would think a Constitutional scholar would not be so predisposed to ignore it so often.

Chris Gimenez

"Bill Clinton and Barack Obama unified the Democratic Party and built inclusive constituencies in order to govern the country.
Today, Republicans obsess over attracting “the right kind of people.” Witness the notion of a Republican in Name Only (RINO)."

Dan, the only thing Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama have done is to further divide this country based on race and economics. The "inclusive constituencies" you so incorrectly describe as part of the Entitlement Party is really nothing more than the gestapo-like control by Harry Reid over any dissenting views by members of their party. Promising to take care of someone from cradle-to-grave isn't a recipe either for what made this country great or what will reclaim our greatness after eight years of the most destructive, U.S.-hating president this country's ever seen.

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