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Matt Coulson

Typical union b.s. Replace the words COM with any company name and you have the form letter for union complaints. The people trying to run the publicly funded college are not exactly corporate elites, they are members of the community with everyone's best interests in mind. COM is not the union's personal play ground. Perhaps if you took your special interest group's name seriously and tried to promote unity rather than strife everyone could enjoy the school at its best. Put aside your personal agenda and find common ground, make peace, build something good. Remember that a community college is not about employment for you it is for the community and it's betterment.

Leon Lion

Boo Hoo, here's a quarter go call Smith and cry on each other's shoulder.

Mike Meador

Kumbaya my lord, Kumbaya.......

George Croix

The paper tiger now just mews...
I can't speak for anyone lese, but that's a big plus as far as I'm concerned.
Employees should expect to be treated fairly, and well.
Of course, there's a flip side to that...
Maybe it would all come into perspective if the area taxpayers made up signs and protested against the clownish lost-in-the-70's behavior of staff members trying to make a workers paradise out of a juco, and Admin. asking for a top quality champaigne bond for a mid-level wine facility....
No, I doubt it....same players...same play...

Carlos Ponce

When Mao Tse Smith was on the payroll, people said COM was short for COMMUNISTS of the Mainland. To further their education I would recommend Alvin Community College or Galveston. Now we can breathe a little easier. There are still a few problems but are on a better track.


Standing off looking,...I would say it ls looking better to me,...but I'm just watching. Here where more time can so some good. Whenever you can see a little teamwork,...you got something to go on, and hope for,..but what does an Old Sod-Buster from West Texas know?

Robert Buckner

Close it all down and we'll have one less taxing entity to pay into.

john brown

I think that once the "queen B" is removed from the board things will be aligned to a better system. as long as she is involved it will cost every taxpayer more than she is worth by millions.

Chris Gimenez

Ms. Slaughter, I support COM more now than I did when the Socialist Smith was allowed to lead his flock in all the lawsuits that wasted my tax dollars. Your "The Sky is Falling" column is not convincing.

Pete Nanos

Draining the swamp is painful and takes some time.

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