In response to the letter that Matthew Hay wrote (“What ‘Political Buzz’ didn’t say,” The Daily News, Sept. 29): Someone seeking a position of community leadership should not misrepresent facts. Dr. Hay is correct that posts were removed in a Facebook forum, but he also neglects to mention that it was his own negative, and strangely hostile, comments about his opponent that were removed by a site administrator because they were, in a word, bizarre.

Dr. Hay calling his opponent Chicken Little is childish behavior — a belief supported by his own removal of his own similar comments in a later posting. Dr. Hay then used a document, not his own, from the forum and claimed ownership on his own page. That is questionable conduct.

The column by John Wayne Ferguson (“The local election Facebook wars begin,” The Daily News, Sept. 28) quoted Hay saying, “It’s not like I took a picture of her kids and drew faces on them.”

What adult would think to say this?

As a member of Galveston Schools Talk Facebook page I do not agree with Hay’s assessment that the Facebook page devolved into an unofficial page to bash him and his family. As we all know, we can’t control what people say, and it seems as though many have lost their filter when it comes to Facebook. I believe there are many positive things happening in the Galveston Independent School District, but there is also room for improvement.

For example, when only 41 percent of third-graders attending GISD are reading at grade level, this is where I am referring to room for improvement. I have recently witnessed Laura Addison recognize and post pictures to the Facebook page of students receiving awards, which in my opinion are positive things that deserve recognition. Also, I do not recall Addison ever saying the district is in its worst shape in decades.

Cindi Lyons lives in Galveston.


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