April showers bring May flowers, and June brings the sixth annual Dickinson Backyard Garden Tour, sponsored by members of Keep Dickinson Beautiful.

From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. June 3, the tour will feature six beautiful backyards. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchased at Crowder-Deats Fower Shop, 845 FM 517 W., Rose Petal Flowers, 2512 Termini, or by calling Claire Rhoads, 281-534-4104.

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the fences and hedges of the different homes in your town? This year’s tour shows the secret backyard gardens of Adrian and Christine Ross at 1749 N. Meridian Greens Drive featuring Mosaics from Marsha Sweet/College of the Mainland on display; Rod and Lynne Mize at 4004 Lover’s Lane displaying Roseann Rapp’s religious items; Mike and Debbie Cothern at 4012 Lover’s Lane with paintings by Dickinson artist Harvey Criswell; Gerhard and Daisy Meineke at 7800 Benson featuring garden plates by Connie Klein; Rod and Sue Bown’s estate at 1705 Oleander showcasing Sue’s students in various media, and Eddie and Tami Abbott at 5109 Casa Grande with pottery by Eleanor Brown and photography by teenage sensation Dylan Cody.

Keep Dickinson Beautiful welcomes local artists for participating in the Backyard Garden Tour by displaying their art which will be available for purchase at their respective sites.

Keep Dickinson Beautiful is a nonprofit, volunteer organization affiliated with Keep Texas and America Beautiful. Their award winning program is tailored to showcase and preserve the beauty of the Dickinson community through fun-loving activities of beautification, environmental awareness, recycling, cleanups, personal responsibilities and educational opportunities embracing other local community organizations and all Dickinson Independent School District schools. Membership information in this outstanding organization will be available at all event sites.

Members of Keep Dickinson Beautiful invite you to join us on June 3 as we reveal the secret backyard gardens of our community.

Mary Dunbaugh

lives in Dickinson.


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