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Walter Manuel

All I can say is "WOW!

I'm speechless...[wink]

Chris Gimenez

Well, at least he's not a Communist. Your President has idolatrized rappers who've said far worse than that. Selective outrage by the left.

Evelyn Clark

Old ted is much worst than A communist. I am also speechless. [sad]

Jim Forsythe

I take it that you live in U.S.A., if so you may not like it but President Barack Obama is your President. You may not like him but he will be President until Jan. 2017 when a another person will take office. If you didn’t campaign for you your choice in 2012 I would urge you to start helping the campaign of your choice.
What ever party you endorse start getting involved
The Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party and other, all have county groups.If you don’t think it’s important think again One of the reason Obama won was his local people for him were involved in his campaign. A lot of elections are won at the local level.

George Croix

Points well made, Jim.
Tell me, though, do you think he'd be re-elected if it was held today?
Now that so many until-after-the-2102-election withheld lies are out in the open, and costing people money and worry when savings and security for them was promised.
You see, election to office is not a free pass against criticism. Especially when the office holder got the job under false pretenses.
I can remember many times taking up for crewmembers and coworkers over what some higher Boss wanted, because he was flat out wrong.
Would you prefer I'd not have done so... just because he held a higher position?
Merry Christmas

Jim Forsythe

The point is not do I like him , he is our President.
Just as I may have not like everything my boss did but I tried to support him or her. Just like you supported me.
It is very possible because the Republicans have not set the ground work that is necessary to win the presidential election . Also who would they run? Would the split with Tea Party make a differences and is there a split. Maybe
and were does the shut down of goverment we just had play into it.
Who knows and who has all the money this time that it takes to run ? Both parties or just one , it makes a difference. Just remember that most times it just a few states that elect a President.
Merry Christmas

Stefani Mazdanotta

When the Dixie Chicks made a mild comment against then President Bush, they were practically hounded out of show business. Ted Nugent makes one outrageous comment after another and he goes on and on. I am all in favor of helping our vets but I don't think the city should be paying money to bring a hater like Nugent to town. Better to donate the money directly to a veteran's organization.

George Croix

I can see the sign now:
"We don't want you or your money here if you are offensive to anyone".
A nice, clear, Times Roman 48 font, on pale yellow background.
Full size 8x11, and stickers for envelopes.
They'll be everywhere:
Salvation Army kettles.
United Way donation drives.
March of Dimes mailings.
College admissions and faculty hiring offices.
Just About Any Rock or Rap Concert.
95% of all public offices, including an Oval one.
Union halls, real and paper tiger ones.
Marches with illegal aliens to protest against this country.

Raymond Lewis

Mr. Smith, you described well the man Ted Nugent has consciously made himself. And this is how the city wants to pay homage to veterans who come from all ethnic/racial back grounds, including women. Surely they can do better.

Evelyn Clark

My grandson and two neices who are VETS can not understand how League City would pay old Ted to come and honor VETS. [sad] [sad]

George Croix

The purpose of the event is to raise money to build houses for Wounded Combat Veterans, not to honor vets in general.
What should happen, in this or other charitablle causes, is people should send their donations directly to the organization, and then there would not need to be any performances in return for donations, and all funds would be 100% directed to the actual cause (or certainly a higher percentage).
The basic idea is to build houses, not entertain Bob and Betty.
People being people, not enough will typically do that, so some bread and circuses or prizes have to be offered to get people to pony up.
Personally, I don't care for Ted's music, but care less for selective outrage.

Norman Pappous

I will not hold anyone's feelings against them - people are entitled to their feelings.

However the selectiveness of outrage against bigotry does not further our society to become a better place. It has the opposite effect.

The head of the Galveston NAACP is on videotape in front of City Council (August 28, 2012 - Item 4; part 2 of 2) proclaiming that he is a racist.

Result? Not a peep from anyone.

Effect? As we see in this forum, the finger pointing and screaming over each other continue.

Until each side turns to their extremist wings and tells them to shut it because they are not helping the situation - this will continue and our kids will be watching.

Miss Priss

Please understand that the man - Todd Kinsey - who initiated this cost to taxpayers collects full disability payments from the government. He ran for city council because the monthly stipend was just low enough to allow for continued coverage of his disability payment.

Todd Kinsey's views on people and the government are reflected in his drive to bring a controversial figure to an event in League City and uses taxpayers money for seed money.

I believe that we should do everything for our vets, however, I believe the folks on LC council have made and inappropriate decision here. What I find hysterical is that Todd Kinsey shares the views of Nugent when all along he is collecting welfare off the government.

George Croix

Is it 'fair' to accuse someone of hiding their laundry while hiding behind a made up name?
Guess it depends on who's doing the hiding...

Miss Priss

To Gecroix .... If that is your real name....

It's fair to call into question someone taking taxpayer money while pushing his own political leanings/ agenda.

I find that when someone hits a raw nerve (truth) is at times chastised about hiding behind a name. In the case of Todd Kinsey - this information comes his core circle including people that helped him get elected.

George Croix

I'm in the Texas City phone book for about the last 47 years or so.
Only Croix in it.
There doesn't seem to be a 'truthserum' in any of the local directories...
Call into question all you want. I support your right.
Just as I support mine to call into question the veracity of an internet character hiding under an assumed moniker while berating others for not being forthcoming.
I usuallu refer to such people as 'cowardly internet clowns', but in the spirit of Christmas I'll just stick to plain old clown.
Merry Christmas.
When you can tell the truth about your own ID, then you can lecture anyone else about veracity. Or, not. There's no reule that says postershave to have a pair, or even one.

Kevin Lang

Something from one of the early articles about this event that caught my attention is:

....in an effort to raise enough money for Operation Finally Home to build a home for a veteran

The organization's goal is to build houses for wounded veterans, however the target for this event is to build one house for one vet.

O'Keeffe makes valid points about the "efficiency" of this contribution. Perhaps the council could expand the reach of this contribution AND this concert by offering up time on the city's cable channel to broadcast the concert. Perhaps someone could offer up a phone bank to take in pledges, too. That might help the event directly raise money to help more people.

Otherwise, it's easy to look at this event as the city covering about 10% of the price of one home for one family. And, the 300 people attending will be asked to pay more than $600 each plus their share of event costs, to make that happen (about $750?).

O'Keeffe cited the number of dollars spent per participant. However, something also worth looking into is the city's contribution based on total receipts for the event. For example, if the total money taken in by this event reaches $250,000, that means the city is contributing 6-8%. Of course, if it only takes in $100,000, then we're up to 15-20%. How many total dollars does Village Fair typically take in?

For me, it still comes down to whether this is something we're prepared to do for every noble cause, or is there something special about this that will withstand the smell test when we have to deny other groups the same benefit. Would we be making this contribution if someone not seemingly politically aligned with council were headlining the event?

Miss Priss

Ge croix - calling people Internet clowns? Never heard of you.

Trying to teach people a lesson by calling them clowns. doesn't help your case since you can't stay above the fray.

PS - I can't list all of the people I'm speaking for but Todd Kinsey knows who they are. He also should know that if he is responsible for spending taxpayer money with frivolity and a recipient of government welfare that he will be scrrutized as well as the rest of the city council.

George Croix

That's 'cowardly internet clowns'.
You figure it's 'above the fray' to anonymously make accusations against another person?
I think I worked with you for 3 days about 13 years ago...[lol]

Chris Gimenez

gecroix, you have to understand that "truthless serum" is a desperately inferior poster. He/she slimes her targets with nary a shred of evidence and then hides behind her phony forum name. She/he always tries to make others believe that she's an insider giving us the scoop when in fact she's just a gossip-monger.

George Croix

I'm familiar with many variations of the weasel family.
Two and four legged.
You don't work 36 years in a refinery, or spend a big part of a lifetime in the outdoors, without direct contact with both types.
At least the four legged ones will try to bite you when you are looking at them.
Merry Christmas.

Miss Priss

Talk about slimy.....

The opinions I post are what I hear from reliable people. Bvresident does not agree with them and therefore discredits the opinions posted here..... And not going to change that despite his attempt to chastise - I've decided to ignore him from now on....

Notice I don't attack when he dribbles on and on about Jack Roady anymore - who by the way will get re-elected because no one cares what BVresident says about him.

Chris Gimenez

"The opinions I post are what I hear from reliable people." Really truthless? That's the very definition of gossip. Something that is said but not supported with any factual information nor does anyone know who your "reliable people" really are. Yes, that is slimy.

As for your prediction whether our feckless and reckless D.A. Jack Roady will get re-elected again? Your gloom-and-doom clairvoyance about Ken Clark's demise sure didn't materialize did it? Maybe you're not quite as knowledgeable in the political arena as you'd have everyone believe.

And when I state the sordid facts about Jack Roady, most of it comes from articles in this paper or one detailed article from the Houston Press-which I linked to my comments. I also use my real name-Chris Gimenez-when I write something about Roady. You never use your real name because you'd likely be sued for defamation.

Like I said before-you're just a gossip monger who seems to be very frustrated that you were never qualified for a public office.

Miss Priss

One other item regarding no evidence or being unfair for the benefit of GeCroix whoever you are....

Todd Kinsey posted the info that I referred to on his blogs ... That he collects full disability and also the bit about the city council stipend being just below the allowable amount for him to keep his government welfare checks coming in....

Read his blogs if you care to know the truth.

Chris Gimenez

truthless, you're a mess. So just what kind of disability does Mr. Kinsey collect? Social Security disability? Military disability? A private disability policy? Why are any of those government welfare if he's truly disabled? Why would following the income guidelines between his disability and other income be news? You continue to make statements that are neither corroborated or provable. Read his blogs? Why don't you link his blogs here?

George Croix

Better change gears.
Obama's EPA Gone Wild will be taxing those lumps of coal Santa is going to be bringing to little boys and girls who misbehave...[lol]

frank furleigh

Funny how the article forgets the daily and vile hatred spewed from the mouths of Farrakhan, Jackson, Sharpton...just to name a few...

Jim Forsythe


I replied to your post.
gecroix posted at 11:27 am on Sat, Dec 21, 2013.

Merry Christmas.

George Croix

Got it, Jim. Maybe it's just me, but this forum format of jumping around place to place like a spastic Chihuahua is...irritating...
Yes, of course. The country only has one President, good or bad.
I think this one makes Nixon and Carter both look good, but i don't hold with the 'not my President' talk.
We had an election. Twice.
One guy lost. Same guy won. Twice.
Now, we're seeing what happens when mendacity is brought to the forefront, after the die has been cast.
I just hope the voters are learning a bit.
Not holding breath.
Right now, conservatives have about 6 dozen, it seems, primary rivals who are poised to, yet again, beat each other to death, divide their fickle voting bases who are not bright enough to understand that NO candidate offers all things they want, and, quite lilkely, snatch defeat from what would in a sane country be sure victory again.
All their opponent (note the singular) has to do is promise to continue to give away taxpayer money in return for nothing, promise phony transparency and unity, avoid all contact with either responsibility or veracity.
Get ready for Madam President Clinton and the First Dude...

Jim Forsythe

It could be Clinton vs Jeb Bush but have feeling that neither Clinton nor Bush will be the candidates , but you never know. Part of problem Republicans have is they push the wrong candidates that a lot of people that are on the fence will not vote for.
The cost of not having two strong partys is great, as it tends to let one party be in control for a extended period of time.. If the Tea Party runs a third party candidate it will be a easer path for the Democrats.

George Croix

Oooops...senior moment memory...
Merry Christmas, Jim

Jay Ewend


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