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Hatmaker deserves an apology - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

September 24, 2016

Hatmaker deserves an apology

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Posted: Sunday, February 23, 2014 12:30 am

In the debate between Michelle Hatmaker and Mark Henry, the Galveston County judge has perpetrated another outrageous lie — this time using The Daily News as his forum for deceit.

The Hatmaker campaign has allowed Henry to make other false claims and exaggerations up to this point. 

However, degrading Texas City for his own political ends has gone too far and he is being called out to either apologize or become known as the biggest storyteller in county history.

In a recent Daily News candidate questionnaire, the county judge responded to Question 13 (Does county government have a role in economic development? What is it?) with the outrageous falsehood that, “ ... Hollywood demonizes industry as a villain. My opponent did too, in a movie where she mocks Texas City, calling it ‘Chem City,’ where ‘someday we’ll see the face of God through the ozone hole.’ This sends the wrong message to our biggest taxpayers ...”

The county judge — along with every politician in America — would be well served to watch the movie he references, “The Bracelet of Bordeaux,” a 2009 family film written, produced and edited by Frank Eakin and directed by Casey Kelly. 

Filmed entirely in The Woodlands, this children’s movie delivers the message that the bracelet (power) changes you and should only be used for good and only by the right people.

The Hixon family’s move to Chem City began with a theft from their new home and daughter Helen’s meeting of Marie Meir, a neighbor and new friend whose poodle was one of many victims of a dog theft ring. 

The crime ring is busted, thanks to the proper use of power delivered by the bracelet — an artifact stored away in Marie’s grandmother’s attic — a magical bracelet from her life in Nazi Germany.

How ironic that this Austin Film Festival award-winner with such a significant message for our youth has been used by a powerful official to perpetrate an outrageous lie upon the citizens and voters of Galveston County.  

The Hatmaker campaign deserves an immediate apology.

Power and influence in the hands of the wrong people enables corruption — a valuable lesson taught by this children’s film and never better demonstrated than by the irresponsible behavior of the current Galveston County judge. 

He more than anyone would be well-served to learn the lesson imparted by “The Bracelet of Bordeaux.”