I was surprised to read Wes Swift’s article on the protest against Ted Nugent’s appearance at South Shore Harbour Resort on Saturday.

As an organizer of the protest, I was not aware that a Daily News reporter was present. Swift did not speak to any protesters and apparently spent more time inside the benefit concert.

One would never know it from reading Swift’s article, but the protest against Nugent was quite successful.

To begin, there were more than a few of us there.

There were 11 of us, and all of us were energetic. We chanted and held signs between 5:30 p.m. and almost 7:30 p.m. One set of signs conveyed the theme of the protest: “Veterans Yes, Nugent No.” Other signs criticized Nugent’s racism, his sexism and the League City City Council’s approval of tax dollars for an event headlined by a notorious bigot.

We used a portable sound system to project our voices throughout the intersection of FM 2094 and South Shore Boulevard.

Most people driving by could hear our chants and read our signs. Because participants visibly put their hearts and souls into the protest, we were able to convey heartfelt opposition to Nugent’s bigotry and hatred.

The enthusiastic show of support we received from so many people was a highlight of the protest. Hundreds of people driving by saw and heard the protest, and many of them expressed support for our stand against Nugent. They gave us the thumbs-up or waved and smiled or rolled down the windows and shouted their approval. Numerous expressions of goodwill far exceeded occasional negative responses. And one local resident spontaneously joined the protest.

Another highlight was the diversity of protesters. People from different racial, cultural, occupational and political backgrounds participated in the demonstration. Together, we represented the kind of people power that will successfully oppose and overcome the resurgence of bigotry and hatred, which right-wing Republicans exploit for partisan gain. That is why we chanted, “This is what democracy looks like!”

One participant brought his biracial teenage daughter to the protest because Nugent had called President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel,” and he wanted her to learn to stand up against such vicious racism. He and other protesters would have been glad to share their views with Swift, but were not asked. However, journalists from FOX TV-26 were present for most of the protest, and a Canadian film crew making a documentary also interviewed participants.

The protest was successful enough to attract one angry counter-protester, but League City Police Department officers ensured he posed no problem.

Our demonstration ended around 7:30 p.m. — after the event inside had begun. It is unfortunate that Swift’s reporting on the protest was incomplete and misleading, but this does not take away from our success or the commitment of organizers to hold another protest if Nugent returns to League City next year.

Everyone supports caring for wounded veterans, and the next benefit for veterans in League City would likely be better attended and more successful if Nugent is not involved.

Rona Smith lives in La Marque.

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Miceal O'Laochdha

Eleven energetic protesters!! Quite a crowd indeed.

If only they had had your core group of the "Energetic Eleven" at the Whitehall Induction Center back in '67, the Draft might have ended the next day...

George Croix

The leaders of Grand Fenwick thought they had the power to control the mighty, but it was, actually, a dud. They never knew it.
I don't hold with calling anyone undeserving of it a 'subhuman mongrel', but would one of the protesters kindly tell me how that is 'racist'?
IMHO, Joe Stalin would be a candidate for such a name calling, having been responsible for the death of untold millions, but, how would it be 'racist'.
How about arrogant. Or narcissistic. Feckless. Incompetent. Divisive. Mendacious. Deceitful. Coercive. Are those terms also 'racist' to you?
It's all the rage these days to blame racism as a cover for doing a lousy job by people in the highest offices in the land. Doing so ignores the simple question: How, if everyone is 'racist' and oppose you just because you are a certain color, did you get there in the first place.
How about 'nazi'. Is that 'racist'. It's certainly worse than 'subhuman mongrel. Did the mouse that roared do so at the hurlers of that epithet at a previous President?
Perhaps, then a more appropriate direction to turn thse signs of protest would be towards the sign holders.
BTW, if you decide to protest me because of my frequent use of the descriptive words above toward the current President, for demonstrably good reasons, I'll thank you kindly to keep off the grass.
I already fertilized it, and don't want it to get root burn.

Lars Faltskog

Response to gecroix posted at 9:10 on Tue, Apr 15, 2014:

"I don't hold with calling anyone undeserving of it a 'subhuman mongrel', but would one of the protesters kindly tell me how that is 'racist'?"

Because Mr. Obama is a person of color it is especially racist and in bad taste to refer to him as "subhuman mongrel". You ask why? Because, for centuries, especially in reference to slavery (which had been practiced in the US. for decades) the slavemasters and overseers considered the Black race as "subhuman". They were not considered 100 percent human being.

That's why it is not good to call anybody a "subhuman mongrel", but especially you don't want to call that name to an African American.

PD Hyatt

ROFLOL @ you sverige1.... Person of color???? ROFLOL I would imagine that many would be offended by your terms of their race....

Lars Faltskog

Response to paul-hyatt posted at 8:34 am on Wed, Apr 16, 2014,
Response to carlosrponce posted at 3:29 pm on Wed, Apr 16, 2014:

Well, where are the "offended" ones? We've clocked through an entire morning, and well into the afternoon and I don't hear from the alleged offended ones by my "terms".

I stand by what I say, but let's ask an African American and any other individual who has a grasp on how it was and is in society. Let's review: In centuries up until a few decades' past, there was the so-called "white majority" (not 'of color') who were the proclaimed "dominant" sector in power. Throughout the slavery period, they often derided the African Americans and other persons "of color" (not white) with various versions of derogatory words. Many of the words used to describe were "animal" words, in essence, "subhuman mongrel" as an example.

It's not all that hard to respect the fact that we whites should not refer to a person "of color" as a "subhuman mongrel". Neither is it acceptable to call someone a "jackass" and be respected thereafter. You do know that word has racial and demeaning undertones, especially if it is directed to a person "of color" (not white). Sounds like a reasonable explanation, not warranting the concept of "offending". Quite the opposite; as I am educating folks like you who probably for decades were raised in homes where it was an underlying practice to deride persons "of color" (non-white). Get with the 21st century, m'kay?

Carlos Ponce

Ted Nugent gave his apology. Get over it. Did I hear an apology for the comments (still posted by the way by ProgLibs at www.bushwatch.com) directed at President GW Bush? Zero, Zip, Nada. Or those directed at Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain or other Conservative African Americans? Again, Zero, Zip, Nada. Or those directed at Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio? Zero, Zip, Nada, AGAIN!
What we have here readers is called HYPOCRISY! sverige, apply your standards to ALL people regardless of their origin. Last time I saw President Obama we were members of the SAME race - the HUMAN race. Why is it that Proglibs see racial differences? Why do you only accept the apologies of Proglibs like Joe Biden, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean,"?

Lars Faltskog

Well, carlosrponce - First off, I've been "over it" since the beginning of this particular debate regarding this "has-been" performer from, what, the 70s? Well, goolleeey, let's put on our bell bottoms! I wrote a couple of times that I think it's fine that he put on a concert to raise $ for our county. Money is money.

That still doesn't mean that the intentional and inappropriate things he said can be exonerated through a mere apology. Unfortunately, things don't work out that way. It's his REP...he'll live this REP probably until his grave. He can meet his Maker and explain away. I'm sure he still has his "followers", and in the big picture his successes have surpassed his failures. Still, he's no "pillar" and may never be. That's just fact.

Regarding Biden: What he said was not intentional nor blatantly demeaning. Things that Nugent said ARE meant to demean. Now, you know I shouldn't have to explain this. Especially since you were a schoolteacher and I'm sure you often taught children that words can hurt, and hurt forever if one isn't careful. Biden made a slip of the tongue. We all do that from time to time, as we are imperfect humans. Biden, in my view (although I don't know him), appears to be a good Catholic family man.

Carlos Ponce

Isn't Ted Nugent's REP his business? I am no fan of him or his music but I do believe in forgiving especially if one offers an apology.
Suppose I said, "sverige, you're the first in your family who is articulate and bright and clean." Would that be an affront to your parents, your siblings, your ancestors, your cousins or would you just beam with pride? You are right, It was a "slip of the tongue, We all do that from time to time, as we are imperfect humans." Why can't you say the same about TED NUGENT?
You will say Ted has a history of such sayings. Well, there is a lexicon of "Uncle Joeisms" that are just as bad. Remember on camera Joe Biden said "This is a big f_ _ _ing" deal!" Is that any way for the Vice President of the United States to talk in front of the news media? At least Dick Nixon said his expletives behind closed doors. Remember, Ted Nugent is just a rock performer. You don't exactly expect Shakespeare from him. You say you've gotten over it. I hope so. “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Alexander Pope

Carlos Ponce

sverige, Is that the Proglibs rule? You may NOT call BO any name since he is of African descent? Why does this rule not apply to Conservatives of African descent? And if you think NO president has ever been treated so harshly look at the THE TOP 100 NAMES FOR BUSH (complete with drawings):
I would include them here but some are not printable in this forum.
African American Conservatives are called "Traitors to the Black Cause", "Oreos", "Uncle Toms" and other unprintables.
I think I see hypocrisy in your post, sverige.

Lars Faltskog

Well, ponce...it's not hypocrisy. It's the way it is. As I mentioned, the white race had been considered the "dominant" race for centuries. Even today with our advancement, whether you or I think it's fair or unfair - that doesn't matter.

We all know that if an African American or other non-White person calls a White a "honkey" it arbitrarily has lesser "harm" than if a White person calls an African American the "N" word.

Sure, we should teach our children (regardless of race) to choose correct words and to be kind, loving, and use approriate language. But, we still have to consider that the White race had oppressed the other races for so long, that even now, a White's racial reference to a non-White intrinsically bears more harm than the other way around. It's the way it is.

Kevin Lang

I didn't find the coverage of the event itself to be very informative, either, so I guess the protesters aren't the only ones that felt slighted.

PD Hyatt

I wonder why the protesters did not protest when our illustrious president derides people of other races???? Or is it that he can not be a racist which by the way he is....

Carlos Ponce

Face it Rona, With 11 protesters there was you, your husband David Michael Smith and only 9 others despite the massive buildup. Why should the GDN report on a "DUD"? I think the lack of coverage of your "protest" was out of respect for you and your husband. You should thank the GDN. Ted apologized for his comments. Get over it.

Gary Miller

You object to the Nugent discription of our half breed president.
What better discription do you think would be more acceptable. More than 11 people might object to your discription.
The ratio of protestors to attendees may indicate Nugents discription is acceptable to a majority.

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