Social media has become a necessity in today’s workplace.

Everyone wants results immediately, and the best way to reach out to thousands of people in an instant is to use guerrilla marketing techniques such as social media.

You used to be able to go into a business and shake hands with a person and hand over a résumé. Whether you are going green and trying to save the environment or trying to target a large amount of people with a few clicks of a button, social media has become more prevalent in our market. To keep up with the large talent pool, human resources departments use tools like LinkedIn as a way to view candidates’ profiles and share job leads with a large audience in an instant. LinkedIn has become a way for candidates to go directly to department heads, the CEO or human resources with a click of a button.

Job seekers can gather information on jobs and skills from someone inside the company and also locate current job leads. Also keeping your profile updated and relevant means that employers are more likely to find you, whether you are looking for a job or promoting your business.

The growth of LinkedIn has prompted employers and job seekers to request more LinkedIn training. Everyone wants to learn the inside tips and tricks to maximize their exposure using social media.

LinkedIn has also seen the growing demand and has incorporated weekly online training on its website. It also has a LinkedIn team that travels globally to educate employers on the new features of LinkedIn.

We have bypassed Kevin Bacon’s six degrees of separation. We now have a way to connect with someone by only three degrees of separation or by joining one of 50 groups that help us connect with them.

If you want to find someone who works in oil and gas, then join the oil and gas group. If you want to see jobs in the aerospace industry, then ask to join the Aerospace Talent Consortium group on LinkedIn.

Being part of a group gives you permission to reach out to another member of the group and invite them to join your network. Each industry and occupation has several groups you can join where human resource personnel and job seekers can connect and share in discussions.

If you have business partners, colleagues, customers or supervisors write a recommendation for you, LinkedIn allows you to share them on your profile. Let employers view the recommendations and learn why you are a valuable employee, what talents set you apart from your peers and why you should be hired.

Being active on LinkedIn also allows employers to see your profile more often, so be an active participant in the discussions. Let them see what a smart cookie you are. After all, you could be the person they are looking for.

Please attend a brief overview of LinkedIn at Oceans of Opportunity Job Fair on Wednesday.

Veronica Reyes is the Virtual Project Manager for Workforce Solutions.

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