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Walter Manuel

"That means there is a prosecutor for the state, and a defense attorney representing the client. This is how our system in this democracy works".

Bingo! Very well said!

The Conservative Republicans of Galveston County PAC's flyer only came across as being nothing more than a fly by night group of individuals who proved they were too weak to sign their name and had a just as weak defense as to why not to vote for someone? Obviously they weren't too proud to have to dredge the bottom of the barrel in an attempt to promote their own candidate?

Today everyone now sees exactly who's wearing mud on their face and what this suspicious PAC in itsself truly represents!

Very sad to say the least....[sad]

Walter Manuel

Ooops! That should have read, "had just as weak "of a" defense as to why not to vote for someone? [wink]

Brian Cann

I did not vote for Grady. I believe the flyer was trying to infer that after the the prosecutor and defense attorney do their constitutional duty, some judges give extremely light sentences. Such as the "affluenza" case in Dallas, where a 16 year old killed some people while drunk driving, but he was "too rich" to understand the consequences of his actions. Also, in the case of the heir to the Dupont fortune was found guilty of sexually assaulting his own 3year old daughter, and the judge gave him house arrest because she feared he "would not fare well in prison".

I believe author knew this but is trying to cute. Trying to play semantics instead of arguing the point of the flyer.

If you want to play semantic games, technically we are a republic not a democracy. Should we therefore throw out your argument because of your erroneous grasp of the constitution?

Norman Pappous

Well said Jeri!! You are 100% spot on!

Walter Manuel

Rockstrongo, you yourself posted, "after the prosecutor and defense attorney do their constitutional duty, some judges give extremely light sentences".

How does this flyer fit in with Patricia Grady giving anyone a "sentence"? That would have to be done either by a jury or a judge not an attorney for which Patricia Grady currently is right now.

Would your same concept or that of the flyers actual intent not also apply to her opponent as well?

Since you appear to try and paint a picture of someone using such a broad brush, perhaps you can also share with us a similar analogy relating to her opponent since he too was an attorney before being appointed judge by Gov. Rick Perry?

What's the difference? I'm just sayin'.... [wink]

GW Cornelius

Its the GOP fault they are to blame for anything offensive.

Lars Faltskog

Island Runner is, to a large extent, correct. It is republican/Tea party strategy to instill fear in the voters, with it very implicit that the "black hand" over the victim's mouth (and the folks who "let him go") are not on the side of law and order, but rather "soft on crime" and allowing criminal minorities to proliferate. Translation - crime, criminals not prosecuted = democrat or RHINO republican. "Law and order" and being tough on criminals (or alleged ones) = "good republican" values. That's why the republican party's trust has eroded over 30 some-odd years.

Mick Phalen

I agree with Ms. Kinnear's sentiment that cleaner, issues focused elections in Galveston County would be a wonderful change.

However, I disagree with sverige1's assertion that it is a "republican / Tea Party strategy". Given that the local Tea Party was in bed with state and local trial attorneys (Buzbee's $60,000 contribution to Hatmaker and Mostyn's robocall for Cox), and the trash that came out of those two's campaigns, it seems to me that the strategy was more of a democrat/Tea Party strategy.

Spend some time at the polling places listening to the Tea Party candidates, their campaign managers, advisers, and supporters.

Jackson Hancock

There is a lot of misinformation provided that needs to be cleared. up.

1st. Ms. Kinnear, the Political Action Committee that sent out that mailer is unaffliated with the candidate opposing Ms. Grady. How do I know this? It's a matter of judicial ethic rules. A candidate cannot give money to a General Pac for the purpose of campaign marketing. If you have issues with the PAC, please contact them directly and express your displeasure. While I do agree with the context of the mailer, I also agree with you that it wasn't a very nice piece.

2. mickphalen, your assertions that the local Tea Party was in bed with state and local trial attorneys is absolutely ludicrous. It goes to show how much you lack in information as the local Tea Party has never accepted monies for any advertising or support for any candidate. Your continual postings on GDN reflects a hatred for any group, candidate, or party that worked against you in your failed re-election bid. Stop trying to be the end all authority on what any tea party/republican group does or does not do. You've never attended any of their meetings and are just showing "sour grapes" at having lost against a tea party candidate.
For you to lump democrat/tea party is comical considering you sent an email out prior to your last campaign that you hoped your "republican friends" never found out that you supported Barack Obama and that he was what this country needed. Thanks but no thanks mickphalen, we've had enough of Barack Obama and his supporters like you.

Now to the issue of Pat Grady. After doing my own independent homework which includes pulling her latest Campaign Finance Report, it is apparent she is the one being bought by the insurance lobbyists and special interest groups. The majority of her donations are from outside of Galveston County. She has no prosecuting experience and by her own admission, has not worked as an attorney for more than a couple of years. She has listed all her Republican clubs as an outstanding qualification for her bid of a District Court Judge. I'm sorry, while I am an avid Republican, being a member of every GOP club in the county does not make you qualified..
Bret Griffin is a native Galveston resident and understands the needs of our County having served as a GC Assistant District Attorney and as a private practice attorney. He has the experience required and that is why he was appointed.

Ms. Grady needs more experience on both sides of the aisle (prosecuting and defending) before she runs for a high court bench. No more cronism, She isn't entitled just because her husband is a judge and she's a good legal assistant.

Mick Phalen

Hello island student,

You seem to know a lot about an email that I did not write (you may be confused with the trash emails that my opponent "did not write"). As to sour grapes, sorry to disappoint you - only expressing my opinion as a private tax paying citizen.

As for democrats and local Tea Party working together, I suggest you review Hatmaker, and other GCTP candidates, campaign finance reports. They are available on both the County And League City websites.

Being a student, you may actually learn something.

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