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Campaigns should be cleaner than this - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

August 27, 2016

Guest column Campaigns should be cleaner than this

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Posted: Thursday, April 3, 2014 12:00 am

I have kept a mailer on my desk that I received before the primaries, and the reason I kept it is because I found it so offensive.

I don’t even know if Pat Grady made the runoffs, but I felt I should comment on what I received as a voting citizen of Galveston County.

If any candidates or PACs are going to send me mail in the upcoming elections, please take note of the following and if it is along these lines please don’t bother.

Before the primaries, I received a ton of campaign mail. Most of it I barely read before it went to my recycle pile. Only one caught my eye that I had to read over and over to make certain of what I was reading.

It was presented on a black background (a color of darkness or sadness) and on the address side was the frightened face of a woman with a black hand over her mouth.

Below it read “Protect Children, Not Criminals.” On the reverse it said “Pat Grady’s Biggest Supporters” and pictures of four named men and the crimes for which they were sentenced, ranging from murder, sexual assault and aggravated assault.

It goes on to ask the question, “Are you going to vote for someone who puts violent criminals first?”

Obviously, if they were in jail, the answer seems to be that they received a trial and were convicted. Justice done.

In no way do I support criminal activity, but I do support the constitution of this country, which allows for a trial before someone is convicted of a crime.

That means there is a prosecutor for the state, and a defense attorney representing the client. This is how our system in this democracy works.

All that Patricia Grady, who was running in the primaries for the 212th District Court, seems to be guilty of is conforming to the constitution and obeying an oath that she took as an attorney in the state of Texas.

The Conservative Republicans of Galveston County PAC who sent this to me should have another read of the constitution that they say they hold so dear and then say a prayer for democracy.