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PD Hyatt

While I agree that the taxing districts that were in the storm zones should reduce their tax for this year, they have already spent or have plans to spend that money that is scheduled to come in. The real kicker is that once all of these destroyed homes get fixed up, well the price of the homes will go up so that the local tax accounts will fill up even more.... As for voting for a progressive leftist demo-crat, well the last one I voted for was Jimmy Carter and I doubt that I will make that mistake ever again, until Sen.John Cornyn comes up for re-election....

Jack Cross

PD. This letter is a political advertisement. Re Appraisement is a no brainer. CADS must follow state law. CADs appraise January 1, but if you house burns down on January 2, you still have to pay the full tax value. The legislature makes some exceptions for disasters. In the case of Harvey, the disaster in Galveston County occurred August 28. This means that any storm damage occurred 229 days into the year. State law requires for the remain at full market value for 226 days. Adjustments would be a percentage applied to the remaining 126 days. State law allows for a re appraisal. This call is made by the taxing bodies, not the CAD and the cities, county etc would have to pay for it. Here is the negatives of doing this. Budgets have been set and the costs would be to taxpayers which in effect would reduce what is gained. The CAD appraisers are a limited staff and they will not finish up hearing protests from taxpayers and tax agents until the end of next week and then they will be out in the field inspecting new property and following properties who pulled building permits. The CAD would have to hire contract appraisers.
Galveston County homeowners who have any type of property damage from Hurricane Harvey can NOW report that damage to the Galveston Central Appraisal District via email. The new Galveston Central Appraisal District email is harveydamage@galvestoncad.org. The CAD website has Harvey info and you can call the CAD for questions at (866) 277-4725 or (409) 935-1980.
Residential property owners can report flood, tornado or roof damage electronically and will help homeowners, next year when the property is reappraised January 1, by possibly reducing the value because of existing damage or ongoing repair work.
Keep in mind that when repairs are made and a homeowner decides to put in that extra bathroom or some other addition, it could change the CAP for over 65 and the disabled exemptions which results in higher taxes.

Diane Turski

You have just given the best reason to end gerrymandering! Politicians should have to work to earn the right to represent their constituents at all levels of government! When there is no electable alternative, there is no accountability for the politicians of the majority party!

Doyle Beard

Really now all of a sudden politicians should have to work to earn the right to represent their constituents. By why just now. The liberals never worked all they did was create give entitlements for votes. Guess some people call this work.

Mark Aaron

Doyle:[The liberals never worked all they did was create give entitlements for votes. ]

Can you cite some examples?

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