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The damage from the spill is outrageous - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

December 8, 2016

The damage from the spill is outrageous

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Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2014 12:00 am

Nature lovers and seafood lovers alike should be outraged at the oil spill in Galveston Bay.

What’s so sad about this oil spill is that even if a great deal of money is thrown at this problem, this will have long-term effects on our ecosystem.

While I’m in favor of businesses that create jobs, I can see, and I hope others can, too, that we are connected with our environment.

If we dirty it, we compromise our health.

This spill, more than any other argument, is a case for using clean technology.

We can’t continue to treat the earth so carelessly.

The long-range effect of this oil spill is that the wildlife which depends on the bay have been and will continue to be compromised.

Think of the beauty of our bay and the wildlife it supports — the beautiful ibis that have fished for crustaceans and other food sources in the bay, the pelicans that fly over the bay daily hunting for fresh catch.

Consider the other species that have been threatened before this oil spill occurred.

Theirs was already a fragile and tenuous existence and could likely be wiped out because of this oil spill.

What about the turtles, the salamanders, the frogs and the oysters that play an enormous role in helping to keep the bay water healthy?

We must demand that those responsible respond to the crisis this spill has created in our environment.

Galveston Bay should receive the tender loving care that it deserves after so devastating a spill. The damage is unthinkable and heartbreaking.

Of course, when a spill such as this occurs, we can’t help but recall the devastating 2010 BP Gulf oil disaster.

We wonder what lessons can be learned from both incidents.

While the circumstances might be different, the effect on the environment is the same.

Wildlife is being compromised. We can’t separate ourselves from our environment.

When wildlife is affected, we are affected as well.

The wildlife in the bay feeds us and helps keep us healthy in ways that we haven’t begun to consider.

It will take some time and money for the process to begin. Even after all of that, we can’t say how long the after effects of this spill will continue.

Meanwhile, each of us should write to our representatives to say how we feel about this spill.

In addition, we should be ever vigilant that those responsible not only respond to the immediate crisis — but also the long-term crisis — this has caused.

Each of us should ask ourselves what we can do to reduce our dependence on the demand for fossil fuel-based energy so that we can be better stewards of our environment.

This is a difficult idea for us to consider since so much of our economy depends on the use of such energy.

However, we must transition to a cleaner method of providing our energy needs.

In the meantime, those who use that energy will pay the price of these kinds of mistakes.