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JD Arnold

Fact - No one I have spoken to has ever participated in or heard of the so called Poll you speak of.

Mary Branum

There are polls taken all the time; however not everyone is contacted.
Maybe you are on the Do Not Call list:)

GW Cornelius

Never heard of these polls but short term rentals are an important part of Galveston's economy. However they must respect the rights of residents who live in the area. Not all of the short term rentals do that and those are the ones that need to be shut down. There are already laws on the books that will stop the problem they simply must be enforced.

Mary Branum

The problem is not the short term rentals, but the long term residents!

Trashy homes, trashy yards, cars parked in yards, crack houses, numerous vacant houses, drug deals in the street; these are the issues associated with permanent residents.

No rental would last with the above conditions, but it seems the norm for permanent residents and slum landlords with no repercussions from the City.

Jeff Smith

Fact- most people support the Islands STR's unless they are next door to them.

Steve Fouga

I'm going to give Mr Smith the benefit of the doubt and go along with his assertions. (I don't actually believe his surveys were conducted in a manner that reflects reality, I'm just giving him the benefit of the doubt. I think we can all agree that short-term rentals are important to the local economy.)

Fact: Industries important to the economy are regulated.

Here are a few industries that are regulated at the federal, state, and/or local level: petrochemicals, commercial shipping, medicine, education, banking, insurance, commercial fishing, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, restaurants, retail sales... All are important to the local economy, and all are regulated or restricted in some way.

What makes short-term rentals different?

Personally, I don't like over-regulation. But it seems like your association needs to get its act together. Do abetter job of policing yourselves. I live in one of the neighborhoods you mentioned, and I don't know of anybody who wants a short-term rental nearby. Nobody.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Fact: being supported by the Park Board is the opposite of a positive event.

Mary Branum

I would rather be next to a short term rental than the slobs that reside on both sides, across the street and in the surrounding neighborhood.
Owners of STR's maintain their properties. If they didn't they would never rent which would kill the business.
If there is a problem, the owner or manager can be called. When the neighbor is an owner/resident, they don't give a damn.

Steve Fouga

IslandResident, you make a good point. When a person lives in a neighborhood with slobs all around, a short-term rental is great by comparison.

But here's my good point: When a person lives in a nice neighborhood where everyone takes care of their property, a short-term rental can be awful by comparison. That's the kind of neighborhood I live in.

I don't want them here, period. If any are set up nearby, I want them restricted to a few renters at a time. I don't care as much about whether the ones in your neighborhood are restricted, but I still think it's a good idea.

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