In response to the guest column by Tommy Frankovich (“You can’t believe the Bible and in macroevolution,” The Daily News, Dec. 14): The idea of 6,000 years comes from this: A day can be 1,000 years or 1,000 years can be a day. This is Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

These are some of the facts God has revealed through science. If the resonance of carbon had been 4 percent lower there would be no carbon. If oxygen had been 1/2 percent higher all carbon would have become oxygen. This does look like carbon was designed so life could be created.

The coding regions of DNA have exactly the same relevant properties as a computer code or language. The only communication systems that contain the basic characteristics of a language is either man-made or DNA. This type of high level information has been found to originate only from an intelligent source. The average mistake in this genetic language is one error per 10 billion letters. To believe that the genetic language code gradually evolved in Darwinian style would break all the known rules of how matter, energy and the laws of nature work.

Back to relativity. If a person was at ground zero when the big bang occurred only six earth days have passed. We are on the seventh day now. This is due to time dilation. God’s day would be 2 billion earth years.

Further evidence: They tested the blood found on the cross Christ was crucified on. One sample had triple helix DNA. Humans have double helix DNA.

We live in four dimensions. In quantum physics there may be 10, 11 or 26 dimensions depending on which theory you want to believe. These dimensions go from the very small to very large (a whole universe). These extra dimensions may be a clue to where heaven and hell are. One of these theories has a dimension in which time doesn’t exist.

There is supposed to be an increase in knowledge in the last days. My great grandfather (whom I knew) was alive when Custer made his last stand.

Robert Hart lives in Hitchcock.


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Gary Scoggin

“Further evidence: They tested the blood found on the cross Christ was crucified on. One sample had triple helix DNA. Humans have double helix DNA.” I think Mark Twain.said he saw enough fragments of the True Cross to build a couple of houses.

margo holst

Triple helix---you better have documentation on the cross and the science to blather such nonsense. DJ Kava

Bill Cochrane

Gary, I’m not really sure what Mr. Hart was trying to explain. Considering quantum physics, theory of relativity and helix DNA, my guess is, that as we get older and wiser we start thinking about more important things. Like Blue Bell Homemade vanilla. LOL. It's stuff like Hart's gibberish that makes me glad I didn't go to college. DLOL

Raymond Lewis

Thanks for the chuckle Mr. Cochrane

Gary Miller

Mr Hart seems to do a lot of thinking without interference of facts.

Jarvis Buckley

How far down do we have to sink to quit ridiculing other folks thoughts on
Non political issues. At times I've been guilty myself of such. For that I am ashamed & pledge to do better this coming year.

Bill Cochrane

Jarvis, HMMMM . . . Me thinks you may be confusing ridicule and humor. After all, Mr. Harts writings were meant to be humorous, right? BTW, if you are serious, you are saying that you think it's OK to sink far down when discussing political issues, but nothing else? But then, I can understand why it would be necessary to sink way, way down to understand the way Demo liberals think.

Jarvis Buckley

Happy new year friend.✌️

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