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get a life

George Croix

What an utter, narcissistic clown.
Do tell...
Whatsamatter, ex-professor, you don't believe people can 'evolve'...[rolleyes]

Kevin Lang

He has as much right to protest Nugent's presence as much as Nugent has to say the things he's said. Anyone that wants to protest the protest also has that right. And, when you're done protesting, there are a few nice restaurants nearby for you to celebrate the camaraderie of your protests.

Steve Fouga

Protests are part of a long tradition of Americans standing up for their views. I'm not the protesting type, but to those who visibly and publicly let their opinions be known, I say good on ya.

As for Nugent, I was over him in the 70s. Can hardly imagine he's still relevant to anybody, but I guess he is.


Lars Faltskog

Superb article on all fronts. Interestingly, if a preponderance of a conservative-type community such as Longview has the wherewithitness to reject the public performance presence of the likes of Nugent, then League City could put itself on the map of doing the right thing as well.

All of that said, I, like many others will choose not to participate in the protest. Simply becauseI am a beliver of the right to free expression. Nugent can freely express his ignorance in some rural enclave near LC and "concert" to his heart's content. He'll likely find many followers, unfortunately.

Carlos Ponce

David Michael Smith, your 15 minutes are up!
History lesson:
GDN March 1, 2003 David Michael Smith called for a protest of millions against the war in Iraq. The only people who showed up were members of HIS Progressive Workers Organizing Committee. I'm sure he'll claim "millions" protest on this occasion too. He would have made a lousy math teacher.

George Croix

Well, gooollllyyyy, break out the underwear de-wadder and use it before the eyes bug out to far.
Did somebody say Smith didn't have a right to protest?
Here's a clue:
Just because someone has a right, doesn't mean anybody else has to agree with that person using it, or even like the person.
I know this escapes 'progressives', who are big on 'rights', as long as they don't interfere with the 'progressives', of course.
Smith's protesting.
I protested his protest.
What about my 'rights'....
Remove underwear before de-wadding...

Kevin Lang

Did somebody say that somebody said he doesn't have the right?

Did you forget to take your own advice?

George Croix

I named no names.

"He has as much right to protest Nugent's presence as much as Nugent has to say the things he's said. Anyone that wants to protest the protest also has that right."

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