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Is America policing the world again? - The Galveston County Daily News: Guest Columns

October 22, 2016

Guest column Is America policing the world again?

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Posted: Sunday, March 9, 2014 12:05 am

Before you throw rotten eggs at me for my thoughts, I assure you that as a former Berliner I harbor no love for Putin and those Russians he stands for.

I do not understand how the Russian intervention is condemnable when we felt it to be in our national interest to send troops, as in Panama and a few other countries, or for the protection of Americans as in Grenada.

The Crimean Peninsula was handed to the Ukrainians by the Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev, who was born there, without giving the Crimeans a choice. 

Imagine a U.S. president with ties to Mexico, somehow assuming the same power Khrushchev had, giving Texas “back” to Mexico. 

And, after Mexico allowed us some autonomy, a new government in Mexico City making the use of the English language illegal.

Consequently, the English-speaking majority of former U.S. citizens in the “given away” state calls on the U.S.A. for help. 

Responding, the U.S., having preserved for itself the use of its Corpus Christi Navy base, similar to Guantánamo Navy base, moves from there to assure our rights of self-determination, and a referendum is called for Texans to decide who we want to be part of.

Unlikely scenario? Hardly, when we recount early Texan history.

The revolutionary Ukrainian government did, as soon as it was in power, issue such decrees that disallowed the use of any language other than Ukrainian. 

In contrast, even a heavily authoritarian nation like Russia tolerates other languages and cultures within its borders.

If we were Russia, what would be our response to such development being condemned by, let’s say, China?

The Ukraine is in this mess because of widespread corruption, not just that of it’s president. 

The Crimean Peninsula was Russian for more than a century or more. 

It was never given away — it was just switched from one Soviet Republic to another. 

Let the people there decide who they want to be part of and let us not meddle.

Let’s not play the world’s selective policeman again. 

This has really nothing to do with us, but it is convenient for politicians on both sides to cry that Russia is again the old war nemesis. 

That conveniently turns our attention away from our congressional economy debacle.