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Carlos Ponce

Terrific column, Mike! I have worked with the Pride of Bulldog Land Band since 1983 providing video for each director. Traveling with the band I observe and applaud the efforts and hard work put out by each student. Directors Kelly Brunson and Fred Otto are to be commended for their hard work and dedication to the program.
Band Association President Michael Stephenson is a Hitchcock High School graduate who served as band drum major in the early 1990s. His son, sophomore Gerald Stephenson is the current drum major.
The current show is called "Dreams of Persia" with a prop backdrop reminiscent of "Aladdin", a great show with three segments.
With each passing year I always wonder how long I can continue climbing atop press boxes to video record especially after a summertime operation. But these kids are worth it. I am amazed of their accomplishments this year considering how many lost their homes and possessions during Harvey.
Great job, kids! Keep up the good work! All of Hitchcock stands with you!

Martin Connor

Great article Mike. It's been so awesome to see the band improve by leaps and bounds the last few years under the new leadership. The hard work and dedication shows brightly when they are on the field at halftime. Additional thanks needs to go to you and Rachel for much of this. You guys have worked tirelessly to turn the program around. And a special thanks to Mr. Ponce for his commitment to not just the band, but to all he does for the community and school. Keep up the good work as he sky's the limit for these young people.

Carlos Ponce

Thank you, Martin!

Carlos Ponce

Update: In Area E competition the Pride of Bulldog Land Band made the FINALS!
Second performance was at 9pm Saturday evening in Cuero. A fantastic performance but the band will not go to state competition in San Antonio this year.
Great job from the students, Drum Major Gerald Stephenson, band directors Kelly Brunson and Fred Otto. Special thanks to the band parents and chaperones who helped especially with the 12 foot props in the high wind.Cold weather and strong winds did not keep this band from doing an excellent job! We are proud of you!!!

Michael Stephenson

Thanks so much, Mr. Ponce for all that you do.

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