was sitting back and wondering why there is opposition to the increase in police officers in Galveston.

There are opponents in the city making statements that Galveston should be compared to cities with the same population. However, Galveston is different.

This is why Galveston should not be compared to other cities:

• On any given weekend with good weather, we will more than double our population — surely you would agree with that.

• On any given fair day, we could have 10,000 to 20,000 people just coming to the beach for an outing — can I get you to agree on that?

• And, of course, many are young people; surfers, partygoers and love bugs, just wanting to get away for a couple of days. Let me interject this — who will police them?

• Let’s face it, we advertise because we want people to come to Galveston, don’t we?

Now do you get the picture?

And, yes, we need police for older people. Just look at the young and older people who are fighting and shooting up one another.

There is a tremendous increase in suicide cases in Galveston, and we need the police for that along with other things that are happening. All of that requires more than one police officer to investigate and write up reports, etc.

When Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blow calls for a police officer, they need and want them there in a few minutes, and that is called response time. See where I’m going with this?

With all these new people in town, those drug dealers, purse snatchers, I could name some others, but you get the picture — well maybe you do, maybe you don’t.

Now let me close this by saying there’s a new cheaper and dangerous drug on the streets of Galveston, and some, if not most of you, think only the low-income and young people will be affected by this cheap and dangerous drug.

You just know your children from influential neighborhoods — you may think that they will not be affected. Well, look at what’s happening in Boston. They thought it would not happen to the rich kids — think again.

Chief Henry Porretto is right to ask you to budget for more police. I am an old man and I’ve seen and watched a number of police chiefs in this city.

And, yes, we need police for older people. He is the best yet. His heart is in the right place trying to better this city and the police who are placed here to protect the citizens of Galveston. He is dedicated.

Do I agree with some of the things he does? Absolutely not. There is much to be done at the police station. We, the NAACP, are working with him for the betterment of the citizen and people who live, visit and work in Galveston.

David Miller is president of the Galveston Branch of the NAACP.

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Jarvis Buckley

I agree Henry is doing a great job in asking, I believe our city manager is doing his also,they will be a good team for the city.

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