On Jan. 15, 2018, the nation will observe the 50-year jubilee departure of Martin Luther King Jr., and celebrate his 89th birthday on the actual date of his birth.

As a 10-year working associate of Martin Luther King Jr., and 26-year working associate of his father, Martin Luther King Sr., it is my privilege to invite the people of Galveston County to gather on that day, to observe, celebrate and do a “Dream Re-Set,” on behalf of the children, the elders and everybody else in between.

This MLK jubilee is a time to awaken ourselves from the slumber of the last 50 years and rise up, get up and go forth to meet the choice-full new future beckoning us all, facing the rising sun.

We hear voices from the future, our beloved community ancestors, beckoning us to go where none have gone before. It’s a future King, Rosa Parks, and a larger circle of which they are a vital part, continue to urge us urgently forward. It’s a future in which every child on the planet can thrive, where every senior can live out their days in love, joy and peace, and every family will have the means for the pursuit of happiness.

When we come together, we must explore why this dream is not a pipe dream. We can discover anew, what our beloved community ancestors lived and loved: Why we must, and how we can. The collective wisdom of their heroic journey is ours for the excavating, and our youth’s, for the taking. From the wisdom of their journeying, three things stand out for me, as a veteran of the movement built on love and prayer.

First, because of their living legacies, a brand-new choice-filling future is ours to claim.

Secondly, the dream lives, when set free from the chains of the past.

Finally, the work goes on. In more places than we might know, it goes on. Quietly, it goes on. Right here in Galveston.

As a newcomer to this region, I know of many instances where the work goes on. Let’s celebrate the quiet, dutiful, not often enough celebrated places where the dream is very much alive, right here in Galveston County, and together, bind ourselves in specific mandates for the economic and spiritual transformation yet calling us as one people, beloved.

As a nation within “the nation,” who aspire to live and love as “we the people,” a beloved America within the whole of America, we might take the next 350 days of the MLK jubilee and International Year of Justice and ponder what America might have looked like, if we the beloved community of America had been faithful to King’s dream, in the last 50 years.

What will we do with the next 50? 2018-2068?

Dr. Virgil A. Wood is a retired pastor, educator and great-grandfather.


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Kelly Naschke

“MKL” jubilee beckons- ?????? Seriously GDN? What’s the excuse du jur ? An otherwise well written commentary that stumbles right out of the blocks thanks to ANOTHER onerous mistake. Doesn’t anyone proofread before printing?

Tom Brown

It's truly refreshing to read this positive and inspirational commentary.


Kelly Naschke

Glad to see the correction was made in the digital edition. The print edition......OUCH!

Jarvis Buckley

Jelly happy new year👍

Jarvis Buckley


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