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Randy Chapman

Yep, widening Dickinson Bayou into a drainage ditch would certainly help Santa Fe. So would adding to the diversionary canal.

Ray Taft

Galveston County suffered devastating flooding during Harvey because County Judge Henry refuses to use county funds to repair or improve flood control. Henry’s vision is all about saving money no matter what the need might be. Instead of taking care of what needs to be done, Henry proclaims others to be responsible to get it done. Henry then conveniently blames those others for any disaster, claiming it is not his fault.

Henry is full of excuses. Henry has done little to benefit the good people of Galveston County before, during and after Harvey. Henry is the reason why the county lacks flood control and why so many families need help after Harvey.

We need flood control and the leadership to make our county great. Henry has shown himself not to be that person. Galveston County needs a new county judge.

PD Hyatt

Here in Hitchcock, we have the same problem. At this moment they are building several new neighborhoods on 2004 and 1765 and all they are doing for taking this land out of being able to hold flood waters is to dig a big ditch to Highland bayou. They are also building another new neighborhood on Delaney and if I was a betting person I would bet that all they will do is dig a drainage ditch straight to the bayou AGAIN.... The bayou's in our area have never been cleaned, deepened, straightened or had anything done to them. The master planners somehow got everyone to buy off on them NOT building any retention ponds as they have had to do is dig BIG ditches to our bayous and some fools believe that putting all of that water that used to stand on those areas will now flow to our bayous without ANY problems to the people who were already living close to those area. Add to that fact they are building up all of those sites so that again the areas below just become flood water holding areas.... What is amazing is that I hear all about Dickinson, Santa Fe, the almighty Friendswood area and of course no one is saying a word about Hitchcock and the flood that we went through.... Our city, county, state, nor our federal people really know about our town and just like GDN they don't talk about it as they are hoping it will go away. If you don't take care of the bayou's and the diversionary canals as you continue to bring in more and more flow to them, well I guess it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that it isn't going to work very well as evidenced by the Harvey flood....

PD Hyatt

As for our city the only one I have heard speak about the Harvey flood is Monica Cantrell.... Of course she might be the only official who really cares about our area....

Michelle Aycoth

Amen Mow.
The City, County and State do not want to spend the hundreds of millions of $ to help prevent current and future flooding issues. They will ask the federal government and when they don’t get the $ they think they did their part.
Especially at the city level they seem to care more about how fast more homes can be built and subsidizing this effort.
What they are doing is hoping the memories fade like from 1979 and most of these officials can just keep on doing what they did before Harvey.
Andrew Aycoth

Randy Chapman

Hurricane Harvey dumped 48 to 60 inches of rain in our area. Can you people really believe that there is anything manmade that would be able to cope with that much rain, short of a system of levees and pumps the scale of which has never been seen? Harvey was not a thunderstorm that dumped a bit of rain in an afternoon. It went on for days, filled the bay with runoff, and then caused ponding of water. We live in a flat coastal plain that does not drain well to begin with and add to that one of the largest rainfall totals ever seen in the United States, and you have the perfect storm. I am so tired of hearing that something/anything could have been done. Get over it people! It was a natural disaster, and that's the bottom line, period. Use some common sense.

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