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Carlos Ponce

Sample Ballot at:

Ron Shelby

For those not aware of internal GOP party politics, there has been a huge schism in Galveston County's GOP for a long time so this endorsement comes as no surprise. The Tax Assessor-Collector also endorsed Hatmaker against Henry in the last GOP race. She'd probably endorse anyone, inculding Bugs Bunny, if they ran against Henry. But that's Galveston County politics.

Brenda Bock

Cheryl Johnson has my upmost respect - she too is a Public Servant that does a great job. Most tax collectors just collect, but Cheryl is also always out in the community educating & supporting our citizens. I agree with her comments regarding Judge Cox 100 percent. I see him at almost all community events but have yet to see Henry at anything but fund raisers for himself. I encourage all to vote in this important upcoming election. Do your research, reach out to the candidates, and then vote for those candidates you believe will best serve our communities.

Ray Taft

Galveston County has suffered enough. County Judge Henry’s vision is all about saving money no matter what the need might be. Instead of taking care of what needs to be done, Henry proclaims others to be responsible to get it done. Henry then conveniently blames those others for any disaster, claiming it is not his fault.

Henry has done little to benefit the good people of Galveston County before, during and after Harvey. Henry is the reason why the county lacks flood control and why so many families need help after Harvey.

We need the leadership to make our county great. Henry has shown himself not to be that person. Galveston County needs a new county judge. Let’s give Lonnie Cox a chance.

Doyle Beard

MY first though is that Cheryl Johnson should be taking time out to figure out the slow process at the Calder tax office site. I was in there Monday because I could not take care of my issue online. I do not go there to register my vehicles nor pay my taxes. It is so undermanned and I don't blame the employees. It starts at the top Cheryl so you might want to spend a little time taking care of whats happening on your watch instead of playing politics. I don't care to vote for Nark Henry nor Lonnie Cox . Take care of your dept. first which is your job and what you are paid for and not politics.

PD Hyatt

While Ms Johnson might be on the side of Judge Cox, all that does for me is that I will either by pass her name or vote for someone else if they are running.... Her endorsement of Judge Cox is all I need to know about her....

Doyle Beard

Correct PD. Maybe her and Judge Cox has a little collusion going here.

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